How to Do More Good

How to Do More Good

Do more good by discovering how to gain more confidence, clarity and choices when it comes to your money.

Cue the music. Light the fireworks. Drum roll, please…

We’re excited to announce the new release of our Financial Freedom Tool!

It’s software which helps you gain more confidence, clarity and choices when it comes to your money.

We talked more about this on The BIGG Success Show today. Here’s a summary of that discussion…

Financial freedom. What does it mean to you? Never mind that for now, we’ll talk about that next time. It’s the “what”.

Today, we want to share with you the “why”. Because the Financial Freedom Tool is more than just a software program. It’s a device to help you do more good.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning…

Personal finance powered by entrepreneurial finance

At BIGG Success, we’ve always been about bringing entrepreneurship to life. Whether or not you ever own a business, you are in charge of a very special enterprise – your life. You own it. So, it pays to think like an owner.

In addition, it can be useful to look at your household as a business. It’s not a large business. It’s more like a small business.

[Mary-Lynn] Since George teaches Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Illinois, he’s familiar with the tools of the trade.

[George] I realized some of the main tools we use in entrepreneurial finance – tools which help owners really understand what’s going on with their business finances – these tools weren’t available in the personal finance space.

Our Financial Freedom Tool brings these powerful entrepreneurial finance tools to personal finance. We think of it as entrepreneurial personal finance.

Now, regular folks have access to the tools smart business people have used for years to manage their business better. (And while powerful, we make it so easy to use and understand. All you need to know is that smiley faces are good and frowny faces aren’t.)

It provides you with information about your money that you have probably never seen before. So, you can easily pinpoint opportunities to get ahead and make better money moves.

Do more good

Money itself is just a tool. It’s neither good nor bad. Money reflects the nature of the person who holds it. So we asked a question:

What if the good people of the world had more money?

We concluded:

If good people have more money, we can change the world for good.

Good people do good things with money.

What prevents good people from doing more? What holds us back from doing as much as we would like – for ourselves, for our loved ones, for the world?

When we think about how we can do more good, we tend to think in the future tense. It’s almost like a dream.

“It will be awesome when I can do that.”

“Once I’m making more money, I’ll do that.”

“I’d love to help that organization some day.”

But “some day” is usually just another word for “never”. Don’t delay.

Our Financial Freedom Tool helps good people have more money now, so they can do more good today.

It starts by seeing where you’re at. You may be able to start doing more good sooner than you think.

Hope for today and tomorrow

Let’s face it – we live in challenging times. We’ve witnessed recessions, a pandemic, and high inflation. All the rules seem to have changed.

All the rules seem to have changed.

We used to have pensions, funded by our employer. Now we largely fund our own retirement.

Health insurance was a benefit for employees. Now its cost is largely paid by employees.

Fewer people have traditional jobs. We are moving to a “gig” economy.

Costs rise, even when wages are stagnant. People have to do more with less today. It’s harder. It can be discouraging.

We built the Financial Freedom Tool to give you more hope for today and tomorrow. It helps you know precisely how your finances stack up and you see exactly what to do to get to the next level. One level at a time, you reach BIGG success!

BIGG Takeaway

“Pinpoint opportunities to make more, save more, and do more good.”

Do more good today

Want to make more? Want to save more? Want to do more good?

Then you owe it to yourself to learn more about our Financial Freedom Tool.

Here’s to your BIGG success!

signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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