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A Tangible Way to Balance Your Life

balanceYou may relate to this: work – life balance is something the two of us struggle to maintain. We love our work. We have fun doing it, at least most of the time.

But it’s still important to get time away.

Even within our personal and professional lives, it’s important to maintain balance. When you do the same thing over and over, it can wear on you after awhile.

That’s something we don’t often think about when it comes to life balance. It’s balancing the types of things we do.



Balancing by type

When looking at your to-do list for the day, have you balanced different types of activities? For example, can you combine things that require you to sit at your computer and type with things that allow you to get away from it and think?

Variety keeps life more interesting. It keeps your mind engaged.

If you can’t do it with your work, you can do it by simply stepping outside for a few minutes and really taking in everything you can.

Balancing by payoff

But there’s another consideration about balance that we often don’t think about.

For a lot of professionals, much of the work we do doesn’t necessarily yield immediate tangible results. We see the results over a period of time. However, it doesn’t pack the same punch as a project where you can see the payoff immediately.


georgeHere’s an example of that. When I had my real world businesses, I’d make decisions that sometimes took months, even years, for the true result to materialize. I remember painting a room one weekend. It felt so good. I got to see the impact of my work within minutes.



marylynnWhile it doesn’t seem like fun to many people, I get that sense of instant gratification from doing household chores like vacuuming and mopping the floor. The before and after is always great to see.


Our point is that it’s helpful to look at the activities you perform at work and at home to try to achieve some balance within them.

If your work produces intangible results in the short-run, try balancing it with activities at home that create quick tangible results. It will give you the mojo to keep plugging on longer term projects. It will help you reach bigg success.


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Lone Wolf or Lead Wolf

wolf.jpgBigg success is life on your own terms. Today, we want to focus on work, one of the five elements of bigg success.

We hear a lot of talk about passions. What do you love to do? Find that and do it.



We don’t hear so much about preferences. Preferences are the Cinderella of success literature.

However, knowing your preferences is just as important as uncovering your passions. Your passions paint the bigg picture; your preferences are the finer points.

Picture a page of a coloring book. You see the outline that you’re supposed to color in. That outline represents your passions. The colors you use and how you use them together are your preferences. It takes both to make the drawing complete.

We have personal preferences. For example, some people prefer to live in the city. Others want to live in the suburbs or even in the country.

We also have preferences in our professional lives.
Some people prefer to work at a desk. It drives other people crazy.

Some people want to work in a large company with a lot of people. For others, small companies trip their trigger.

Some people like to work at home. Others just can’t do it. They find it too distracting or it makes others stir crazy.

One of the most important choices

Do you prefer to be the lead wolf or a lone wolf?

When we think of wolves, we often think of packs. As the lead wolf, you’re the leader of the pack. You recognize that you reach bigg success by organizing your pack to accomplish things together that couldn’t be accomplished individually.

It’s all about the pack and helping the individual members develop their talents to reach their full potential so the whole pack is a bigg success.

A lone wolf
, in nature, is usually a young adult in search of new territory. To apply this to our lives, your work is your craft. You prefer to do it alone. You want to master your craft, to push yourself beyond the boundaries that you’ve reached before. In order to do this, you don’t want to be distracted by the responsibilities of leadership.

Think about your preference – lead wolf or lone wolf – so you can live your life on your own terms. That’s bigg success!

Are you the lead wolf or a lone wolf?
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We’re howling at the moon because we’re so happy that you stopped in to see us today!


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And please join us next time when we discuss Picasso … on personal branding. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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A New Beginning for Bigg Success

budding_spring It’s the first day of spring, a day many of us look forward to every year. It represents transition from winter to summer, dark to light. We think of new beginnings and new life. It’s the season of growth.



But spring is also a verb. We spring forward or spring into action. It implies moving forward by leaps and bounds.

Bigg news

We’re happy to say that we have some bigg news to spring on you. We wanted to share it with you, our regular readers, first. We started Bigg Success about one-and-a-third years ago.

We said we were the how-to, can-do place. But we felt the need to refine that description and to simply define bigg success. So we got to work on it. What is bigg success? What does it mean?

About six months ago, we found the answer. So we started researching, studying, and talking with people. We searched for the answer to two questions:

What makes people a bigg success? What keeps people from being a bigg success?

So here we are … the first day of spring. We’re ready to announce a new beginning for Bigg Success. We’re ready for the transition, to share what we’ve learned.

Five shows

We’ll do that next time when we kick off the first of five shows that will help you really understand what bigg success means.

What are the elements of bigg success?

How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be – from success to bigg success?

How do you keep the risk of moving to this new level as low as possible?

What challenges can you expect to face? How do you overcome them?

How can you make it all work together so you’re not constantly pulled between your personal and professional lives?

Still the same

Our knowledge has sprung forward. We have so much we want to share with you and we’re looking forward to it. But we do want to reassure you …

We’ll still do five shows a week.

We’ll still offer a lesson and, hopefully, a laugh in five minutes or so.

We’re still all about personal and professional development.

What’s new is a framework for Bigg Success to help you build your bigg success even faster!

Sharing leads to bigg success

Because we still firmly believe that all of us know more than any of us, we hope you will bring your insights so we can all benefit. We encourage you to get in on the conversation and share both what you know and what you want to know.

