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Happiness Is a Choice

Happiness is a Choice - BIGG Success
Happiness is a choice, according to Aristotle. Happiness happens THROUGH you, not TO you. See how he suggests directing your activities to achieve happiness and abundance.

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Dealing with Disappointment

overcoming disappointment for BIGG SuccessYou work hard, day after day.
But sometimes you feel like you have little to show for it.

You outperform others, time after time.
Yet they get rewarded.

You do everything you’re supposed to do.
To no avail.

You crave BIGG success with all your heart and all your soul.
Heck, even just plain, old, ordinary success would do.
But it eludes you.

You feel your heart sink to your toes.
That comes right after the kick in the gut.
It hurts. You hurt. All over.

You’re exhausted – physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Sleep. Maybe that’s what you need.
But you wake up to the same reality.

How do you deal with disappointment?

There are a number of ways. We’ll share three thoughts in our time today.

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Be grateful

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But you have lots of things to be happy about.

Start with you. Be thankful for how awesome you are.

You’re a winner. You know it.

You may feel a little down, but you’re not out! No disappointment can do that to you.

You will win. You will get what you want. You will reach BIGG success.

It’s only a matter of time.

Grow stronger

Don’t lose your belief in the underlying magic in the world.

Don’t give up on your belief in the forces that will lead to your ultimate victory.

BIGG success is a destination. But it’s also a journey.

See disappointment for what it is – an opportunity to grow stronger. Seize that opportunity so you’re ready for bigger and better things to come.

Look for a sign

A beautiful flower may bloom from the seeds of disappointment. Sure, you feel like the color is gone from your world right now.

But keep the faith. You will create a colorful life. Disappointment may be giving you a sign.

It may be telling you that you’re on the wrong track.
You need to do something else.

It could be saying that you’re trying to do too much.
You need to focus.

Remain open to your intuition. It will help you determine your best path.
Reach out to your support group to see what they think.
Be willing to adapt if necessary.

We’ll close with our own paraphrase of a passage from The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. This is the book The Secret is based on.

You may expect a certain thing at a certain time. If it doesn’t come, you may feel like you failed. But there is no need to feel this way. Keep the faith and you will find that it only appeared to be a failure.

Keep doing those things which successful people do. Disappointment today leads to even more success tomorrow that you would have ever expected.

Soon you will see that the apparent failure led you to BIGG success!

How do you deal with disappointment?

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4 Key Pillars of Life

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Four good tires are important to any driver. However, they’re even more important for Indy car drivers. One bad tire can cost them the race.

So it is with us in life. We need to keep all four sides of our life in good shape to stay in the race for bigg success. It means finding quality time for the four key pillars of our lives.


You need to time for you – time to refresh and reinvigorate yourself. Part of this is keeping your body ready for the race through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest. Another part is expanding your mind and lifting your spirit. You may get this in a number of ways – hobbies, art, music, literature, or religion.

You need time for the ones you love – family and friends. They give you support when you need it. They also give you a break from the pressure of the rest of your life. They are a safe harbor for any storm. Other things are important, but people’s biggest regrets often revolve around not spending enough time with family and friends.


Like most of us, you probably spend most of your time awake at work in your profession. There’s the work itself. But you also have to invest time to expand your capabilities. This will make your work more interesting, but more importantly, it will open up additional opportunities for you in the future. Failure to make this investment has left many people feeling unfulfilled in their careers.

You also should give back to your community. Your community can include a number of things – your profession, your school, your city or town, and more. If you only take, you’ll miss out on the joys of giving. You’ll also jeopardize the very places that you’ve counted on to improve your life.

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Bigg Fun 26

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Am I Cut Out to Own My Own Business?

Bigg Challenge
Kendra started a business six months ago. It’s exciting, but also extremely successful. At times, she really misses the regular salary her old job provided. Lately, she’s even been looking at job openings and she’s seen some great opportunities. Sometimes, she really regrets that she gave up her corporate job. Her question for us: “Is she just not cut out for owning her own business?”

