7 Tips for Success in 7 Minutes

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We share 7 tips for success to celebrate the 7th anniversary of BIGG Success in a Minute, our syndicated radio feature, by sharing 7 favorite episodes.

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Seven years ago today, BIGG Success in a Minute – our syndicated radio feature with Envision Networks – hit the airwaves for the first time. On The BIGG Success Show, we share seven tips for success from seven of our favorite episodes. Here’s a summary…

Welcome to this special show. We’re celebrating the 7th anniversary of our syndicated radio feature, BIGG Success in a Minute.

So we thought we’d do something special today. We air a show every day, 365 days a year. Each week, we try to cover all 5 elements of BIGG success – money, time, growth, work, and play. It’s quite a variety.

And today, we’re going to share 7 of our favorite episodes. 7 shows. 7 minutes. 7 tips for success.

Tip for Success #1: Your life is a very special enterprise. Own it!

Show title: Who Owns Your Life?

This is a foundational question if you want to reach BIGG success. And we love BIGG questions. It was also our first BIGG Success in a Minute show. So we felt it only appropriate to feature it first in this show.

We play the whole minute show on the podcast. We include a summary here in text…

Who owns your life? Circumstances own many people. Or some people let other people run their lives.

Take control! Be the entrepreneur in charge.

You own your life.

Run it as you see fit. Create the life that you want. Bring together the resources necessary to build it. Put the needed structure in place to achieve your BIGG dream.

Tip for Success #2: Opportunities are often disguised as problems.

Show title: The BIGG Idea Inspired by a Cancelled Flight

Where do entrepreneurs get their BIGG ideas? We’ve done a number of shows over the last seven years about this topic.

We always find it interesting to see the seed which grew into a tree. It’s especially challenging to get the story out in a minute!

It was hard to decide which one of these great stories to share with you today. We settled on what sparked Richard Branson to start Virgin Airlines.

Hear the whole story by listening to the podcast. Here’s a summary…

Richard Branson’s flight to the Virgin Islands got cancelled. It was the last flight of the day.

So he chartered a private airplane. Problem was…he didn’t have any money to pay for it. He made a sign: “Virgin Airlines. $29.”

He showed it to people who had also been on the cancelled flight. Ticket sales paid for the flight. Virgin Airlines was born.

(Source: Yahoo Small Business)

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Tip for Success #3: Manage your money purposefully, not emotionally.

Show title: How to Weather Financial Climate Change

We picked this one because it’s so timely. There’s been a lot of turbulence in the financial markets lately. In just a minute, we share how to maintain ther right mindset to endure the inevitable ups and downs.

Listen to the podcast for the full show. Here’s a quick summary of what we discuss…

Financial markets change like the weather:

1) Asset prices heat up and cool down. Invest in a variety of assets for less volatility overall.

2) Price movements can be extreme. Invest in less risky assets if you’ll need the money in ten years or less.

3) Watch your emissions. Spending is more controllable than earning. Build a sustainable future for your BIGG success!

Tip for Success #4: Guard your time like it’s your most precious resource. It is!

Show title: The Surprising Reason You are Too Busy Today

This show, like a lot of our shows, highlights research studies. We found this one particularly interesting – if you’re too busy today, it’s likely because of a commitment made last week or last month.

We share one question to ask here. Listen to the podcast for the second one.

Why are you so busy today? Research shows it’s because we say “Yes” to requests for our time in the future because we think we’ll miraculously be less busy then. When the future becomes the present, we’re shocked that we’ve overcommitted ourselves again!

You can avoid this trap by asking a simple question: If you had to do this tomorrow, would you still say yes? If bringing it closer to the present makes you hesitate, don’t commit to it. And only do it if it moves you closer to BIGG success!

Tip for Success #5: Learn to tell stories to turn career dreams into happily ever after.

Show title: A Great Way to Stand Out in Your Career

A famous, historical poem was the inspiration of the next show. More specifically, a poem about Paul Revere’s ride. We learned there were two riders on that fateful evening.

In searching for the reason, we found a tip for success that’s even more important in our times. You can hear the whole show by listening to the podcast. Here’s a summary…

“Listen my children, and you shall hear” is the start of a poem about Paul Revere’s famous ride. But did you know there was a second rider? Why did the poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, single out Revere? Because he delivered a riveting account about the events of that fateful evening. Tell good stories to stand out!

(Source: Boston 1775)

Success Tip #6: Money follows happiness, not the other way around!

Show Title: Can Happiness Buy You Money?

We always enjoy looking at the flip side of things. There’s all kinds of research out there on how money impacts happiness. So we jumped all over it when we saw this study on how happiness impacts money.

We’ve included a short summary here. Listen to the podcast to see what the researchers felt was behind this result.

We’ve heard money can’t buy happiness, but can happiness buy money? In a study at 25 elite colleges, researchers asked incoming freshmen to report on their level of happiness.

When the participants were 37 years old, they reported their annual income. The happiest students were making over $12,000 a year more than the least happy ones. Money follows happiness!

Success Tip #7: Flipping a coin beats doing nothing.

Show Title: A Simple Trick to Help You Make Tough Decisions

This concept has become more widely known than when we first talked about back in 2013. When we first heard it, it sounded crazy. But it makes sense – flipping a coin can get you moving. We’ve used this technique ourselves and with coaching clients. It’s a very effective way of bringing your instincts to the surface.

Listen to the podcast to hear the whole show. Here’s a summary…

Flipping a coin can help you make a tough decision. Here are the three steps:

1) Frame two options into a heads-or-tails choice.

2) Flip a coin.

3) Are you happy or unhappy with the result? It’s your intuition talking.

Get the information you need. Then make a decision, even if you have to flip a coin!

There you go: 7 of our favorite one-minute shows. We hope you enjoyed our look back over the last 7 years. Thank you for joining us here today!

Here’s to your BIGG success!
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