Santa’s Personal Branding Expert

image of Santa in his sleigh pulled by reindeer with the blog post title: Santas Personal Branding Expert

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You may not know it, but Santa keeps a personal branding expert on his staff. The funny thing is we knew about this expert’s colleagues for years before we heard of him.

That’s right – he labored in obscurity.

He was never popular with his colleagues. In fact, they really treated him poorly.

They laughed at him. They called him names. Worse yet, they never invited him to join them in any of their activities.

He felt all alone at work. Like the last kid picked on a schoolhouse playground, he just didn’t fit in.

But all of sudden, things changed.

The economy took a nose dive. Like any good businessperson, Santa tried to understand how it would affect his business.

But the future was foggy. A disruptive force made Santa uncertain that he would be able to deliver on all of his orders. What was he to do?

Santa remembered his personal branding expert. Sure, the expert’s colleagues made fun of him. But only because he was different.

However, it was his singular difference which made all of the difference to Santa.

You see, this expert had an unusual ability to shine light on the path ahead. None of his colleagues could do that.

When the situation looked dim, Santa turned to the one member of his staff who could guide the team through the dark, cloudy times.

Rudolph – Santa’s personal branding expert – came through with shining colors! Santa was able to fulfill his promises. All his customers got just what they wanted, right on schedule.

Thanks to Santa, Rudolph discovered that his uniqueness was an asset, not a liability. It was a cause for celebration, not despair.

All he had to do was to find opportunities where his talent matched the conditions. Then he could serve others in a way no one else could duplicate.

Santa lived up to his brand image thanks to Rudolph. All his colleagues – his fellow reindeer – loved him.

And as we all know, he went down in history, to become the most famous reindeer of all. Now that’s BIGG success!

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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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