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Engage Your Employees in 10 Syllables

0-building-blocksResearch shows it. We know it.

Engaged employees are more productive. Productive employees help us grow sales faster than costs. Therefore, engaged employees are key to increasing your bottom line.

How’s that for a logic exercise?



Let’s discuss four words – which all begin with the letter “C” – that will help you engage your employees in ten syllables:

First, a one syllable word: Care
Really and truly care about your employees – not as workers, as people.

Throw the old adage about mixing business and friendship out the door. That’s yesterday’s mindset. For every time it bites you in the butt, there will be many times when it serves you well.

Let your people get to know you. Get to know your people individually, personally and professionally.

We work harder for people we like. We like people who care about us.

So genuinely caring creates a competitive advantage. Isn’t that something? It happens spontaneously, though. It’s not something that can be forced.

Second, a two syllable word: Converse

Talk with your employees. Find out what is going well and what isn’t. Discover what would help them do their jobs better.

We believe in open book management. However we don’t believe that you have to tell all of your employees all the details. Be positively real.

Leaders have more on their plate than ever. Everybody is trying to do more with less. But don’t neglect your people.

Get out from behind your desk a few times a day. Walk around. Spend some time chatting with your people. It’s probably the most productive thing you can do.

Conversation creates concord. Listening is one way to show your people you care. Many people assume the worst. Keeping them informed tames the beast.

Third, a three syllable word: Celebrate!
Our news media thrives on bad news. Do the opposite. Make a bigg deal of good news. Celebrate! Whenever your team does something spectacular, pause and enjoy the moment.

There’s an old management technique called management by exception. Try this instead – manage for exceptional. Highlight people on your team who have done something outstanding.

Share the credit liberally. It’s a rookie mistake to do otherwise. There’s almost nothing you can do to engage your employees that goes as far as a genuine “atta boy” or “atta girl”.

Celebration encourages continuation. It’s fun to play for a winning team. We can’t wait for the next game, for the next opportunity to show what we can do. We look forward to the next victory. So we can celebrate again!

Fourth, a four syllable word: Collaborate

Michael Jordan said it best: “Talent wins games; teamwork wins championships.”

Encourage your people to share their ideas. It will make your life as a leader much easier.

Great leaders make decisions but the best answers often come from their people. Your employees will be more engaged when they see their ideas being adopted. That leads to bigg success!


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Thanks so much for the gift of your time today. Please join us next time when we ask, “Are you a volcano waiting to erupt?” Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Engaging Your Employees

expert_sessions We have an exciting announcement – we have our first product! After many months, we have a digital download available to help you find and keep great employees. It’s our first installment (but there will be more) in The Bigg Success Show Expert Sessions.

In this session, our experts are Karen Evenson and Larry Kammien, the owners of Leadership and Organization Solutions, a consulting firm that focuses on strategic leadership and organizational development for both small and large businesses, nationally and internationally. Karen is also the author of Redefining F.E.A.R., Maximizing Limited Resources with Unlimited Ideas.



The three “R’s” of employee engagement

#1 – Recruitment


larryThe whole recruitment process is often disengaged. It’s a very rote process that we turn people through. What Karen and I talk about is that the engagement process starts at the very beginning – from the very first interaction with your candidate. It works from both sides – the company engages the candidate and the candidate is engaged by the company. We do that by being honest upfront about job requirements and expectations. So the job is exactly what we told them it was in the interview process because we’re really looking for a fit for both parties.


In the full session, you’ll get a great tip from Larry and Karen to get your candidates involved in your organization before you make the hiring decision.

#2 – Retention


karenSome people will be long-term; others will be short-term. We want the best from that person for whatever time we have. So ask your employees what they’re looking for, listen to it, and then respond. You can’t give them everything all the time, but you’re not going to keep highly productive employees if you don’t know what is meaningful to them, what motivates them, and what skills and talents they have. You have to utilize those talents and skills effectively, get input, and empower them to do their jobs.


Karen and Larry have talked to thousands of employees. Check out the digital download to find out what they have learned from these conversations that will help you keep your valuable employees longer.

#3 – Recognition & reward


larryThe first key thing to understand is that one size doesn’t fit all. We see many companies put recognition and reward programs in place with one, two, or three methods to reward employees. We know that we don’t all like the same things – the same things don’t make us want to do more or better work. We need to ask people what motivates them, how they define reward and recognition. Then we can start to tailor that for them.


Karen and Larry discuss how to set up these reward programs to meet your goals without busting your budget in the full session. You’ll also hear the most powerful motivator in recognition. It’s an intangible that’s surprisingly inexpensive!

Business owners and executives often cite finding and keeping great employees as one of their biggest challenges. Karen and Larry offer some invaluable thought starters on how to get it done. It will require less than twenty minutes of your time to listen to the full session!

Find out more about Karen and Larry, including how to get them to present to your company or consult with your organization, by visiting

Until next time, here’s to your bigg success!