Bigg Advice
Ultimately, Kendra, only you can decide if you’re cut out for it. However, we’ll offer some guidance on getting through this.

Stop tormenting yourself with the job openings.
If you reach the point, where you’re truly giving up on your business, THEN and only then should you start looking for a job. Some people might say that it’s a good thing for you to keep her options open.

They’re wrong!

Once you make a decision like this, you can’t constantly look at what might have happened if you did something else or what could happen if you completely change direction.

You have to commit to what you started out to do. If you don’t, you WILL fail. 

Develop your own internal process to stop the second-guessing.
This is closely related to the point above, but it is such an essential skill for entrepreneurs that we thought it needed to be separated.

As a business owner, there will be days when you’re on the top of the mountain and there will be days when you’re stuck in the valley. And there are few days in between!

When you’re stuck in the valley, your internal voice is one of the things that will help you get back to the top of the mountain. However, understand that as a business owner, you’ll be back in the valley again before long. It’s just part of the process. 

That’s why it’s so important to develop an inner voice that encourages you, rather than creating more doubt.

Develop a support network.
Friends are great, but you need to regularly converse with fellow business owners. Anyone and everyone who owns their own business will completely understand what you’re going through. They’ll give you that boost when you need it. And that includes us!

Thanks, Kendra. We wish you bigg success!

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Get a lesson and a laugh in five minutes or so!

Our bigg quote today is a good one, but isn’t attributed to anyone.

“Any belief worth having must survive doubt.”

If you stick to your beliefs, there’s little doubt that you’ll win.

Next time, we ask, “Who’s in control – you or your Blackberry?” Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Cupid’s 4 Steps To Follow Your Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Cupid sent an arrow through the window of The Bigg Success Show studio today. Here’s what he said in the note he attached to it.

Dear George and Mary-Lynn,

I love The Bigg Success Show! I wanted to write and ask you to share a message with your audience.

It’s great that people today are getting more and more education. But I’m distressed because so much emphasis is placed on thinking logically. I’m afraid that we’re losing our ability to listen to our hearts.

So I’m hoping you’ll share my 4 steps to heading in the heart direction.

Love and kisses,


Cupid’s 4 steps to heading in the heart direction

#1 – Figure out what your heart desires.
You know deep in your heart what you really want. If you were living your heart’s desire, 11 what would you do every day?]

Would you be in a different career? Spend less time at work? Own your own business? Spend more time with your family and friends? Volunteer for your favorite cause?

Only you know your heart’s desire … what is it?

#2 – Use your head to plan how to get your heart’s desires. 
You know where you’re at and you know your heart’s desires. How do you connect the dots?

Do some research. Test some ideas. Try to find ways to get where you want to be. Not all your ideas will work. No worry. Keep coming up with solutions to get what your heart desires.

#3 – Believe with all your heart that you can do it.
Believe until it becomes a burning desire. You just can’t be happy until you achieve what you set out to do. Your heart will never be full.

You have to believe SO much that you just KNOW you can do it. Even more that that – you WILL do it because you remember the old quote, “If you believe it, you can achieve it!”

#4 – Put your whole heart into pursuing your heart’s desires.
The first three points have prepared you for this one. Now you’re ready to play the game. Go for it! Give it everything you have!

Along the way you will face adversity. Never give up. Your head will tell you to quit – listen to your heart and keep going!

Cupid’s advice for the heart-broken

You may have tried following your heart and fallen flat on your face. No worry – that will happen.

It’s better “to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” It’s better to pursue your passion than just let life pass you buy. The 53 biggest regrets most people have] are for things they did NOT do. Don’t look back on your life and wonder what might have been.

Thanks for sharing these heart-felt tips with us, Cupid!

Our bigg quote today is by Jacque Benigne Bossuel.

“The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.”

Sometimes thinking outside the box is a matter of getting inside your heart.
Next time, we’ll ask you to solve a riddle – Where are you are if you ain’t where you are?

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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