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A Simple Way to Make a Decision

Do you have a decision to make? Are you unable to make decisions? Here’s a tactic we heard on the To the Lost episode of Boardwalk Empire:

Flip a coin.

Whether it comes up heads or tails barely matters. What does matter is how you feel when it’s in the air. What are you hoping for?

It’s your intuition at work. And ultimately, it can be an important decision-making tool. If you prefer, you can use a Magic 8 ball to make your next decision.

(Unless you usually get it wrong. Then you may want to use
George Costanza’s technique.)

Whatever you do, there’s an important concept underlying these methods. It’s a systematic way to apply your intuition. Once you grasp it, it will help you make decisions in life.

Frame your options as a binary choice: heads or tails, yes or no, this or that, either or.

For example, let’s say you want to start a business. One question you may ask is when.

So get out your coin. Heads you’ll go into business now. Tails you’ll wait.

Flip the coin in the air. Do you feel a knot in your stomach? Which side do you want to come up?

More importantly, don’t stop there. Take the hoped-for answer and expand on it. Create a series of choices:

Part-time or full-time? Online or off? Start or buy? Independent or franchise?

Of course, the choices will be determined in part by the type of business you want to own. Step-by-step, you’re creating a decision tree.

By getting it on paper, you’ll be able to quickly see how choices now affect options later. You can weigh what you’re giving up against what you’re getting. Then you’ll be able to make a decision that leads to BIGG success!

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Startling Over to Be a Success

startling over in 2012 for BIGG SuccessIt’s a New Year! Time for a fresh start. A new beginning.

Only we have an idea. A startling one.

Most people think about starting over. We suggest startling over instead.

Startling over – surprising yourself and others with a fresh view to create positive change.

Here are five tips for startling over:

F the past

Do you want to really startle people? Then F the past.

Forgive them. But don’t stop there. Forget about it.

Give up any and all grudges. Holding on to them holds you back.

Leave the grudges to the losers. You’re a winner!

Oh, one more thing…

This goes for you too. Forgive yourself. God does. Why can’t you?

Learn from your past mistakes. Then forget about them.

Your future is calling. Get on to it.


Startle people – smile at them!

Smile at strangers on the street. Smile at the people in your life.

Smile at their mistakes. Smile at their quirks. Smile at their anger.

Smile. You’ll make people wonder what you’re up to!

Switch it up

Startle yourself and the people around you – switch it up! Do the unexpected.

Take a different route to work. Try someplace different for lunch.

Read a book instead of watching TV. Read fiction instead of non-fiction or vice versa.

Routines can easily become ruts. Ruts are for losers.

You’re a winner. So mix it up!

Random acts

Startle the people in your life with random acts of kindness.

Call a friend out of the blue. Tell them how much they mean to you.

Contact a mentor, a teacher, or someone else who has had a significant impact on your life. Let them know it.

Buy lunch for that co-worker you often eat with. Can’t afford it? Then buy them a cup of coffee instead.

Bring home a gift for your significant other, even though you haven’t been in a fight and it’s not a special occasion.

Do the opposite

Startle yourself and others by pulling a George Costanza – do the opposite.

This is a particularly useful observation if you’re not happy with some area of your life. In George’s case, it was every area!

Remember – if you continue to do what you’ve always done, the best you can expect is what you already have.

So don’t walk, run. Don’t sit, stand. Don’t think, do.

Do the opposite to shake things up!


Think of one startling thing you could accomplish by the end of this year. Not just anything – something that would really make you stretch.

It may be something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. It could be something that’s just hit your radar.

Go for it! Figure out what it will take to accomplish it.

Then give it your all. You’re a winner. Push yourself to prove to yourself that you can accomplish every thing you dream about. That’s BIGG success!

How will you startle yourself and others this year?

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25 Skills That Lead to Bigg Success

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Skills


In this article, we summarize five articles that discuss crucial skills for success. You’ll find the five key points from each article here along with the link so you can get any additional information you may want.

5 Things to Understand About Your Brain

#1 – Your brain is unique.

#2 – Your brain thrives on challenge and flow.

#3 – Your brain is a physical organ.

#4 – Your brain deals in emotions as well as thoughts.

#5 – You have multiple intelligences.

Ronald Gross is an expert in this area and and expands on these ideas in his book Peak Learning: How to Create Your Own Lifelong Education Program for Personal Enlightenment and Professional Success.

… and speaking of your brain …

5 Tips to Get Your Brain Thinking More Creatively

#1 – The George Costanza Method

#2 – Change your commute

#3 – Call things by the wrong name

#4 – Write with your other hand

#5 – Listen to a radio talk show that really ticks you off

David Wahl, of the Creative Creativity blog, wrote this great post. Get all his details about how to trick your brain into taking a fresh look at the world.


5 Suggestions to Get Things Done

#1 – Separate projects from tasks.

#2 – Learn the power of the verb.

#3 – Use technology to manage tasks and projects, but don’t get distracted by it.

#4 – Get your information at regularly scheduled times; don’t let it interrupt you.

#5 – Don’t seek out distractions to give your brain a “break”.

These suggestions come from Tiffany Monhollon over at the Red Suit blog. Read everything she had to say about moving beyond multi-tasking to actually get stuff done.

5 Ways to Keep Distracting People from Distracting You

#1 – Don’t have a place for them to sit.

#2 – Stand and come out from behind your desk.

#3 – Meet them at the door.

#4 – Provide an uncomfortable chair.

#5 – Take notes.

Mark Shead, of the Productivity 501 blog, offered these great suggestions. Get all the details about keeping distracting people from distracting you.

5 Ways to Make Yourself More Likeable

#1 – Be positive.

#2 – Control your insecurities.

#3 – Provide value.

#4 – Don’t be judgmental.

#5 – Become a person of conviction.

Justin Hartfield wrote this excellent article with five tips to increase your likeability.

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