image of person looking exasperated with the blog title When SMART Goals Get You Stuck

When SMART Goals Get You Stuck

image of person looking exasperated with the blog title When SMART Goals Get You Stuck

SMART goals are important to set, when it’s the right time. Find out what type of goals entrepreneurs should set and when.

Our discussion today is about a different way of looking at goals that is very complimentary to our way of looking at goals for entrepreneurs. Click the player to listen to The BIGG Success Show podcast. Here is a summary…

We saw a great article over at the online magazine for swimmers called Swim Swam. It’s a goal setting strategy to use if you are struggling with hard goals. The author, Olivier Poirier-Leroy,  is a former national-level swimmer who says there is a problem with traditional goal-setting . The process of trying to accomplish the goal gets left out, and the pressure to achieve a goal can cause people to fail.

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Pivot Don't Panic featurnig Dan Peterson with FlipSwitch Social Media

Pivot Don’t Panic

Pivot Don't Panic featurnig Dan Peterson with FlipSwitch Social Media

Pivot don’t panic tells a tale. Some small businesses are pivoting. Others are panicking. What causes them to react in these two different ways?

On The BIGG Success Show, we talk with Dan Peterson – entrepreneur, business consultant, and owner of FlipSwitch Social Media, a digital marketing agency that serves businesses spanning dozens of industries across the U.S. Their Pivot Don’t Panic campaign (#PivotDontPanic) spotlights businesses who are successfully adapting to a new business environment. Dan shares the lessons to be learned with us today. Here’s a snapshot of our conversation…

What businesses are thriving during the pandemic?


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4 Factors for Successfully Starting Up a Small Business

will you swim in an ocean or pond for BIGG Success“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
~ Author unknown

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This quote is often attributed to the man whose name is synonymous with genius – Albert Einstein.

But our research couldn’t uncover a credible source that gave him credit. However, we did learn about a fish that climbs!

BIGG success is life on your own terms. One of the terms of BIGG success is alignment.

You’ll want to align four factors to successfully start up a small business.


We hear a lot of talk these days about passion. Find your passion. Do what you love. Love what you do.

Passion is wonderful. But it isn’t enough. All the passion in the world won’t make you a BIGG success.

Sure, it helps. But passion isn’t enough.


In the nature versus nurture debate, we lean mostly toward nurture. However, you should recognize that you probably have certain natural gifts.

You have two choices: (1) You can discover and develop these innate abilities or (2) you can start from scratch.

As you might guess, you will be more likely to be a BIGG success if you work on your natural talents.

But talent alone won’t get you genius status.


You have to find the best environment to showcase your talents. In business, this means you need to find a market.

Even artists and musicians can’t afford to ignore the market. But the internet has made it possible to be a star within a genre (or niche as we say in the business world).

Oceans are for the large guys. However, you may want to swim in a river that flows into an ocean.

You can make a lot of money supplying the large fish in the ocean. Just be sure you don’t get swallowed up!

A better strategy may be to find a pond where you can be one of the biggest fish. Look for a problem which you can solve better than any other fish.

When your passions and talents align with a place, you’re a long way toward being a BIGG success. But you’re not quite there yet.


Timing is everything. You’ve probably heard that statement too many times to remember.

We disagree. Timing is only part of the equation. But it is an important component.

If you get to the right place too early, you will have to invest more money to educate your prospective customers. If you’re late, your competitors will have already staked out the best treasures.

If that’s the case, you may have to be a fish that climbs a tree. It’s the only way to get to another pond.

No one may have done it before. Some people may think you’re stupid. But that’s often the case.

Once you prove yourself right by building a successful small business, those same people will call you a genius. And that’s BIGG success!

Have you ever had to find another pond?

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How to Evaluate Your Small Business Startup Ideas

Evaluate your startup ideas for BIGG SuccessWe’ve talked before about the importance of watching and listening to find your business idea.

You should have a number of ideas after watching and listening. But ideas aren’t what you’re really after.

Your ideas must be fleshed out to find your small business startup idea.

You don’t need an idea. You need a great idea for you.

