How Social Media Stole Christmas

How Social Media Stole Christmas

Did social media steal Christmas? We did something special on The BIGG Success Show today to answer that question. It’s a twist on an old familiar fable. We hope you enjoy! Click the player below to listen. Here’s the transcription…

Every Who is on social media these days,
They share every moment in many ways.
While Santa calls out…on Dasher and Dancer,
Whos post…on Facebook, on Pinterest, and Twitter.

They share through the year, what’s on their mind,
All of the times when they feel they shined,
They talk about new babies, new jobs, and such,
Sometimes they even tell what they had for lunch.

The problem for many is…this change came fast,
They dream of simpler times, of days now past,
Of a Christmas tradition, which many fear lost,
Even though they always grumbled at the cost.

The Christmas card or the Christmas letter,
Looking back now, what could be better?
To talk about new babies, new jobs, and such,
One thing’s for sure, they never talked about lunch!

“Social media stole Christmas,” they say with much ire,
They see it a sign of a world turned dire.
And if they really get in a pinch,
they’ll tell you social media is like that nasty, old Grinch.

“It destroys relationships,” they often point out,
They say it with certainty, they have no doubt.
“It’s evil.” “It’s dumb.” “It’s useless,” they proclaim.
At the Whos using it, they freely sling this shame.

But the Whos quip back, “They aren’t the same,
Social media is a Christmas card by another name.”
We grieve, we laugh, we celebrate; it can turn on a dime,
Friends and family want our news in real time.

But the old Christmas card still has some teeth,
It will come full circle, like a Christmas wreath.
Social media connects in a virtual space,
So a card you can hold still has its place.

You see, dear Who, there’s a way to stand out,
Share your news online and spread it about,
But don’t forget…that from time to time,
A personal note will be thought sublime.

You can stand out with a special card,
To say otherwise would be a canard.
But don’t forget to share online,
So other Whos know you are doing just fine.

The secret today is to connect wherever,
Online or off, continue to endeavor,
To build relationships, tried and true,
Understand the social fabric is the glue.

So you see, dear friend, the end of the matter,
The first thing is not better than the latter,
They both can help you stand strong and tall,
Social media didn’t steal Christmas after all.

We thank you so much for stopping by today. We wish you the very merriest of Christmas seasons. And may your star shine bright in 2016!

Until we “meet” again…here’s to YOUR BIGG success!

– George & Mary-Lynn

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