image of woman who looks afraid with the blog post title Conquer This Paralyzing Pair of Fears

Conquer This Paralyzing Pair of Fears

image of woman who looks afraid with the blog post title Conquer This Paralyzing Pair of Fears

Many people are too afraid to succeed because they are paralyzed by a pair of fears.

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Many people are driven by the fear of failure – that’s #1.

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Image of basketball with title The Heart of a Champion

The Heart of a Champion

Image of basketball with title The Heart of a Champion

Kobe Bryant had the heart of a champion. We share seven ways this helped him become one of the greatest basketball players ever.

This show is a tribute to Kobe Bryant. It’s our way of saying “Thanks” for inspiring us all to be our best self. A summary of our conversation on this BIGG Success Show podcast follows.

Zero. That’s how many points 12-year old Kobe Bryant scored at summer basketball camp.

Nothing. Not a free throw. Not a layup. Not a lucky shot that went in.

With his confidence shaken, he says he almost quit the game of basketball. At 12 – before he even became a teenager. Thankfully for all of us basketball fans, he didn’t.

And just six years later, he was the 13th pick in the NBA draft. Straight out of high school, a first-round draft pick. Truly, a rare feat.

He ended his career with 5 NBA championships, 2 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player awards, 2 scoring titles, and 2 Olympic Gold Medals.

He became one of the greatest players to ever play the game. How did he transform himself from zero, literally, to hero? He had the heart of a champion. We’ll share seven ways this helped him become one of the greatest basketball players ever.

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The Biggest Failure of All is Silent

The biggest failure of all is silent | BIGG SuccessIt’s kind of funny in an ironic sense. Yet it is so very sad.

The biggest failure of all is silent.

You can experience this failure and never even realize it.

Day after day, same old same old.

The drudgery. A life of ho-hum.

Breathing, but not living.

Sure, you’re satisfied. But you’re not happy.

Because you choose to do nothing.

Doing nothing – the biggest failure of all.

You may argue with that last statement.

You didn’t choose to do nothing.

To some extent, you’re right.

You didn’t actively choose to do nothing.

It just happened.

But deep down inside, you know that you let it happen.

By not rocking the boat. By settling for the status quo.

By not sticking your neck out. By not trying.

By being so afraid of failure that failure is the only possible outcome.

By doing all these things passively, you actively choose to fail.

You will never know the potential within you.

You will never see the impact that you could have made.

You will never experience the elation of living your passion.

And we all suffer.

We’ll never know how great you could have been either.

BIGG success if life on your own terms.

Today, you can choose to exist or you can choose to live.

You can change careers.

You can start your own small business.

You can do anything you want to do.

You just have to choose to do something.

Sure, it’s scary.

Sure, it’s not easy.

Maybe we can help.

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The Fear That Drives Entrepreneurs to Success

fearPeople are driven by two competing
fears – the fear of failure and the fear of not trying. Like the proverbial angel and demon sitting on your shoulder, they both send you different messages.

The angel
The angel tells you to maintain the status quo. Just be satisfied. Life isn’t so bad.

Besides you might fail. People will laugh at you. They will say “I told you so.” says to stay put. You’ll be embarrassed.

So don’t take any risk. Play it safe. Accept mediocrity.

The demon
On your other shoulder, there’s a demon reminding you that you deserve so much more. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You just can’t take it for one more day.

You have to see what you can do. You have to know if you can be a BIGG success. You have to try. You cannot accept not trying anymore.

So go. Do it. What are you waiting for?

The fear that drives entrepreneurs
The general population is driven by the fear of failure. They fantasize about a better life. But this fear keeps them from going any further.

For a small portion of people, the fear of not trying overwhelms the fear of failure. You reach a point where you have to go. You are ready to become an entrepreneur.

The ultimate act of rebellion
Entrepreneurs say enough – enough of not having enough. Responsibility. Fulfillment. Opportunity. Money.

It’s different for different entrepreneurs, but the feeling is the same. It ties your guts in knots because you know you were meant to do something BIGG.
You have to try. You cannot accept anything else.

As it turns out, the angel is a demon and the demon is an angel. The fear of failure prevents you from even getting started on the journey to BIGG success. The fear of not trying propels you to start living life on your own terms now!

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Opportunity is Like a Flower

flower_tulip.jpgWe’ve all seen it. A prodigy comes along. We’re in awe of his or her talent. It just seems so natural. Yet before long, their flame burns out.

Many reasons have been cited for this. We think that among those reasons, an important principle is highlighted …



Our choices lead to bigg success.

They are way more important than any innate ability we may have. One of the biggest obstacles is not making a choice at all – indecision.

What causes indecision?


Fear of not knowing enough. Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of standing out. Fear of making a mistake.

How do you overcome it?

Make a decision! Any Decision.

Like every other skill, it’s acquired.

Decide what you’re doing for lunch. Decide what you’ll wear. Decide what you’ll do this weekend.

You get the idea. These decisions have little consequence. So why spend too much time fretting over them?

However, some choices can be difficult. For example: choosing to change careers, start a business, get married, or start a family.

If you think about it, not making a decision is a decision in itself!

Is it the choice you really want? Are you willing to bear the consequences?

Putting off a decision may hold you back or even worse. Indecision may lead to the failure that is feared.

Having it all yet having nothing


georgeWe talked with one of my former students recently. He and some friends have a great idea for a business.



marylynnThese guys really impressed me. They had done their research. They asked us a lot of questions. Then they went back and did even more research. They’ve proven out the opportunity. Obviously, there are no guarantees but they seem to have an idea that could make money. They have it all, but yet they have nothing!



georgeAs I talked to my former student, he told me how much they love this idea. But for some reason, they just can’t pull the trigger – they’re just not willing to start.



marylynnI think this happens with a lot of people. You know, George, think about how long it took us to think of our idea for Bigg Success and actually launch it. But we did start – it’s easy to analyze and analyze and analyze and never get to actually launching.


The biggest regret

By postponing indefinitely, you never really know what could have happened. Which reminds me of a quote by John Greenleaf Whittier:

“Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these – it might have been.”

At some point, your fear of not knowing overcomes your fear of failure. It drives you crazy inside. You have to do it because you can’t accept not trying. So you make the decision to go.

Falling in love with an idea

The danger in not launching is that you fall in love with the idea. You build up these romantic visions in your head.

But you never ask it out for a date!

Is that fear of commitment? We say that with our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks!

When you postpone, competition may enter. The market may change. The opportunity may pass.

But you don’t notice it. You’re still in love with the idea of the business.

Opportunity is like a flower that buds and blooms before it wilts. You must be ready to make a decision when your bigg opportunity presents itself.

How do you overcome indecision?

Share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 877.988.BIGG or sending us an e-mail at

Thanks so much for reading our post today.


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