image of man looking nervous with blog post title:3 ways to feel more confident

3 Ways to Feel More Confident

image of man looking nervous with blog post title:3 ways to feel more confident

Feel more confident when giving a speech, asking for a pay raise, conducting a workshop, or during an important conversation.

We discuss how to speak confidently on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

It’s a strange back-to-school season. A lot of firsts.

[Mary-Lynn] We want to share with you a story George shared with his students in his Entrepreneurial Finance class at the best school in the world – the University of Illinois.

[George] I remember the first time I taught my class. I had never taught before. I was nervous. Well, I survived the semester. The University always has students evaluate their instructors at the end of the semester. One of my students commented,

“You need to display more confidence the first day of class. I would have thought this was the first time you ever taught.”

I vowed to show confidence from that point forward.

George Krueger at Geis College of Business Fall 2020

George Krueger, “The Professor,” at Geis College of Business, University of Illinois on first day of class, fall 2020.

But how? How can you feel more confident? Here are three ways:

1) Act confident to feel more confident

This is a short-term technique. You can call it up on demand. But it is at its best when included with the next two points.

When you act confident, your brain starts working for you. Instead of thinking of all the reasons to not be confident, put all your mental energy into the reasons you should be confident.

For example, if you’re in front of a class or conducting a workshop, focus on how your knowledge and expertise will benefit your audience.

2) Practice if possible

This one, along with the next one, are long-term techniques. If you have the time, practice is the #1 way to level up your performance.

How do you practice?

One way is to talk to your mirror. Let’s say you want to ask for a pay raise. Talk to your face in the glass. Make sure your face is reinforcing the message you want to deliver.

Even better, find a friend or colleague and role play. You play you and they play the part of your boss.

Role playing is a richer form of practice than talking to yourself in the mirror. But they both will help you feel more confident.

We’ve been told that “practice makes perfect.” Not true. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Of course, at some point, you have to quit practicing and start playing the game. But you’re feel more confident by practicing first.

3) Picture it before you practice it

Here’s where you start:

Live BIGG success in your mind BEFORE you live it for real.

Winners know this. For example, Olympic athletes often talk about winning for the second time. The first time was in their mind. They could see victory so clearly that it was as if they had already won.

You may have noticed – it really all comes down to one word: Prepare. And that leads to BIGG success!
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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
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