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How Focus Leads to Failure

focus on this to be a BIGG SuccessYou need to focus if you want to be a BIGG success, right? Actually, it’s only partially true.

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BIGG success comes to people who eliminate options. So narrow your vision down to what you really want. Then focus on those few things you need to do today to move you closer to that destination.

So far, so good. Unfortunately, that’s not how most of us work.

We get distracted. Ok, we can summon the willpower to stay on task.

There’s a bigger problem. It doesn’t affect everyone. But if you’re one of those people who experience it affect, you’re not alone.

A lot of people focus on the negative. We’re not just talking about “the glass is half empty” here.

We’re talking about people who can’t get past the past. Past failures weigh on them. And like an anchor to a ship, it keeps them firmly stuck in place.

If this sounds like you, break the cycle. And the key is focus. In our time today, we want to discuss five things you should focus on.

Focus on how

Losers focus on why. Why it won’t work. Why they (or you) shouldn’t even try. They can come up with all kinds of reasons.

And guess what? They’re right. It won’t work – for them.

While losers focus on why, winners focus on how – how to make it work.

They come up with a plan. They anticipate obstacles. They start. They learn. They adapt. And they succeed!

Focus on now

Losers focus on yesterday and tomorrow. What went wrong yesterday? What could go wrong tomorrow?

They don’t really learn anything from the past. They just remember the failures and the feelings associated with it. They assume tomorrow will be just like yesterday. And it will be!

Once they’ve extracted all valuable lessons from the past, winners forget it. They focus exclusively on the here and now. They focus only on the most important things today.

They operate under the assumption that the future will be better than the past. And it will be!

Focus on pow

Losers focus on their weaknesses and shortcomings. They beat themselves up – again and again – for these past failures. They use these failures against themselves as evidence.

It just proves it – they are not good enough, smart enough, educated enough, experienced enough, connected enough, etc.

Enough is enough!

Winners focus on pow. They focus on their strengths. They approach everything from a position of power. They know they pack a mighty punch.

Focus on vow

Losers focus on everything. They make promises to themselves and to others. But because they’re trying to be all things to all people, they usually fall short.

Winners are careful not to over-commit themselves. They make vows. Then they focus all their energy on fulfilling it before making another vow.

Focus on wow

Losers focus on doing the minimum. They only worry about meeting expectations.

Winners focus on the wow. They want to exceed expectations – on the vows they’ve made to others and more importantly, the vows they make to themselves.

So they push themselves further every day. They often surprise even themselves!

The irony of focus

When it comes to focus, you have a choice to make. You can choose to focus on what you don’t want.

Think about it. Talk about it. And you know what? You’ll get it.

Focus can lead to failure.

But if you focus on what you do want, you’ll get that instead. You get what you focus on. Focus can lead to BIGG success!

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A Day You Can’t Afford to Miss (But You Can Be Late)

Have an anything can happen day for BIGG SuccessWe caught the Sergeant Bilko movie recently. There was a quote we loved.

Rita Robbins (played by Glenne Headley) thinks her relationship with Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko (Steve Martin) is over.

Bilko’s archnemesis, Major Colin Thorn (Phil Hartman) is wooing her.

But she still has feelings for Bilko. She is reminiscing when she says something like this:

“It was always so exciting with Ernie. Every day was ‘Anything Can Happen Day.”

Every day. Not just Wednesdays, like on The Mickey Mouse Club Show.

It got us thinking. Not about having an Anything Can Happen Day every day.

Structure helps you reach BIGG success. Routines are important.

But a routine can easily turn into a rut. And there’s a fine line between truly living and living dead.

So we vow to start having an Anything Can Happen Day now and then. Maybe once a quarter. We’re going to plan for it next year.

And that’s as far as the planning will go. Because anything more would lead to less.

We want to start the day with a blank page. Absolutely nothing on the agenda. A day to do whatever we want.

A day to be spontaneous. When’s the last time you were spontaneous?

You know you’re too busy if you don’t ever have time to be spontaneous. And we’ve been too busy.

So we’re going to do it. We’re going to schedule four Anything Can Happen Days into next year.

That’s less than 1% of the days next year. Surely, we can let life flow that much of the time.

Anything Can Happen Day. It’s a great way to get out of a rut. Or just shake things up a bit.

You can’t afford to miss it. But you can be late for it!

When’s the last time you had an Anything Can Happen Day?

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A Trick to Manage Risk

ponyHave you evolved enough to navigate today’s world? We’d never thought about it before. Then we saw a great article from Time magazine that says we’re moving through the modern world with a pre-historic brain.

According to the research, it’s a problem because it affects the way we analyze risk. We haven’t evolved enough to properly assess the risks we face today.



How we assess risk

We analyze risk in two ways: instantly based on our feelings and logically.

Most of the time, we use the first way – our feelings – to assess risk. It’s because of the way our brain works. Bells and whistles are quick to go off when we sense risk. However, turning them off is much more difficult because it’s not natural.

So we’re good at assessing short-term risk; we’re not so good at the long-term risks we’re more likely to face in our modern world.

Managing risk

Our definition of bigg success is life on your own terms. It’s implicit in our definition that you own your life. You are the entrepreneur in charge.

There’s a myth that entrepreneurs are risk lovers. While that label certainly applies to a portion of entrepreneurs, you can’t say that about the overwhelming majority of us.

Entrepreneurs are, however, excellent managers of risk. They understand that they can’t predict the future. So they don’t try. They create their own future.

There are many ways to manage risk. One is to diversify, diversify, diversify. That’s the trick – you don’t want to be a one-trick pony. Here are four places to diversify your life:

Diversify your portfolio
We’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Investing is risky, but you can minimize that risk by spreading your investments out.

