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Is Work Death

questionsWe have some questions about work – life balance. It sounds so nice at first. But when you really think about it, what exactly does it mean?



Let’s start with the phrase itself. Work – life balance. It implies that work isn’t a part of life, doesn’t it?

So is work death?

And how do you figure out this whole balance thing. It seems like you would have to tightly define work and life.

So what is work?

For example, does work mean the time you spend making money? If so, a stay-at-home mom or dad doesn’t work! Yet we all know how hard their job can be.

What about other unpaid work? Are the chores you do at home part of work or part of life?

Here’s another scenario: Imagine you want to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. So you take a temporary part-time job to pay for that trip. Is that work or is it part of life since you’re really only taking on the part-time endeavor to pay for something fun?

What if you turn your hobby into a part-time business? You think it’s great; instead of having to pay to do something you enjoy, you get paid to do it. Is that work or life?

Would it make any difference if that part-time business turned into a full-time opportunity? Would you be working at all or would your whole life just be … well, life.

And what is life?

Assuming you work in an office, do you consider the time you spend commuting work or life? Let’s assume that you consider it work. What if you choose to live some distance away from work? That’s definitely a life choice. So is the extra time counted as life or is it still work?

Does sleep count as life? It’s essential for life, but how productive are you at work after a sleepless night?

Even if you don’t get the sleep that’s recommended, it’s still a significant chunk of your day. So when you think about balance, do you just exclude sleep altogether?

What is balance?

Doesn’t balance imply an equal split between work and life? Is that what work – life balance really means? Are you supposed to spend half your time living and half dying (if work is death)?

If it’s not a 50 / 50 split, how can we call it balance? How many people ever achieve an even share of each? Is that even desirable?

Okay, we hear it … you want to know our point. Well, we have three of them:

No lines in the sand

The first one is that work – life balance is not only an outdated concept, we’re not sure it was a great concept in the first place!

Bigg goal-getters don’t draw a line in the sand. Work and life are integrated. They always have been. They always should be.

Work is a part of life. Life is a part of work. It’s best to accept that reality and find ways to make them work (or live) seamlessly together.

It’s a custom blend

Bigg success is life on your own terms. You decide the right mix of personal and professional. It’s your custom blend.

If you’re perfectly happy spending eighty percent of your time on personal activities, have at it. If you love your work and want to spend eighty percent of your time doing it, more power to you.

We’ll just share one caveat about working too much. Research has shown that experts can get too close to their subject and lose some of their creativity. You may not be well-rounded, but at least be a little rounded!

We’re preaching to ourselves in that last paragraph … we needed the reminder!

Look for synergy

Finally, don’t think zero-sum. Don’t accept that there has to be tradeoffs. Work doesn’t have to end so life can begin and vice versa.

If you think there has to tradeoffs, then you’re right. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, if you think it’s possible (better yet, probable) that you can find a solution that doesn’t require a trade-off, you’ll be more likely to try one.

That’s the bigg idea behind bigg success. There is synergy in the world. Strive to find ways to get your personal and professional lives working for each other instead of against each other. That’s bigg success!

What works for you?

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, call us at 888.455.BIGG (2444) or e-mail us at


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Thanks so much for reading our little rant today.

Please join us next time when we begin a series of five posts on freedom. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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The Bigg Idea Behind Bigg Success

life on your own termsLast time, we introduced the five elements of bigg success – money, time, growth, work and play. Today, we want to talk about the bigg idea behind our definition of bigg success, life on your own terms.



1 + 1 = 3

We saw an opinion recently that “synergy” is an outdated word. We disagree. When synergy exists, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

1 + 1 = 3. It doesn’t work in mathematics, but it does happen in our lives. With the right elements in place, a tiny spark can turn into a full-blown fire.

The bigg idea

That’s the bigg idea behind bigg success – finding ways to sync the five elements so we reach bigg success, life on our own terms, faster than we could otherwise.


marylynnHere’s a very simple example of how these five elements come together. I want to take a course on CSS to improve my web design skills. That’s growth. It’s going to cost me a little bit of money. It’s also going to cost me quite a bit of time. But this new knowledge will allow me to get more work, which will help me make more money so I can travel more. That’s play! In the short term, it will cost me time but in the long term, it will me save time because I’ll be able to work more efficiently. That’s synergy!


