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Sherlock Holmes Reveals 3 Elementary Steps to Starting a Business

221b Baker Street | BIGG SuccessWe love Sherlock Holmes in all his varieties, including the 21st century Sherlock Holmes. But our favorite is the Sherlock Holmes series with Holmes played by the late great Jeremy Brett.

We recently watched an episode where Holmes reveals his secret to solving a crime. We were struck at his outline – it’s the track a will-be entrepreneur should follow to start a business.

Of course, solving a crime is a backwards-looking exercise. Starting a business requires you to look forward. So other than a change in tense, here are Sherlock Holmes’ three elementary steps to starting a business:

Step 1: Imagine what might happen

You must see the invisible when you start a business. It’s part science, part art.

Picture what might happen. Successful entrepreneurs know they can’t predict what will happen.

As you create the image of your start-up, write it down.

  • What are you selling?
  • How are you selling it?
  • Who is buying it?
  • How will you deliver it?
  • How will you measure success?

To borrow from Holmes, put an “exactly” in front of each question. This isn’t even close to being an exhaustive list of questions, but you get the idea.

We remember a mentor telling us that the most successful entrepreneurs could clearly picture what their business would look like. You should be able to do the same.

And don’t just picture one scenario. Think about what could happen to derail you. How would you respond? You’ll be better prepared to deal with alternative scenarios if they materialize by imagining them in advance.

Also picture the amount of time and money it will take to reach profitability. Hint: Plan on it taking at least two to three times as long and costing at least two to three times as much as you think. Make sure your vision is realistic.

Step 2: Act upon your supposition

It’s fun to imagine. Acting is where things get difficult.

At launch, every start-up is nothing more than a hypothesis. It’s a theory about a product and a market.

You’ll learn a lot about your product, your market, your people and yourself when you launch. In fact, it’s where the learning really begins.

You may think you know before you launch, but remember it’s all hypothetical. You launch to find out what’s real.

Step 3: Find yourself justified (or not)

As you discover reality, your hypothesis may prove to be correct. Congratulations! Keep pushing.

More likely, you will find that you missed the mark in part or in whole. Adapt.

You may tweak what you imagined. Or you may discover a completely different business. In either case, you win by getting started.

Sherlock Holmes had an advantage over entrepreneurs. His job was to go back in time to discover what happened.

Entrepreneurs must start from scratch to create their future. The key is to get started. It leads to BIGG success!

Are you thinking about starting a business? Maybe we can help.

We hope you can detect how thankful we are that you checked in with us today.

Please join us tomorrow when we’ll talk about the three influencers of career success. Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!

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One Career Path Leads to Another

tutors-on-tv.jpgToday on The Bigg Success Show, we did another installment of Tutors on TV. We love the sound effect so much we had to bring it out again!




marylynnWho ever said you can’t learn anything from watching television? Today, we’ll pull out a syndicated show. We recently caught the Waterworks episode of The Cosby Show. In this episode, Cliff (played by Bill Cosby) decided to fix the tile in the bathroom.



georgeWhen I was in the plumbing business, it seemed like just about every time someone called after trying to fix something themselves, it turned out to be more expensive than if they had just called us in the first place!


Well, that’s exactly what happened! Cliff got in over his head. Clair (Cliff’s wife) and Theo (their son) began calling plumbers (without Cliff’s knowledge). In the midst of it, Sondra (their oldest daughter) called Clair, who filled her in on what was going on.

Sondra told Clair about some friends from college who had their own plumbing business. Cliff was perplexed – why would someone with a good degree from a good college become a plumber?

Jennifer (the head of the crew) said that trying something new isn’t throwing your field away. She went on to give some examples:

  • Gauguin was a stock broker before he became a painter.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – was a doctor before creating his unforgettable character, Sherlock Holmes.
  • Shirley Chisholm had a Master’s in Elementary Education before she became a Congresswoman.
  • Gandhi studied law before he became … well, Gandhi. 

Is there a profession lying within you just waiting to get out?

For many people, the second time’s a charm. The second career is the one that leads them to bigg success.

So if you find yourself considering a career change, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, here are a few tips:

You are the entrepreneur of your life. One of the things that entrepreneurs understand is that change means opportunity. So don’t resist change, welcome it. Better yet, look for it.

Next, redefine yourself. Bigg success is life on your own terms. Don’t define yourself too narrowly. Broaden your terms to find your bigg opportunity.

For example, if you’re in sales, do you sell tangibles or intangibles? No matter which one it is, there are a lot of occupations and industries to which your skills are transferable.

You’re still going to the same destination. You’re just going to ride in a different vehicle. For example – if you find yourself out of work, think about what you loved about your last job? What were you really good at? Look for those same things in your next career.

Remember that where there’s growth, there’s opportunity. A rising tide lifts all boats, as the saying goes. So look for industries or sectors where the number of jobs is expected to rise in the years ahead. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great place to research that.

You may find yourself going through a difficult time. You may find yourself longing for something better.

Think about Gauguin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Shirley Chisholm and Gandhi. They found the second time was a charm.

Take all that you’ve learned about yourself and look for your opportunity for bigg success.


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Thanks so much the gift of your time today. Please join us next time when we think about school days. We’ll ask, “As adults, can we earn extra credit?” Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!


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