Diversify your income
Multiple streams of income provide safety. This is more important than ever in today’s business world.

If you’re an entrepreneur, that means not relying on a single product or service to carry you through.

If you’re an employee, it means having a way to make some money on the side. It could be a rental property or a home-based business you can work in your spare time.

Diversify your activities
You gain new insights when you vary what you do. You learn new things by doing new things. You’re able to assess risk better when you bring a well-rounded mind to the problem.

Diversify your relationships
Get to know people who don’t think like you. Listen to their points-of-view. Try to bring some of their thinking into your analysis of risk.

Don’t be a one-trick pony. Diversify, diversify, diversify. It’s one of the keys to reaching bigg success.

How do you manage risk?
Share that with us by leaving a comment, e-mailing us at or leaving a voice message at 877.988.BIGG(2444).


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How to Get Out of the Dog House

dog_daysThis is the fourth show in our five-part Dog Days series. Sometimes, no matter how hard you might try, no matter how good you think you’re being, you still might find yourself in the dog house. So let’s talk about how to get out!



Accept being in the dog house

Depending on how much barking was done, and who did the barking, you may want to accept being in the dog house for a short period of time.

After a heated discussion, the best prescription may be a cooling off period. Just stay in the dog house until you and the other person are both calmed down. Then you can broach the subject again.

Puppy dog eyes

When you do broach the subject, be sure to flash your puppy dog eyes. Let them see how sad you are that you upset them. In other words, approach them with humility.

You won’t get very far if you come back from the dog house barking. In fact, you’re likely to end up right back there!

If you come back with humility, you’ll be more likely to have a productive conversation.

Lick their face!

Figuratively … not literally.

Start the conversation with two of the strongest words in relationship building:

“I’m sorry.”

You may not feel like you’ve done anything wrong. That doesn’t matter if you made the other person feel something they didn’t like.

It may have been unintentional. That doesn’t matter either. It still happened.

Apologize for making them feel that way. Then ask questions so you can avoid the dog house in the future. At least for this offense!

If they start barking …

Don’t make them defensive. If they start barking, step back a bit. Usually not much gets accomplished if everyone involved is barking. So take a step back mentally – even physically, if it helps – and try again.

It’s amazing how productive a conversation can be when no one cares who was at fault. You can’t control the other person. You can only control yourself.

So don’t reflect blame right back. Try to reword it in a way that is more conducive to taking the relationship forward.

Try not to use the word “you” in a negative way. Look at two ways the same thing can be stated:

“You said blah.”

“When blah was said, it made me feel …”

Which one would make you more defensive? Obviously the second one keeps the conversation moving forward.

Oh … just one final point … when you do finally get out of the dog house, be sure to wag your tail!


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We thank you so much for the gift of your time today.

Please join us next time as we look at what it takes to be a bigg dog. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Believing is Seeing – Part 2

vision_boards.jpgToday on The Bigg Success Show, we continued chatting with Christine Kane about vision boards. Last time, Christine shared how vision boards helped her make a u-turn in her career. Now she teaches others how to use them through her retreats and coaching programs. Let’s get back to the conversation …




marylynnChristine, you’ve identified three types of vision boards. The first one is the “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board. Who should create that one?



christine_kaneLeft-brained people who get wigged out a little bit by the whole idea of creativity. When they’re at my retreats, they’re the ones shouting, “Who has a picture of an Audi A3?” They’ll put a black dog on there. When you’re in this place – you want a new house or a new job, you want to eat healthy food – you go into the magazines and look for those images. It’s a great way to do it. Some people just throw it up there and that board is done in an hour-and-a-half.



The second one you’ve identified is the “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board.



christine_kaneThis is my favorite. As I said before, at my retreats, the whole first day is about intention. So women are getting clear on what they want more of. The second day we’re doing all those obstacles. By the time they sit down to do their vision board, they are just ready to speak to their soul – their deeper and wiser self. We know that still part of us. So you go through the magazines really slowly. You find yourself getting surprised at this image or that image. Even when I picked out that image of Celine Dion’s stage, I didn’t sort through magazines trying to find the perfect stage. I looked at it and thought, “Oh, that’s totally the feeling I want.” Some people will go, “Oh I love that car. Wow, I never realized I wanted a Prius but I just realized this speaks to me.” This puts you in touch with a deeper part of yourself. A lot of times our mental imaginings and our egos can run the show and think they know exactly what they want. A lot of times they lead us down paths that aren’t in alignment with who we really are. So the Opening and Allowing board is where you sit down and let the pictures come to you. Then you arrange them. It’s a softer process. Not everyone wants to do it this way. It’s great at my retreats because they’ve really had the time to get clear before we go for that.



I want to do that board. I’m ready!



I love this board. It’s how I live my life!



Let’s talk about the third type. Christine, you call it the “Theme” Vision Board.



christine_kaneYeah, like I’ve said, I do this on New Year’s Day. “Here’s my year, my 2009.” Birthdays are a good time to do that. What is the year ahead? The other thing would be if you want a different job or a new place to live or whatever. You make the entire board about that thing. Your marriage. Your family. It’s a great thing to do with anything in your life. You can apply both of the mindsets for the two other boards to this board.


We highly recommend that you get Christine’s Get Inspired, Live Creative Triple Pack, that includes her e-book (The Complete Guide to Vision Boards), her most requested song (Right Outta Nowhere), and a subscription to her e-zine (Live Creative: Make Your Life a Masterpiece) for more success and creativity tips. It’s all FREE!

Thanks so much, Christine, for sharing your time and wisdom with all of us! And we thank you for reading our post today!

Please join us next time when we share a note from Hank Williams, Jr. We’ll discuss family traditions! Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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