By thinking about the whole – all five elements together – and working on them all at once, we find solutions that we couldn’t, or at least didn’t, see before.

It empowers you

When you have a choice to make, you can use these five elements holistically to weigh how that choice impacts your vision of bigg success, of life on your own terms.

It empowers you as the entrepreneur of your life.

You can say “No” without guilt! If it’s not moving you closer to the bigg success you dream of, just say no.

You can say “Yes” when you clearly see that it is taking you down the path you want to follow.

Don’t balance, blend your work and life

Our idea goes beyond work – life balance. The old way of thinking was to draw a line in the sand. That was how we tried to separate our personal and professional lives.

It’s great if it works for you. Most people have found this nearly impossible to do in the 21st century. We use technology prodigiously and that technology is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have responded in kind which has placed stress on the idea of work – life balance.

So we moved to integration. Don’t separate the personal and the professional. Keep them both live simultaneously and move seamlessly between the two worlds.

We found this concept helpful, but it doesn’t go far enough. There is little benefit to integration other than giving ourselves permission to not feel guilty if we’re working when we should be playing or playing when we should be working.

So the bigg idea is synergy:

Our two worlds should not only blend, but benefit one another.


georgeI spoke with an inventor recently about how he discovered his latest idea. He said that he was reading a book for pleasure one weekend. This book sparked a thought that became his bigg invention. He wasn’t reading the book for any reason other than enjoyment, but he also kept his whole being, his whole mind, live. By not turning off his professional side as he read for personal reasons, he discovered his bigg opportunity.


So as you can see, you don’t have to be in work mode to find something that can help you professionally and you don’t have to be in play mode to find something you might enjoy personally. Keeping our whole person live all the time leads to bigg success.


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The age of interdependence

There’s a final element to this synergy, to what’s running throughout the five elements. Synergy goes beyond just ourselves. The 21st century is the age of interdependence.

We can’t succeed bigg by ourselves. We must build relationships that build value. We add value by doing what we do best while working with others doing what they do best.

There’s the synergy; we create value together through interdependence. When we build together, we reach bigg success faster!

Let’s build bigg success together

So what does life on your own terms mean to you?

What challenges are you facing right now in your quest for bigg success?

How are you using synergy to get to bigg success even faster?

You can share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us toll free at 888.455.BIGG or sending us an e-mail at

We’ll take the most common challenges and do a show about them. We hope you will share your solutions to these challenges as well. Working together, we can all reach bigg success even faster!

We’ll also highlight how people are living life on their own terms. In these stories are lessons for all of us. So share your story and get in on the fun!

Thank you for reading our post today. Until next time, here’s to your bigg success!

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Own Your Life

life on your own termsLast time, we talked about the definition of bigg success. We said that bigg success is life on your own terms.

You might wonder if we’re being redundant when we say “your” “own” terms. We can understand why you might think that, but we felt that it was important to convey ownership explicitly.



We’ve heard about Brand You. It’s useful to think about the brand image we present and how we market ourselves, but we think it doesn’t go far enough. When it comes to creating your dream life, you are an enterprise level manager, not a brand manager.

A new paradigm

A new paradigm about the role we play in our own lives is gaining traction. Our definition of bigg success – life on your own terms – encompasses this new mindset.

You are the entrepreneur of your own life.

We normally think being an entrepreneur means “I own my own business.”  We’re saying that, whether you’re employed or self-employed, you are an entrepreneur.

You own your life.

You run it as you see fit.

You create the life that you want to live. Life on your own terms.

You bring together the resources necessary to build that life. You put the structure that is needed in place to achieve your bigg dream.

That’s what an entrepreneur does.

Your life is your enterprise

It’s not just about the work that you do. Your life is about more than that.

Entrepreneurs don’t just sell a product or a service. They build a business, an entire enterprise.

