Think Like A Black Belt

How to Conquer Fear Like A Black Belt

Think Like A Black Belt

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Fear can be so paralyzing: fear of financial problems, fear of uncertainty with a job, fear of failure! We asked Jim Bouchard, martial arts hall-of-fame inductee and author of Think Like A Black Belt, how he thinks we should deal with our fears.

Jim says you should face it head on. Sometimes success isn’t achieving your biggest goal, but rather taking the right steps to simply survive. “Do what you have to do today to be able to hang on for tomorrow”.

“By the time you’re thirsty you’ve already lost too much water”

Jim also suggests that you can overcome fear of uncertainty (in the workplace for example) by always preparing yourself for what’s next.

While you have an obligation to give your full effort at your current job, you also have an obligation to yourself so don’t be complacent. Why wait to grow your network, learn new things, and better yourself until you need to? Always strive for more, that way if an unexpected change comes, you’ll be better prepared to make a move.

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In our full interview: Jim reveals what he believes is the one defining factor of successful entrepreneurs…it’s something you’ll definitely want to know. He also gets personal with us, sharing his BIGG defining moment, and what he did when an unexpected circumstance almost shut down one of his businesses.

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