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63 Moves to Stop Living from Paycheck to Paycheck

By Bigg Success Staff

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You can find a lot of articles on the web that give you the steps to stop living from paycheck to paycheck. We thought we’d change it up a bit and offer some specific moves you can take to have money left from your last paycheck when your next paycheck arrives.

So here we go:

1. Pack a lunch.
Stop eating out.

2. Take public transportation.

3. Carpool.

4. Buy a digital programmable thermostat. Set it to a higher (summer) or lower (winter) temperature when you’re away.

5. Get a second job.

6. Start a side business.

7. Sell stuff you don’t need anymore. e-bay comes to mind.

8. Have a garage sale. If you don’t have a garage, have a yard sale.

9. Get out of debt.
Interest is better earned than paid.

10. Turn your thermostat up (summer) or down (winter).

11. Accelerate slowly when you drive. Brake deliberately when stopping.

12. Turn off the light when you walk out of a room.

13. Replace all your light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

14. Trade in your gas guzzler for a fuel-efficient car.

15. Don’t buy anything that you can’t pay for with cash.

16. Use coupons.

17. Shop sales.

18. Buy your clothes at a consignment shop.

19. Pay your bills online.

20. Have your paycheck direct deposited.

21. Make sure your home is properly insulated.

22. Replace your windows with highly energy-efficient ones.

23. Replace inefficient appliances.

24. Insulate your water heater, if you have an older model.

25. Check your plumbing for leaks.

26. Turn off the TV.
Reading is cheaper.

27. Buy used, rather than new.

28. Go to bars that offer free happy hour food.
It’s dinner for the price of a drink.

29. Cut back on your retirement plan contributions. Beware! This should only be a short-term strategy.

30. Turn off your air conditioner and open the windows.

31. Never go shopping anywhere without a list.
Resist the temptation to buy anything that’s not on your list.

32. Buy generic or off-brands rather than name brands.

33. Put yourself on an allowance for discretionary purchases. When you’re out of cash, you’re done spending.

34. Get organized. A lot of people pay late fees because the bill gets lost in a mess.

35. Sell your house and buy a smaller one.

36. Shop for insurance.

37. Raise the deductibles on your insurance.

38. Cook more at home.
Eat out less and buy less pre-prepared food.

39. Pull the plug on your appliances and electronic items when you’re not using them. Many of them continue using power even when turned off.

39. Service your furnace and air conditioner every year.

40. Wash your clothes in cold water.

41. Weatherstrip your doors.

42. Get a low-flow shower head.

43. Only run the dishwasher when it’s full.

44. Install faucet aerators to use less water.

45. Consolidate your automobile and homeowner’s / renter’s insurance with one carrier.
They’ll usually give you a discount for doing so.

46. Shop online for gas. Prices can vary quite a bit in just a few blocks.

47. Get a gas credit card that gives you a rebate on purchases. (e.g. Discover Open Road card.)

48. Get a library card.
Don’t buy books, just check them out. Same with DVDs!

49. Time when you go to the movie or theater. Go to a matinee or a day of the week when they offer discounts.

50. Trade off babysitting with your friends, instead of each paying a babysitter.

51. Trade houses when you go on vacation.

52. House sit for your next vacation. It beats paying for lodging!

53. Know the discounts offered for members of clubs or associations to which you belong.  For example, your university alumni associations, AAA, etc.

54. Enjoy nature.

55. Go to the park for recreation.

56. Travel in the off-season.

57. Be flexible on your destination so you can buy at the last minute.

58. Stay close to home for your next vacation.

59. Bundle airfare and hotel.

60. Drive your car without air conditioning. 

61. Have your car serviced regularly. Deferring maintenance is expensive.

62. Pay your bills on time.

63. Shop for the best interest rate for your savings.

What works for you? Share your tactics for saving money by leaving a Comment.

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I Want to Supplement My Retirement Income. Any Suggestions?

Bigg Challenge
Dorothy is preparing to retire. She was recently presented with an opportunity by a network marketing company. She says she is a people person, but not a sales person. It makes her nervous, asking people she knows to buy something. She would, however, like to supplement her pension and social security checks somehow. She wants to know if we could offer some suggestions.

Bigg Advice
We followed up with Dorothy to find out what she really likes to do. She said there are a lot of things she likes to do, but most of them don’t pay. For example, she’s an animal lover, often volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Our first suggestion is to go with what you love – what you’ll do even without pay.

Before we get to that, though, let’s look at the sales opportunity you have. Do some market research by talking to five people you know. Tell them about the idea you’re considering and see what they say. You’re not selling them … you’re asking their opinion.

See how that goes before you invest any money upfront or commit to any ongoing fees. Then make a decision.

Now let’s explore some other options.

Pet sitting service

Why not start a business that fits your love of animals?

Many people think of their pets as part of the family. When they’re away, they want their pets to be well cared for at home. They need a trustworthy, pet-loving person to take care of their pets.

Start a pet sitting service to meet this need. It’s a simple little side business that’s in great demand. Print up some cards that promote your service. Contact veterinarians you know that don’t offer boarding to see if they would allow you to leave your cards on their counter or bulletin board.

It’s definitely a word-of-mouth business so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get work.

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House sitting service
Here’s a way to double down on the pet sitting idea. Make more money by combining your pet sitting service with a house sitting service. People who travel want to know someone they trust is watching their homes. You can market this service to the same people whose pets you care for.

Errand service

There’s a growing demand for errand services (sometimes referred to as a concierge service). People just don’t have the time to get everything done. That’s where you come in – run their errands for them. You may drop off and pick up their dry cleaning, shop for gifts, and any number of other things.

Market your service at the same places where people are running errands. Once again, start-up costs are low and word-of-mouth is key.

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Thanks, Dorothy for sending us your bigg challenge. We wish you bigg success!

Our bigg quote today comes from Francoise De Motteville:

“The true way to render ourselves happy is
to love our work and find it in our pleasure.”

So find pleasure in your work, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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