Your life is your enterprise and you build the life you want. This encompasses both your professional and personal lives.

As the entrepreneur of your own life, it’s crucial to find ways to make all the parts of your life work together. Even more than that, why not find a way to get all parts of your life working synergistically with one part adding to another and vice versa? Now that’s bigg success!


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CBS resisted, but Lucy insisted

Lucille Ball was the star of a popular radio show called My Favorite Husband. We’re not sure how many husbands she had, but this show was about her favorite one!

She played the wife of a bank vice president. With the advent of television, CBS wanted to move her show to the new medium. But Lucy wanted her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz, to play her TV husband.

CBS resisted, but Lucy insisted.

The CBS executives eventually gave in and I Love Lucy became a bigg success.

Lucy was an entrepreneur! She lived her life on her own terms.

A unique solution for raising the kids

We know a couple who are divorced. They have young children.

Instead of fighting over custody, they have chosen to add on to their house so they can each go on with their lives and their children can be with both of them every day.

This is a unique solution that is working for them. What else matters? Some people think it’s kind of strange, but why should these two people care?

They are entrepreneurs, living their life on their own terms.

A merger that works

We decided we wanted to work together, to merge our professional lives as well as our personal lives. We created Bigg Success to allow us to do that.

We travel together. We work together. We live together. We see each other all the time.

It wouldn’t work for many couples, but it works for us. We’re living our lives on our own terms.

How about you?

What does life on your own terms mean to you? How are you taking ownership of your life?

Share your story with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 888.455.BIGG or sending us an e-mail at

By typing it or saying it, you will learn even more about yourself. Everyone else in the Bigg Success community learns too. The more we share, the more we all learn. Then we can reach bigg success even faster!

Thank you for sharing your time with us today.

Join us next time when we’ll talk about the “terms” of life of your own terms.

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What is Bigg Success?

life on your own terms When you study anything, it’s important to understand the definitions. So today, we’re happy to announce that we have refined the definition for bigg success:



Bigg success is life on your own terms.


marylynnI just love that because it is so empowering. Who else can tell us how to live our lives?



georgeIt’s not about money or material possessions. Or it can be. It’s not judgmental. If it works for you, it works!


Your terms, not others

We don’t always live our lives on our own terms. We live by the terms set by others.

Our families and friends, with all good intentions, have their thoughts about how we should live.

Society sets expectations of us. Hollywood and Madison Avenue paint a picture of how our lives should look. Teachers, bosses and others guide us to the life they want us to live.

Sometimes we even place demands upon ourselves that aren’t congruent with what we really want.

Taking charge

Enough is enough. We must take our lives back. We must claim the most precious gifts that we have been given.

To choose who we are and who we become.

To live the life we dream of living.

To find our path to happiness without regard for what others think.

To feel in control no matter what situation we face.

When we feel that we have power over our own lives, we can relish in every moment even if things aren’t going exactly as planned.

Not a selfish endeavor

Life on your own terms sounds selfish, but it’s not. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

It means figuring out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be for the benefit of yourself and the people you care about.

How we’re doing it

We understand this definition well because we’re living it.


marylynnI worked in the corporate world. I had outgrown the place where I was working and I didn’t want to move for two reasons: I was engaged to George and the industry I worked in was experiencing troubles so I thought a move would be risky.



georgeI’ve been a passionate business owner for years and teach entrepreneurship at our local University. I saw the internet as a great place for learning and a way to combine those two passions. I also have a passion for a certain young lady named Mary-Lynn and working together seemed like a slam dunk!


So we created an opportunity for ourselves – Bigg Success – to be partners both personally and professionally. It works for us, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s how we’re living life on our own terms.


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People in transformation

We’ve designed Bigg Success to be the place for goal-gettin’ go-getters … bigg goal-getters as we like to call you. That’s the reason for the second “g” in Bigg!

Bigg goal-getters don’t just talk the talk. We also walk the walk. Because we’re positive thinking, fun-loving people.

We’re people in transformation. Usually happy, but never content. Always striving to grow. Always looking to expand. Always in search of our next bigg opportunity.

