How Social Media Stole Christmas

How Social Media Stole Christmas

How Social Media Stole Christmas

Did social media steal Christmas? We did something special on The BIGG Success Show today to answer that question. It’s a twist on an old familiar fable. We hope you enjoy! Click the player below to listen. Here’s the transcription…

Every Who is on social media these days,
They share every moment in many ways.
While Santa calls out…on Dasher and Dancer,
Whos post…on Facebook, on Pinterest, and Twitter.

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Mingle Bells: Tips For Networking At Your Holiday Party

Yesterday, we discussed a recent study on monkeys and what you can learn from them about rationalizing.

Today, you’ll learn four tips to network your way through your holiday parties.

Mingle bell #1:  Break the ice.
Ideally, someone introduces you. In fact, look for people you know talking to people you don’t know. That’s the easiest way to get introduced to someone new.

If that option is not available, just think of an interesting opener. You might comment on something they’re wearing. Or discuss the food, the drink, or the place that you’re at. If all else fails, talk about the weather! 

Mingle bell #2:  Find something in common.
Find out how they know the host. Obvious, isn’t it? But with that information, you may get a clue to other people, places or things that you have in common with the person you just met.

When all else fails, fall back on our humanity. Check up on current events before the party, particularly lifestyle news. You can always make fun of the celebrity du jour!

Mingle bell #3:  Take a genuine interest in them.
Some people network solely to do more business. They’re looking for money with every contact. In our opinion, this is a mistake for two reasons. First, you don’t get to know some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Second, people see through it quickly.

Listen intently. Remember two ears, one mouth? You’ll learn more than you ever imagined, simply by letting others talk about themselves.

Mingle bell #4:  Make a lasting impact.
We live in a society hell-bent on moving fast. Speed dating came first. Now we have speed interviewing and speed networking. An article recently suggested that if you spend more than two minutes talking to someone you just met, you’re wasting your time. We think this is bull caca. Yeah, we checked the spelling … according to Webster, we got it right!

You shouldn’t force it. If there’s a lull in the conversation, find a graceful way to exit. But keep your goal in mind – to find new people with whom you connect. You’ll be more effective thinking quality, rather than quantity.

Use these four tips to take a sleigh-ride to successful networking!

Our quote today is by an unknown author.   

“How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way.”

So mingle your way through the holiday. You’ll make spirits bright!

Next time, we’ll get aggressively passive when we talk about how to build a passive income that sets you free.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


Life Goes On

By Bigg Success Staff

 Timeless Principles


Life Goes On

The holiday season is in full swing. Parties to go to. Presents to buy. Cards in the mail. And the Christmas blues.

That’s true for many people feel – in what is commonly called the most joyous season of all. Why?

One reason is that, as each year passes, those “faithful friends who are dear to us” can’t “gather near to us once more.” They have passed on.

But life goes on, complete with the memories of those dear ones. That’s something that can’t be taken away from you. So you can take heart in these two things:

  • Your memories of your loved ones can’t be taken away.
  • Physically, they may be gone. But they’re still in your mind, your heart, and your soul.

    Remember the good times you had with them. The lessons they taught you. How special they made you feel.

    What they gave you. What you gave them. The kind words. The shared experiences. The joys. The trials – how you endured them.

    Celebrate their life and renew yours, because …

  • The memories you create for your loved ones will endure also.
  • You, too, are making memories. On that, you have no choice.

    What can you do that will leave a lasting impression with a loved one today?

    Call them. E-mail them. Send them flowers. Go out to lunch. Play a game.

    Do something. Anything! It may only be a little thing. But it will be remembered for a lifetime … and then some.

At this time of year, more than any other, most of us reach out to family and friends. But remember that sometimes the things that are most memorable are the ones that are least expected. Make creating lasting memories a year-round obsession, because life goes on …

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