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Why You Will Never Be Your Own Boss

Can you be your own boss for BIGG SuccessI want to be my own boss. It’s one of the frequent reasons that people cite for wanting to be an entrepreneur and own a business.

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They dream of a day when they don’t have to answer to anyone. No more answering to “the man.”

FINALLY, they will be free from the stupidity, the incompetence, the rules, the reports and everything else we associate with “the boss.”

The bad news

The bad news is that it will never happen for you. Now before you take it personally, please permit us to explain.

You will never be your own boss. You can’t be.

Not because of anything you lack. Not because something will stand in your way.

It’s not you. It’s everybody. Nobody can be their own boss.

Self-employment may be a checkmark you make to explain your employment, but in reality, it doesn’t exist.

We’ve been sold a lie. The reason is simple…

Boss #1 through ?

Your business can’t exist without customers. You work for your customers. They’re your boss.

Hopefully, you will have a lot of them. But there’s problem with that.

Have you ever had to answer to two managers? If so, you know the problem. One wants one thing; the other wants another. But you’re just one person.

The same goes for customers. While they probably have similarities, they are also all unique individuals.

As a small business owner, this can be your competitive advantage:

  • The more you can craft your products and/or services to their individual tastes, the better.
  • The more personalized the experience you deliver, the better.
  • The more relevant you are with your marketing messages, the better.

So just understand that once you start your own business, you won’t be your own boss. You won’t have just one boss. You’ll have however many customers you have as your boss.

Yet more bosses

We’re not through yet. Where are you going to get the money for your business?

For example – if you go to the bank, they will set limits on what you can do. They call them covenants. You’ll have to report to them periodically (e.g. quarterly). We could go on, but you get the idea.

Of course, if you can fund it all yourself, you’ll have at least one less boss.

The good news

You may not be able to be your own boss. You may start a business and have lots of them.

You may make lots of money. But there’s a reward that’s even better.

Let’s say you had 100 customers who each represent 1% of your total sales. Ninety-nine of them are great, but the last one is completely detestable.

Fire that one! It will cost you 1% of your income.

You see, you can get trapped in a job because it’s 100% of your income. You have all your eggs in one basket. It’s like putting all your investments in one stock.

But when you start a business, you have multiple customers. So you are able to diversify your income stream. You have a portfolio.

So realize that you can’t be your own boss. However, you can have the freedom of working for people you really enjoy serving.

And hopefully the money’s great as well. More freedom. More joy. More money. Sounds like BIGG success!

Why do you want to start a business? Or if you already have, what motivated you to start?

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The Number One Reason You Are Not Getting Ahead

getting ahead in life for BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. The number one reason people don’t get ahead can be stated in just one term:


Choose something

Many people are frozen by fear. So they do nothing. They don’t see this as a choice, but it is.

It’s a choice to remain average and ordinary. It’s a choice for the status quo. It’s a choice to remain stuck.

If you want to get ahead, do what the winners do: Choose to do something – even if it’s wrong!

When you try something, you learn. You now have a competitive advantage over the person who chose to do nothing.

Choose to live now

Okay, so you got out of your comfort zone. You tried something. Things didn’t turn out the way you hoped they would.

It’s at this point that many people make another harmful choice. They choose to demean themselves for the choice that didn’t work out.

For some people, there’s a ritual revolving around experiences like this. They feel bad. They feel like they failed. They start to beat themselves up – and not just for this one choice, but for almost every choice they ever made.

It’s a death spiral. It kills the spirit.

Winners know that outcomes won’t always equal expectations. So they choose to not worry about coming up short. They choose to tweak what they’re doing or to try something else.

They choose to live now, rather than in the past. They choose to only invest additional energy on things they can control, not things they can’t.

They choose to persevere, even if that means starting from scratch. And ultimately, it leads to BIGG success!

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Do Distractions Lead to Success?

We saw an article about distractions and success by The Wall Street Journal. A new study shows that students with attention-deficit disorder achieve more.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Memphis and the University of Michigan. Students with ADD were more likely to have won a prize at an art show or a science fair.