So from two bigg goal-getter to another, welcome to Bigg Success! We look forward to getting to know you better. To growing together. To seeing you reach your bigg goals while we attain ours.

Reach bigg success in your life even faster

Bigg success is, and always will be, a developing concept. That’s the nature of bigg success!

It’s still about personal and professional development. We think by defining bigg success the way we have, we can have a richer conversation.

We will discover new things which we’ll share with you. We hope you will share your knowledge with us and the entire Bigg Success community.

Because all of us know more than any of us.

Start by telling us what life on your own terms means to you.

You can share that with a comment below, by calling us at 888.455.BIGG or by e-mailing us at

When you share, whether by writing it or speaking it, you get the ideas out of your head. So you learn and so will everyone else in the community.

By all of us sharing, we learn from each other so we all reach bigg success in our own lives even faster!

Thanks so much for reading our post today.

You’ve probably heard of Brand You. You may have heard that you’re the CEO of your own life. We don’t think either one is correct. Join us next time as we dive deeper into the definition of bigg success to find out why.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Is it Time to Buy a House?

home_sales The national news is full of bad news about our economy – rising unemployment, stocks hitting ten-year lows, and the value of our homes falling. We wanted to get an inside perspective so we turned to the experts – the National Association of Realtors. We were fortunate to be joined by Jed Smith, their Senior Economist, on The Bigg Success Show today. Here’s a recap of our conversation:




marylynnWe’re hoping for some rainbows and butterflies from you, Jed. Are there markets where home prices are actually rising?



jedThere are a few. Right now, the market is in a process of stabilizing, which means that prices are down but sales activity is up in quite a few markets. Just to give you a few examples, prices are actually rising a little in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Mobile, Alabama, Stamford, Connecticut; and Amarillo, Texas. It varies around the country depending on a lot of local conditions. However, right now, we’re particularly interested in the level of sales. Obviously, a good level of sales can lead to an overall price rise in the future and, as your listeners probably know, both sales and prices have been declining for awhile. We’d sure like to see those level out and there’s some reason to believe that we’re getting to the bottom of the market.



Real estate is still a local game, right?



jedYes. Every market is local. To give you an example, prices are way down in Prince William County, Virginia. That’s a suburb of Washington. Just across the way, up the street in Washington, D.C., prices are stable; and in Arlington, Virginia, prices are actually starting to rise a bit. So it varies from region to region.



georgeSo, while we may be hearing doom-and-gloom about national real estate prices, it’s possible – depending on your local market – that the dream house you want to buy is getting more expensive.



jedWell, prices right now are down. As I said, they are starting to turn a little bit in a few markets. Most markets are either declining a little or holding steady while they’re getting ready to turn. But I think if you’re thinking about a house right now, I don’t think you want to think about a short-term flip. There was a lot of flipping a few years ago during the rapid run-up in prices in 2006 and 2007. Right now, as measured in terms of affordability, taking into account interest rates which are at an all-time low coupled with reasonable prices, housing is actually a very good buy. If you’re not buying it to flip it, but rather to hold it for five or six years, I think you’ll be very pleased with the ultimate result.



georgeOn average, Jed, how much have house prices fallen back nationally from their peak?



jedWell, that will vary from area to area. I think we want to talk in terms of the last year. They’re down about 15 percent in the last year, probably down about another 10 percent above that from the peak. That’s not true everywhere. That’s just a national average, like my head’s in the furnace and my feet are in the Artic, so I’m comfortable on average.



