360-Degree Goal-Setting

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360-degree goal-setting helps you set holistic goals by bringing together the three facets of BIGG success – personal, professional, and financial success.

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Labor Day signals the end of summer. Fall is upon us. It’s a great time to get back to work on your goals. We talk about 360-degree goal-setting in this episode on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion…

A new school year has started. There’s an energy in the air. A desire for self-improvement, which peaks around this time of year.

It’s time to get back to work – on your goals.

September is the new January. It’s a great time to reboot your goals. Get a jump on the official New Year. Let’s talk about 360-degree goal setting.

The three facets of 360-degree goal-setting

The three facets of BIGG success are personal success, professional success, and financial success. 360-degree goal-setting considers all three areas simultaneously.

Picture them on a triangle. Personal is at the top. Professional and financial success take a position at the base of the triangle, with professional success on the left side and financial success on the right side.

360-degree goal-setting means setting one goal for each facet, so three goals total. It doesn’t mean other things aren’t important. But you can only dilute your attention so far. Three goals is a manageable number. So you will set three goals, your top priority in each facet.

Personal success means building a stronger relationship with God, your loved ones, and yourself. It means becoming the best human being you can be over time.

What is your top personal goal?

Examples: “I will meditate for 5 minutes every day.” “My spouse and I will go on a date every week.” “I will walk six days a week for 30 minutes.”

By when do you plan to achieve this goal? The goals you’re setting here are both important and urgent. They are your near-term focus, kind of like a New Year’s resolution. So set a date which is achievable with a stretch.

Professional success involves shining in your chosen career. You may be employed or self-employed. You may be both – you have a job and a business.

What is your top professional goal?

Examples: “I will take a class on writing code.” “I will lead a project that is important to my boss.” “I will start a side hustle.”

Once again, set a due date for each goal.

Financial success requires effective management of your inflows, outflows, and investments.

What is your top financial goal?

Examples: “I will ask my boss for a 5% pay raise.” “I will find a way to cut our expenses at home by 5%.” “I will contribute to my 401(k) to maximize my employer’s match.”

Once again, set a due date for each goal.

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Ask & answer: “Why?”

Goal-setting is easy. Goal-getting is the tough part. You need a compelling reason to keep pushing toward your goals when the going gets tough. You need a powerful “why” for your three “what’s” – your personal, professional, and financial goals.

Your “why” will motivate you when the “what’s” lose their luster, as the inevitable obstacles arise. So look at the results you want from achieving the three goals.

Why is it so important for you to reach these goals?

As you answer this question, consider how the three goals work together to move you forward toward your bigger, longer-term goals.

Harmonize or anticipate conflict

When you look at your three 360-degree goals, are they in harmony with each other?

Ideally your goals work together. Reaching one goal helps you move along toward another goal. For example, “leading a project that’s important to [your] boss” gives you ammunition to “ask [your] boss for a 5% pay raise.”

Other goals may be in conflict. For example, establishing a weekly dating ritual with your spouse may make it tougher to take on that important project. How will you make sure these two are achievable?

For instance – given your 360-degree goals, you may set a standing appointment, knowing there will be time when you have to flex. “Thursdays will be our date night.” Now you can plan the rest of the week.

Anticipating the conflict upfront means you won’t be surprised when it happens and it won’t derail your goals.

Free 360-Degree Goal-Setting Cheat Sheet

We created a 1-page cheat sheet to guide you through the 360-degree goal-setting process we discussed here. Get your copy now and start improving all three facets of your life!
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Here’s to your BIGG success!
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