The Problem with B2B and B2C Marketing and Sales


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Why do people treat people online differently than they would in person?

[Mary-Lynn] Recently, I was asked to “friend” someone on Facebook. I didn’t know her, but in looking at her profile, I could see some potential synergies with BIGG Success. So I accepted her request. Before long, a message popped up from her. Well – not from her, from her assistant. The thing is – I didn’t “like” her company Page. I “friended” her. So I expected to build a relationship with her, not her assistant.

Here’s something many people have missed: At its essence, social media is a new tool for the timeless way of doing business.

Since the beginning of time, people did business with people they knew. Then the Industrial Revolution came along. Broadcast media took hold.

It was possible to share a message with the masses. Brands were built. But now, thanks to the social web…

We’re taking a huge forward leap back to the past!

It’s radically changing how we build our personal and business brands.

The problem with B2B marketing and B2C marketing and sales is the B and the C!

There isn’t a business talking with another business or a business conversing with a consumer.

That may be an interesting label for the sake of positioning, but labels can be dangerous.

All marketing is P to P – person to person.

You want to connect with people, not businesses or consumers. They’re people – people with real problems, people who want more out of life.

People buy from other people today, just like we have in every time period since the dawn of commerce. The only exception is the anomaly we witnessed with broadcast media.

Broadcast media is a numbers game. You can reach the masses. That’s great for creating awareness. When you’re watching TV or listening to the radio, you don’t have an expectation of a personal connection.

Unfortunately, many people apply the “broadcast” mindset to social media. They don’t see the person through their computer screen. They think it’s still a numbers game. “I just need more followers to throw my message at” is their mindset.

So here’s our point – When it comes to the people who are your customers and prospects, go beyond a mere understanding of their problems and desires.

Get to know them so well that you can sympathize – and even better – empathize with their situation.

Then you’re invested emotionally.

Now you can feel what they feel with the same intensity with which they feel it. You see the human being in front of you. You can truly connect. You can add value in their lives which will create value for you. That’s BIGG success!

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