They were higher achievers across the board.

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Could it be that lack of focus is a competitive advantage?

Yes, according to another study by researchers at the University of Toronto and Harvard University. They gave students a short test and measured their ability to filter out background noise – like a nearby conversation or an air conditioning running.

The students who struggled to ignore the noise were more likely to be “eminent creative achievers” based on their previous performances.

Daydreamers are more creative

The article also cites research that shows a link between daydreaming and creativity. So instead of getting your head out of the clouds, maybe you should get your head into them!

Entrepreneurs ride an emotional roller coaster. And the highs are higher and the lows are lower. It’s part of the game. Daydreaming may help.


George KruegerWhen I’m feeling low or I’m feeling a great deal of stress – which often come in one crushing package – I take time to daydream. Sometimes I do it at my computer, but most of the time I rely on the basic tools of pen and paper. As I do a mind dump, I can feel the energy coming back to me. I get that spark of creativity. I begin seeing solutions. It really helps.


Embrace distractions


Mary-Lynn FosterI don’t know if it’s my background as a radio DJ – talk about a business with a lot of things going on all at once – I can’t work without background noise. Quiet is a distraction to me!


BIGG success is life on your own terms. If distractions help you, by all means, get distracted!

Other people are always telling us to focus. Our parents did it. Our teachers did too. Bosses expect it as well.

But sometimes, less structure may lead to better results. Do what works for you.

When you’re trying to think creatively, bring out the distractions! It leads to BIGG success!

Do you work better with distractions?

Thanks so much for spending some time with us today. Until next time, here’s to your BIGG success!

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5 Reasons to Love Your Competition

5 Reasons to Love Your CompetitionYou may think it would be nice to be the only operator in your industry. You may be right. But you may find that there are reasons to love your competition. Here are five:

Competition makes the pie larger

Think about this…if you were the only competitor in your industry, you alone have to educate your customers and promote your industry to the marketplace.

Competitors pile on. They help make ore people aware of the need your product or service fills.

Sure, they may get a piece of the pie, but if the pie becomes much larger, who cares?

Competition keeps you on your toes

With no competition, you get sloppy. Unnecessary costs creep in. Mission creep may result.

Competition keeps you on your toes. You operate more efficiently when you have competition. You’re sharper. You may make just as much money with competition as you could without.

Competition ramps up your creativity

Your competitors aren’t standing still. You’ll be much more likely to keep pushing forward with competition than you would without it.

Competitors force you to keep thinking creatively. You must come up with new ideas. You must find new and better ways to serve customers. You must innovate.

Competition may motivate you

Most humans perform better when facing a deadline. Similarly, most humans are more productive when competition is present.

You pick up the pace. You work harder and longer and smarter. You’re more motivated than you would be if you didn’t have any competitors.

Competition may make you more money

Collaboration is the real opportunity today for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You may be able to work with your competitors to save money. You may be able to combine forces to reduce certain costs. You may be able to open new markets together that you couldn’t on your own.

You may actually make more money by working with your competition. The love of money may be the root of all evil. Finding reasons to love your competition just makes good business sense today.

What do you love about your competition?

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Do Women Fail to Take Advantage of Their Advantages?

woman_silhouetteA friend of ours was going through a career change. We had an interesting conversation with her in the midst of it.

She had applied for a job. She had a connection who knew the CEO at the company, personally and professionally.

Her connection was a former supervisor, who thought highly of her. He had already written her a glowing letter of recommendation. But he said that he was willing to personally call the CEO on her behalf.

 Our friend declined. She said she felt like she would be taking advantage of her relationship with her supervisor. She also said that she wanted to get the job on her own, without playing to her advantages.

We said playing to your advantages helps you get ahead in your career and your life. What good is an advantage if you don’t use it?

This story has a happy ending. She did get the job so maybe she was right. It’s a great example of life on your own terms.

But we think she took a BIGG risk that could have been avoided. What do you think? Is this a male/female thing? Would a man have responded differently to the supervisor? Do women fail to capitalize on their advantages?

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