I like the way you explained that!



jedWe think that with the forthcoming recovery – there’s a lot of spending going on, a lot of economic stimulus, and a lot of effort to stop foreclosures – we project that prices will start to level out, certainly, by the fourth quarter of this year. That’s why, when prices are in good shape and you can get that $8,000 tax credit, right now is a good time to consider buying a house if you don’t own one.



marylynnWe’ve been hearing that prices in areas like Detroit are just astoundingly low. Is it wise to go into an area that has been beaten up and buy some property there?



jedThat depends on the long-term outlook for the area. Let’s put this into a little broader perspective than Detroit. Much of California, Arizona and Nevada have had prices that have been beaten up pretty thoroughly. Yet we all know that those areas are going to have vibrant job growth over the next four or five years and, right now, we see buyers flocking out to purchase property in that area. The prices are low, but the number of buyers showing up is substantial. I think for the longer term, these folks are getting a good buy.



marylynnFor people who are thinking about buying in some of those areas, do you have any recommendations for finding an area that is beat up but has long-term growth potential? How do people get that information?



jedThis is the type of information – specific market characteristics – that a Realtor would know. A Realtor could give you an idea of the outlook for jobs, income, population in a specific area, and how prices compare to the overall market for that area. That’s why we would recommend working with an expert – a Realtor – to understand the market because there are some good buys out there.



And you probably know a Realtor or two, don’t you Jed?




I probably do.



georgeI think you’re absolutely right. I have found in my life that it pays to turn to the professionals and let them help guide you through the process. With a Realtor, you know it’s win – win all the way through.



jedWe think that Realtors bring a real value-added to the market because they live in the community, they know the community, and they’re part of the community. They’ve been there for a long time and they’ve done a lot of transactions. They can guide you – just like a doctor or a lawyer does with their professional services – in making your largest purchase.


Thanks Jed so much for sharing your time and wisdom with all of us! And a special thanks to Hilary Marsh and Sara Weis, Jed’s co-workers at the National Association of Realtors, for helping us arrange our conversation with him.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell your house, the National Association of Realtors is a great resource. Check out their tips for home buyers and sellers.


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Thanks so much for reading our post today. Join us next time as look squarely at the four-leaf clover on St. Paddy’s Day! Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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expert sessions-free publicity

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About the Hosts:
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About the Expert:

Barbara is the founder of CoreyWest Media, LLC, and the conversation
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We’re sorry, this digital download is currently unavailable. Please email us at: to let know you are interested in this product, and we’ll make sure you can get it.

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Three Ways of Looking At Transition

By Dana Mancuso
Bigg Success Contributor


I've seen photos of the presidential transition. You know the ones. The President and First Lady are followed as they walk around the White House in their last minutes before officially leaving office. All of them have had at least a tinge of sadness to them, even though by the time the president leaves office he has made new plans and is most-likely looking forward to the life ahead of him — complete with book deals and speaking engagements.

For me there have been very few transitions as abrupt as the last moments of a presidency. Most of my life has sort of evolved into the next phase of my life – much like seasons move seamlessly one into another. Yet a couple of them stand out. And both are job-related.

A new chapter

The first is my last day at a job that did not suit me. I gathered my small box of personal items and walked out the door, having only sent a short e-mail of thanks for the opportunity. I did not look back. There was no need. There were no fond memories to recall or to be wistful about. In fact, I walked quickly to the elevator in hopes that no one would say goodbye. I got to my car without incident and was quite happy to drive away into the next chapter of life.

A heavy heart
I left another job due to relocation with my husband. It was a different story. When that chapter ended, I was not only leaving a good job that I liked, but I was leaving the city, the entire area. I was leaving people I enjoyed and tasks I had been successful at. I was leaving hallways where I had laughed; a place where I had made friends and grown professionally.

I took in my surroundings carefully during the long walk to the elevator. My box of personal belongings was light, but my heart was heavy.

A combination
I can imagine that the President, as he exits the White House and drives off, will have a combination of both of my experiences, as do most of us at one time or another. He'll look back at places that remind him of decisions made or not made, actions taken, and people consulted with. He'll think of the impact he has had on the country in his job. He'll wonder how he'll be remembered by those who are staying behind and how he'll handle the next steps in his career.

Look Three Ways

Moving forward, moving on, transitioning, or whatever you choose to call it, requires three different types of looking:

Looking Backward
To be successful with any transition, you need to review where you've been. Take a hard look at what has happened to you in this phase you are leaving. What did you learn from it about yourself or about others?

