12 Simple Secrets to Success

12 simple secrets to success

The road to success is a long and winding one, but these simple secrets will help yo stay on the straight and narrow path to BIGG success.

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Our friend Jim Bouchard, The Sensei Leader, who speaks all over the world, and who has been a guest on our show many times, wrote a great article about the essentials to succeed. For each of the 12 secrets for success, we’ll share a quote from Jim, along with our insights.

1) Find a role model

“Find someone who was successful doing what you want to do. Do what he did.”

Don’t stop with one. Aggregate. Create your custom superhero. WWMSD? (What would my superhero do?) Summon their power.

2) Develop a strong determination for goal-getting

”Once you fully commit to a goal; keep going until you reach it.”

The 1st G in BIGG stands for goal-getting. You’ll notice that isn’t setting, but rather GETTING. Athletes stretch before they play the game. Goals should stretch us to perform better without getting hurt.

3) Fail forward

“Accept failure as part of the game.”

Nobody bats 1000. Nobody’s perfect in the long run. Learning how to accept and pivot in the face of failure is an incredibly simple secret to success.

4) Celebrate little wins

“Recognize small successes along the way and reward yourself for them.”

BIGG success comes from the accumulation of small wins. So once you have a small win, take a short time to celebrate the fact (like 24 hours). Then get back after your next victory.

5) Doing good feels good

“Do the right thing and you’ll always feel better than you would if you did the wrong thing.”

To feel like a success, you have to be proud of the face you see in the mirror when you shave or put on your makeup.

6) Pair up…smartly

“Two heads might not be better than one, but two brains are. Make sure to surround yourself with good brains.”

We’re not talking braniacs here. We’re talking about people who have street cred. People who will lift you up, advise you, and push you to new heights.

7) Respect starts within you

“Treat people with respect. All people; those above you, below you and around you.”

It starts by treating yourself with respect. Then, remember: To get respect, give respect. Respect people for who they are, not what they have.

8) Bust your buns

“Work really, really, really hard.”

Hard work is one of the easiest ways to get ahead. And it has a compounding factor – kind of like money. Money makes money. A little bit of extra hard work today and tomorrow and the day after that soon means you’re miles further down the road to BIGG success.

9) Embrace your passion

“If you really want the easy life, find something you really love to do and work really, really, really hard at that.”

As the old saying goes, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s just that easy.

10) Be generous

“Give unconditionally; especially love, respect and wisdom. Giving is what you do now; rewards are what might come later.”

Giving is not just about money. You can give your time. But as Jim says, you can also give your love, your respect, and your wisdom. There are all kinds of things you can give.

11) Own your results

“You’re NOT entitled to anything but opportunity.”

If something doesn’t work out, own it. Don’t blame it on somebody else, don’t blame it on God…learn from it, accept it, and move on. The most successful people have faced devastating losses, but they’ve risen from the ashes to reach BIGG success.

12) Live in the moment

“Be here, right now and enjoy.”

This is really hard to do in a smart phone world. But don’t let the world pass you by and leave you wondering what you missed. Be purposefully present.

BIGG Takeaway

Success isn’t really that complicated, it’s a matter of getting a lot of little things right. Take these 12 simple secrets with you on your journey and you’ll reach BIGG success.

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