If just one person benefits from every show, then Bigg Success is a bigg success. If we work together as a community, we can help each other reach bigg success even faster!

Please check in next time as we kick off this series of five shows. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!  


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Social Networking – The Line Between Work and Play


We love hearing from people in the Bigg Success community and recently, Rupa, one of our newsletter subscribers, sent us an e-mail with two great questions.

She said that Generation Y wrestles with the blurred lines between their private, public and professional lives. So colleagues in their professional world have access to personal information.



Young professional

Which leads to Rupa’s first question is, “How do we uphold our ‘professionalism’ while still enjoying our youth?

Rupa continues by saying that we’re now a very visible society and are encouraged to share our information online. But she’s not thrilled segmenting who can see what by setting up different privacy settings.

So her second question is, “Should we – as a collective society – consider redefining ‘professionalism’ as we've always known it? Is it outdated?"

In the interest of full disclosure, we should tell you that we know Rupa. She is a very professional young person. That’s why her question carries even more weight with us.

Back in the day …

For the sake of simplicity, we'll use Facebook, the most popular social network right now. Generation Y users began using this social media service when it was just a place for Gen Y.

Back in those good old days, your boss wouldn't be on Facebook. Today, he or she may be. Back then, a colleague you met at an event would contact you via email. Today, that colleague may ask to friend you on Facebook.


marylynnI think all active social networkers wrestle with this to some extent. I have a friend who holds a highly visible position in her community. We were talking the other day and she said that she originally got on Facebook to keep track of her kids. Her family joined her. It was mainly a personal space for her. But now she is getting a lot of requests from people she knows in the community and she worries about the same thing. I think you have to find a happy medium when using social media. Make it not too much personal and not too much professional.



georgeWhen you create your profile on Facebook, they ask you to fill out all kinds of things. But you don’t have to. For example, I don't include my religious or political beliefs on my profile page. However, I also don’t walk around with those labels stamped on me when I network in person either. That’s something I only share with close friends.


“How do we uphold our ‘professionalism’ while still enjoying our youth?”

We think you can do one of two things:

  • When a professional colleague asks to friend you on Facebook, reply with: "I would prefer to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn" and provide your link.  
  • If you do add them to your Facebook friends and you are concerned that they might see something you don’t want them to, then you don’t have a choice – you have to use privacy settings.

This can be done by creating a "Professional" friend list and applying specific privacy policies to that group. We found a fantastic article that lists some useful privacy settings for Facebook along with instructions on how to configure them.

Privacy settings allow you to present yourself in a youthful way to one set of friends and as a professional to another group. Don’t we do that, at least to some extent, in the real world as well? Imagine all of the people you know in one room together!


I went too far with my privacy settings. Now, even I can’t see what I’m doing!


Maintaining privacy settings may be a little bit of a pain but your efforts will give you peace of mind – especially if you are in Gen Y and used Facebook for its original intent but you’re now integrating your professional contacts too.

Is social media creating the need to change the definition of professionalism?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Acceptable behavior hasn’t changed. People still hold each other to pretty similar standards as before.

What is different, and Rupa said it clearly in her e-mail, is the visibility. In other words, you’re more likely to get caught, we say tongue-in-cheek!

Because of that visibility, you have to be more careful about how you portray yourself online. For instance, let's say you are having a bad day. As a professional, you wouldn’t yell out, “I hate my job,” for everyone in the office to hear.

By the same token, it might be wise not to post that sentiment on your Facebook status, especially if you have co-workers in your network of friends. If you want Facebook to be a place to share the "authentic you", and you friend co-workers and managers, then it’s best to set up some privacy settings!

Your brand image

The bottom line is to remember that you are a brand. Your brand consists of your personal life and your professional life. Social media allows you to share both sides of your life with people in a public arena. You have to control your public brand image.

Thanks so much, Rupa, for your thought-provoking questions and for giving us permission to use them!

What are your thoughts about Rupa’s questions?


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One More Thing to Add to Your Schedule

balance We were at an event recently as was one of our friends. As he was leaving, he announced that he “had another thing”. Now he’s a really busy person; there’s no grass growing under his feet as the old saying goes. He’s into his job, which requires a lot of meetings.



But his “another thing” remark got us thinking. What a great way to politely excuse yourself!

And that “other thing” could even be personal. He may have been going home for dinner for all we know!

It leaves a good impression – you’re a busy person. You like to stick to your schedule. It’s also a great way to excuse yourself, even from people who like to talk your ears off!


georgeI’ve used this before. As a business owner, I had some flexibility with my schedule. I would go to a “lunch meeting” which sometimes meant I was meeting a friend. Or I’d sneak in a work out in the middle of the afternoon by saying I was off to a meeting.



marylynn When I was in radio, we used to have a “Morning Show Meeting” once in a while. My co-host and I would get off the air and sneak out for some breakfast. It was a great way to bond, talk about work, and just get away for a bit. We found that sometimes we got more done by leaving the office!


Now we’re not recommending that you use this technique to excuse yourself for a huge part of the day. But as a busy person, sometimes the best way to balance your personal and professional lives is to integrate the two!


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There’s a new study that shows mean breeds mean. Next time, we’ll discuss how to avoid the trap. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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