Looking Around
What did you learn that you can take with you? What will you choose not to bring into the next phase? What will you put in your box of personal goodies that will be a good addition to your new life?

Looking Ahead
Ask yourself: What next? What do you want to become now?  What kind of “you” will best fit your new situation?

As we collectively move forward with a new leader, it's a good time to do a bit of looking. It's a time of major national transition, and perhaps it is a good time for us to make personal transitions as well. You can do this type of looking, not only at your professional life, but with personal relationships or even with goals you have been pursuing.

Take time to look and find the next you in the process! 

Hear today's lesson and laugh on The Bigg Success Show. 

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Hot Careers for 2009

By Bigg Success Staff


There is no question that it is a tough market to be looking for work. However, there will be opportunities in 2009. To find one that’s right for you, think news lines and trend tracks.

News lines

If you want to know what will be the hottest careers next year, look at the headlines this year. Related jobs may not be in the highest demand in the long run, but there certainly will be plenty of opportunities in 2009.

Many of these jobs are specialties within a larger job category. Therein lies a lesson for all of us – think about what you do and how it relates to the news. Then look for opportunities within that niche area.

Foreclosures and bankruptcy
Professionals who can help companies work through the financial and legal morass left by the housing bubble will do well in 2009. Banks, law firms, accounting firms, and large corporations are already ramping up workout departments, creating a need for both the professionals themselves and people who assist them.

Collection agents will also be in demand as businesses turn to outside firms to collect money they haven’t been able to collect themselves.

On the consumer side, credit counseling is an old industry with a new reputation. It is now considered mainstream and occupations in this industry were growing rapidly even before the last quarter of 2008. For more information:

National Association of Certified Credit Counselors 

International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators 

Center for Financial Certifications

Energy costs
Oil hit new highs in 2008 only to recede to prices not seen for years. However, it is fully expected that oil prices will rebound. Alternative energy companies are expected to do well, especially if expected development incentives from the U.S. government come through.

Since this is a relatively new industry, not many people have direct experience. So the industry will recruit from outside for all areas of the business. If you have transferable skills, consider companies in the emerging industry. This field should have traction for some time as the developed world moves from its dependence on oil.

The last couple of jobs reports have been dismal. Companies are cutting back on their workforce with a vengeance. Career coaches should be in demand as more people become disillusioned with their current career and seek more fulfilling alternative. You can learn more about coaching from the dominant certifying body, The International Coach Federation.

In tough times, many people think about starting their own business so they can have more control over their lives. One of the best ways to do that is to buy into a franchise system. Expect franchisors – those companies who offer franchises for sale – to do well. For more information about the franchise industry, check out the International Franchise Association. You might even decide to be your own boss and buy into a system yourself.

Trend tracks

There are careers that play off major trends that should still do well in 2009 and beyond. We took a two-step approach to developing this list. First, we turned to the Occupational Outlook by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These are careers expected to be in demand through 2016 because they play off of major trends – the aging population, the growth in education, technology, and more.

Then we refined the list by looking at industry predictions for 2009. If an industry was still projecting growth, we kept it on the list. If not, we culled it. Here’s our final group, organized by level of education required:

Professional degree
Physicians and surgeons

Doctoral degree
Biochemists and biophysicists 
Clinical, counseling, and school psychologists 
Computer and information scientists, research
Medical scientists, except epidemiologists
Teachers (postsecondary)

Master’s degree
Counselors (educational, marriage and family, mental health, rehabilitation, school, vocational)
Mental health and substance abuse social workers
Physical therapists
Physician assistants

Bachelor’s degree plus work experience
Computer and information systems managers
Education administrators, preschool and child care center/program
Medical and health services managers

Bachelor’s degree
Accountants and auditors
Computer software engineers, applications
Computer system analysts
Financial analysts and personal financial advisors 
Network systems and data communications analysts
Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors
Teachers (elementary school, except special education)

Associate degree
Cardiovascular technologists and technicians
Computer support specialists
Dental hygienists
Environmental science and protection technicians, including health
Paralegals and legal assistants
Physical therapist assistant
Registered nurses
Secretaries (legal)
Veterinary technologists and technicians

