3 Keys to Win the Game of Life and Business

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When you are trying to achieve a BIGG goal, you must focus on the right things. Today we’ll share 3 keys to win the game of life and business.

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Our basketball team had a BIGG win over the weekend that will improve their ranking as they head into the NCAA Championship Tournament. Their winning season has some great lessons for all of us.

1. Don’t focus on the end game

Your goal is to win the championship. But teams get in trouble when they don’t focus on the next game, that’s when you lose. A lot of times, you’ll even hear talk about teams, looking past the next game, they’re looking to the next opponent, because this game is considered easy and the next one is going to be the challenge. What ends up happening? They lose the easy game because they’re looking past it. You’ve got to put all your focus, all your energy, and all your effort into the next game.

 Stephen Covey tells us to begin with the end in mind. How to you focus on the end and the present?

The end is your overarching goal, we describe it is as destination, BIGG success. It’s your destiny and it sets your direction. You get there game by game, step by step. We want to move towards that end goal, but it’s not what we focus on.

2. Have a Solid Game Plan and Flexible Strategy

Every goal needs a long-term game plan.

In sports, the game plan includes the type of offense and defense that the team will play in order to achieve the overall goal. Then the coach gets the right people in place to execute the plan that is in place.

The team also needs a strategy – the steps that will be taken accomplish the goal. There’s strategy for the overall season and a strategy for each individual game. There’s also a strategy for each individual play! (Watch the timeouts, especially as the game nears its end.)

How can you stay focused on the overall goal, while constantly also having to focus on moving parts?

You still remind yourself of the overall goal. Maybe every morning and every evening, you remind yourself of that goal.

avatar-georgeI think about it, when I’m really feeling stressed, or when things haven’t gone our way. I’ll do what I call, dreaming and scheming.


The point is that you maintain that in the background and you’re conscious of it, it’s just that that’s not your focus.  You have to put that aside and focus completely on the next game – the next play.  That’s play by play, game by game, you win the game of life and business.

3. Be Prepared for the Unexpected

In basketball, your opponent may do things that they haven’t done all season, just to kind of throw things off, mess things up a little bit, make you have to adjust.

But that’s exactly what you have to do, you have to adjust to the game that’s in front of you, not the game that you thought was going to be in front of you.

The game of life and business is much more exciting than any athletic event we could ever participate in. Because of all of these moving pieces, that you have to get yourself through. You just have to realize that you can’t set your ways in stone and expect to win the game.

What should you do when you are pushed into unknown territory that you don’t have a strategy for?

In the game of life and business, sometimes you’re going to have to react right on the spot. Draw on resources. In business, have you seen other companies experience something like this, or in life have other people faced something similar? How did they get through it? Try to find a model to get insight into the current situation.

Keep your long-term goals in mind, but stay focused on the game at hand, and remain flexible to the conditions on the field of play, so you win the game of life and business. That’s BIGG success!

Here’s to your BIGG success!

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