12 simple secrets to success

12 Simple Secrets to Success

12 simple secrets to success

The road to success is a long and winding one, but these simple secrets will help yo stay on the straight and narrow path to BIGG success.

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Our friend Jim Bouchard, The Sensei Leader, who speaks all over the world, and who has been a guest on our show many times, wrote a great article about the essentials to succeed. For each of the 12 secrets for success, we’ll share a quote from Jim, along with our insights.

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Think Like A Black Belt

How to Conquer Fear Like A Black Belt

Think Like A Black Belt

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Fear can be so paralyzing: fear of financial problems, fear of uncertainty with a job, fear of failure! We asked Jim Bouchard, martial arts hall-of-fame inductee and author of Think Like A Black Belt, how he thinks we should deal with our fears.

Jim says you should face it head on. Sometimes success isn’t achieving your biggest goal, but rather taking the right steps to simply survive. “Do what you have to do today to be able to hang on for tomorrow”.

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Love is a Full Contact Sport

Love Like A Black Belt Book Cover | BIGG SuccessIf you’re a long-time reader, you know that we’re partners in life and in business. And we still love each other!

This arrangement doesn’t work for everyone, but it does work for us. And that’s what matters!

One of our weaknesses is that, because we are so passionate about what we do, we often put the business first.

You may not relate to that. But how about this one: Some couples struggle for “together time” because they put their kids first.

If we don’t take time to nurture our relationships, the strong foundation will crack and everything will crumble.

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Dr. Jackie Black, author of Meeting Your Match and Couples & Money has teamed up with Jim Bouchard, author of Think Like a Black Belt and Black Belt Power for Everyday People for their soon to be released book: Love Like a Black Belt: Cracking the Code to be a Happy Couple.

The book is all about giving you the mindset, philosophy and techniques you need to cultivate a healthy and happy relationship. We were given the opportunity to read a review copy of the book, and visit with Jim & Jackie to offer up some advice just in time for Valentines Day.

Listen to the show to discover:

  • the difference between needs & neediness
  • where intimacy resides
  • what needs are appropriate to ask your partner to meet
  • why the line between needs and wants in not a fine one
  • a Valentine’s Day example of the difference between needs and wants
  • the least self thing you can do in your relationship
  • how knowing your needs and wants is an important component to this unselfish act
  • how this allows you to be more open in your relationship
  • why this makes you a better resource for those around you

We highly recommend this book. Keep an eye out for its release.

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Find Your Passion with the Can’t Fail Option

The No Fail Option | BIGG SuccessHere’s a question to ask yourself: If you absolutely, positively knew you would not fail, what would you do?

Would you do what you’re doing now? If so, you can quit reading. But check in next time – we’ll have something just for you, assuming you want to take it to the next level.

Now back to those of you who would do something different. What’s holding you back?

In most cases, it’s fear. Pure and simple. And rightly so. As our friend Jim Bouchard says, “The absence of fear is stupidity!”

How do you overcome it? Here are two suggestions:

Do your due diligence

Passion is great. However, if it’s not combined with evidence, you may find yourself passionately unhappy. Prove out your idea. Remember, where there’s growth, there’s opportunity. Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or changing careers, is the industry growing?

A great resource for this is the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Services. It’s available online and it’s free.

Mitigate the risk

BIGG success is about entrepreneuring your life. Contrary to popular lore, entrepreneurs are NOT risk lovers. However, successful entrepreneurs are excellent risk managers.

They mitigate risk by managing it, sharing it and by seeing it differently.

  • Risk management

Can you manage the risk by saving extra now and storing it away?

  • Risk sharing

    If you’re thinking of launching a business, could you share the risk with a partner?

  • Risk perception

    Is there something you know that most people don’t? Because of your unique knowledge and experiences, you may be able to look at a situation differently than most people.

As you keep finding ways to mitigate the risk, you’ll reach a point where what you’re contemplating doesn’t seem so risky. You realize you can’t fail. You’re ready for BIGG success!

If you’re contemplating a career change and still have questions, maybe we can help. Check out our coaching programs.

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Entrepreneurs Must Be Stupid

cautionIn his fantastic book Think Like a Black Belt, Jim Bouchard says: “The absence of fear is stupidity.”

Entrepreneurs must be stupid. They forge ahead boldly while smart people cringe with fear.

Risk? Ha!

Entrepreneurs laugh at it. They love it. No amount of risk will stop them.

That’s the story if you believe popular lore.

Jim says that Black Belts exhibit courage in the face of fear. Entrepreneurs gain courage by minimizing the risk.

They shift it away. They share it with others. They manage it. They act once the risk is brought down to an acceptable level.

It’s calculated fearlessness, not an absence of fear. After all, entrepreneurs aren’t stupid.

Some people would just like to think they are. They’re the people sitting on the sidelines wasting their lives away.

If you’re ready for life on your own terms, maybe we can help minimize the risks. E-mail us at or leave a voice message at 877.988.2444.

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