The difference between an idea and a great idea is huge. Ideas aren’t worth much. They’re “a dime a dozen.”

The first step in evaluating an idea is to determine if it’s a great idea for you. Does it match your passions and preferences? Does it fit your priorities? Is it consistent with your principles? Does it capitalize on your proficiencies?

A great idea is found at the point where these personal factors intersect.

You don’t need a great idea. You need a great opportunity.

A great small business startup idea isn’t enough. You can’t ignore market realities. You need to determine if this is a great opportunity.

So you need to find a place with potential customers. And you must be able to easily reach them. You don’t want too few if you want to build a company of any significance. You don’t want too many because it’s likely to invite competition.

If there is too much competition already there, you will likely struggle to gain a foothold. If there is no competition, it is likely a bad sign as well. Many may have already tried and failed.

A great opportunity is found where your personal factors fit in a place with the right amount of customers and competitors.

You need more than an opportunity. You need a great concept.

Once you’ve determined there is an opportunity, you need to develop a great concept.

What problems will you solve for your customers? What makes your solution unique? How does it capitalize on your competitor’s weak spots? How will you get the word out?

An important part of the process

One of the ways you can be more successful with this process is to constantly look for synthesis.

You will have component parts every step of the way. You get an idea. Then another related idea pops up.

It may happen almost simultaneously. Or it may occur hours, days, or even weeks apart.

If you consider them carefully, you will see these separate ideas form a cohesive whole. Your mind has synthesized them.

General ideas will now have a particular application. The ideas themselves are likely to be simple. The combination creates something complex. You will have to find a way to explain it simply but you may be onto something. Something that takes you to BIGG success!

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5 Ways to Start Your Own Business with Less Risk

make lemonade out of the risk lemons of starting a business | BIGG SuccessSo you want to start a business?

But you’re not really a risk taker. What can you do?

You might be surprised to know you’re not alone. The most successful entrepreneurs are excellent risk managers.

So today we’ll talk about 5 ways to start your own business with less risk.

Hear George & Mary-Lynn share the 5 ways to start your own business on The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Click a player to listen.

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Start your business part-time

Rather than quitting your job and starting a business, why not start part-time?

Even if it’s not your ideal business, start building a customer base while you still have your regular income.

Your business won’t be burdened with your full salary. You’ll be able to reinvest more so you may be able to grow faster upfront.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to quit your job and devote your full effort to your business.

Get a part-time job

Instead of relying only on your new business to pay all your bills, get a part-time job.

It adds stability to your stream of income. Maybe you can work for your existing employer part-time. Maybe you can get another part-time job to supplement the income from your business.


Mary-Lynn FosterWe still do this. I host a daily talk show on a locally-owned radio station. It makes for a busy schedule, but I love radio!



George KruegerIn addition to BIGG Success, I also teach entrepreneurship at our local university. I still thoroughly enjoy the interaction with my students.


These part-time gigs relieve some of the pressure of owning a small business.

Tag team your startup

If you’re married, can you live on just your spouse’s salary? Or will your spouse’s income cover most of your bills so you can reinvest more profit in your business to make it grow faster.

After you get your business stabilized, maybe your spouse will get the entrepreneurial itch. Your income can help them get started in the same way they helped you.

Find a working partner

You don’t have to quit your job at all to own your own business. Partner up with someone who has the skills and the time for a startup business.

You invest capital. You may also work part-time in the business. As the business prospers, you may eventually leave your job and work in the business. Or you may repeat the process and build a portfolio of small businesses.

Sell your sizzle for a stake

You don’t have to be the entrepreneur to have a stake in a small business. Find an entrepreneur who needs your skills. Negotiate for a percentage of the business in addition to a salary.

There you go – 5 ways to start your own business with less risk.

But remember, you’ll never get to BIGG success if you don’t get started!

If you aren’t sure how to start your own business, shoot us an e-mail at or leave a voice message at 877.988.BIGG(2444). Maybe we can help.

Thanks so much for reading our post today. We sure would love to see you here again tomorrow!

Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!

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