Vocational degree
Automotive service technicians and mechanics
Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses
Nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants
Teachers (pre-school, except special education)

Experience in related field
Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, except technical and scientific products
Self-enrichment education teachers 

On-the-job training (long-term)
Automotive glass installers and repairers
Interpreters and translators
Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters
Police and sheriff’s patrol officers

On-the-job training (moderate-term)
Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks
Dental assistants
Maintenance and repair workers, genera
Medical assistants
Pharmacy technicians
Social and human service assistants

On-the-job training (short-term)

Home health aides
Personal and home care aides
Physical therapist aides


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Great guide

We found a great resource that may be unfamiliar to you. It’s called Career Voyagers. While it seems designed for career choosers, rather than career changers, we still think there is a great deal of value in spending some time with it.

You can look at industries in which you have a particular interest. For a more general view, check out their Top 50 In-Demand Occupations and Other In-Demand Occupations.

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3 Keys to Balancing Work and Life

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Balance between work and home is one of the biggest challenges faced by professionals today. And perhaps no one faces as tough a course as young mothers (and fathers).

The following three keys are admittedly vague, but that is on purpose. It’s designed to let your mind wander as you consider individual solutions to the challenges you face. Once you have the outline filled in, you can look for specifics.

Define what success means to you.
This is where it starts. Only you can determine what will make you successful. Your vision of success may call for more (or less) work time. That’s fine. You’re the one who has to be happy with the result.

Determine what works for you.
With success defined, you can find out what works for you. This is also a very individual thing. What works for someone else may not work for you. It is also a process – try things and see how you like them. As you do, your vision of success may change. That’s fine, too!

Don’t let anyone dissuade you.
Along the way, you’ll probably get plenty of advice. Most of it unsolicited. It doesn’t matter. You know what you’re trying to achieve. You know how you’re going about it. Stick to your plan and revise it only when you find a better alternative!

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How Do You Define Professional

By Bigg Success Staff

Wynn Bigg Today


I’ve often thought that the best definition of a professional is a person who makes his or her job look so easy that you think you could do it!

I recently realized that my definition could use a little tweaking.

Windy City blues are not-so-blue
I happened to be in the Windy City last week on business. I unexpectedly had some time to kill, so I decided to surprise one of my friends.

I’ve heard him speak on many occasions to a number of business students. I’ve heard him talk about his business. I know his business. I saw him start it.

As he shares his story, I often think how easy it’s been for him to succeed. He’s become a millionaire many times over with seemingly little effort.

After I got through all of the layers of security necessary (I chided him later that I didn’t realize how important he was), I finally got into his office. I was greeted by his executive assistant.

It turned out he was on the phone. So I had a nice conversation with his assistant while I waited. Although, our conversation was frequently interrupted by a raised voice … coming from my friend’s office. His voice.

One of his advisors had dropped the ball. It cost him a small amount of money and a large amount of aggravation. He wanted to know what happened and his advisor wasn’t forthcoming.

If he didn’t learn what happened, he couldn’t make sure it wouldn’t happen again. The conversation ended without the issue getting resolved.

But what happened next was the biggest surprise – he came out of his office with a bigg smile on his face!

So put on a happy face
I realized that’s why his talks with students always sound so good. In his mind, things ARE good. He has the ability to get off the phone, walk a few steps, and completely forget about what just happened.

We all have bad days. Or at least bad moments. Successful people just seem to get past them easier.

That’s part of what makes them successful!

It made me wonder – who is a great model of this behavior? I picked my favorite.

Donald Trump is the master at this. I’ve heard him questioned about some difficulty he’s experienced. He briefly passed over the subject at hand and then starts plugging how wonderful things are in the Trump empire.

He’s constantly selling – himself, his brand, and his products. And no one buys a bad day. We buy good experiences. Successful people exhibit those good experiences so we purchase from them.

If you want to succeed, you have to be a professional.

So what’s my new definition of a professional?

A professional is a person who makes his or her job look so easy that you think you could do it, even when it isn’t easy for them!

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