Money Smart Week podcast series episode numbers

4 Takeaways from 3 Renowned Personal Finance Experts

Money Smart Week podcast series episode numbers

We share four takeaways from our podcast interview series with three renowned personal finance experts. This show is made possible by

This is our wrap up show for Money Smart Week, a national public awareness campaign coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, to help individuals and families better manage their personal finances.

To participate this year, we put together a special podcast series, featuring tips from three world-famous personal finance experts from their newest book:

On The BIGG Success Show today, we shared three of our favorite moments from the series, as well as our key takeaway from each of the authors and the BIGG overall takeaway. Here’s a summary of that discussion…

Favorite BIGG Moments

Remember math class? Our favorite moment with Erin was when she compared math class to investing. And it doesn’t have anything to do with numbers! Here’s Erin:
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Money Smart Week Guest on BIGG Success Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky on Women with Money

Money Smart Week Guest on BIGG Success Jean Chatzky

NBC’s TODAY show financial expert Jean Chatzky joins us to talk about her new book, Women with Money. This show is made possible by

Today’s show is part of our special podcast series for Money Smart Week – coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to help individuals and families better manage their personal finances. Learn more at

Today, on The BIGG Success Show, we were thrilled to talk with Jean Chatsky. She’s NBC’s TODAY Show financial expert, the owner of HerMoney Media at, co-host of the HerMoney podcast, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and the list goes on.

Jean joins us today to talk about her latest book, Women with Money: The Judgment- Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and, Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve*. Here’s a summary of our discussion…

What was your biggest takeaway from hosting HerMoney Happy Hours?

Jean says she learned that, because there is no place to talk about money, women are thirsting to start doing it. These conversations are empowering.

We’re taught NOT to talk about money? Is that bad?

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The Mommy Wars and Life On Your Own Terms

women and life on their own terms | BIGG SuccessA media frenzy occurred recently when Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen said on a news network that that Ann Romney, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, never had to work to pay the bills and should not be her husband’s advisor on women and the economy.

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She was responding to a statement Mitt had made on the campaign trail about women telling Ann that economic issues are the ones they care about most. Rosen said: “His wife has actually never worked a day in her life.” She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of women in this country are facing.”

After the backlash, Rosen apologized: “As a mom I know that raising children is the hardest job there is. As a pundit, I know my words were poorly chosen.”

Since BIGG Success is life on your own terms, we wanted to take on this subject and some of the arguments surrounding it.

Mitt is rich

It’s true that life on your own terms will have its limitations based on your circumstances. But what are you doing today to help you get to where you want to be? Maybe you can’t get exactly where you want, but how close can you get?

We don’t have complete control over what happens to us in life. A marriage falls apart. Your position at work is cut. Your health takes a turn for the worse. A career choice doesn’t pan out.

You can be angry at those who have what you don’t, but that’s not going to help you! What will help is to adapt and transform your vision.

She’s never had to work to pay the bills

We have chosen to work together here at BIGG Success. It is a partnership that helps us live life on our own terms. In both of our cases, our parents decided as a team that dad would work and mom would stay at home. That was life on their own terms. We know couples who have kids and both work. Like we’ve always said…if it works for you it works! And it takes work to make it work.

She can’t relate to working women


Mary-Lynn FosterMy mom worked her tail off at home. Cooking, cleaning, being our “chauffeur”, taking care of the bills.



George KruegerMom was the CFO and COO of the household…if not the CEO. Come to think of it, maybe my dad was just labor!



Mary-Lynn FosterI chose to have a career outside of the home. But I could certainly still relate to my mom. I admire the sacrifices she made to live life on her own terms.


Regardless of the decisions each of us make, there are commonalities that we all share.

Religious pressure and feminism

There are religions that encourage women to put family first. There were even societal pressures for a long time that did the same. Ultimately, a woman has to decide for herself what she wants.

The women’s movement of the 1960’s and 70’s sought and achieved equal rights and opportunities for women in their economic activities, in their personal lives, and in politics.

Women today can choose their direction in life. So why on earth would a woman insult and discount another woman for the choice she made? Doesn’t this contradict what the movement was all about?

The 2-g’s in BIGG stands for “goal-getters”. Goal-getters don’t let jealousy get the best of them. Goal-getters adapt when obstacles get in the way. Goal-getters surround themselves with people who can help them achieve their goals. Goal-getters don’t insult those who’ve walked a different path. Goal-getters learn from everyone’s experiences. Goal-getters are empowered by choice. Goal-getters don’t let anyone tell them what their terms should be. That’s BIGG Success.

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Women Entrepreneurs and the Problem with a Safety Net

women entrepreneur succeed BIGG with no safety netWe saw a great post on BNET a while back. It was by Margaret Heffernan, author of a great book Women on Top. She talked about entrepreneurs and risk.

When writing her book, she conducted a study and found:

  • women generally start their businesses with less money
  • they have a higher success rate
  • their firms are more profitable
  • they create more jobs

What is their secret?

She notes that “the most successful had taken huge risks.”

What did they have on the line?
Savings? Check.
Houses? Check.
Retirement accounts? Check.

Did they have a product? No.
Customers? No.

Most importantly, she points out that they had no safety net.

This reminds us of something one of our friends once told us.

He started out in the corporate world. He was receiving promotions and pay increases.

So his employer was disappointed when he told them he was going to leave to start his own business. They told him he could come back at any time.

That’s where the story gets interesting. He told us that whenever things got tough, he always remembered what they said.

And it almost kept him from succeeding!

So he mentally threw their offer away. He told himself he had no other options. He had to make it. He had to win. He had to be a BIGG success.

Now he’s a millionaire many times over, in part, because he wouldn’t turn back. He wouldn’t lose. Because he couldn’t afford to.

A safety net can keep you from reaching BIGG success. Do you have a safety net?

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Believing is Seeing – Part 2

vision_boards.jpgToday on The Bigg Success Show, we continued chatting with Christine Kane about vision boards. Last time, Christine shared how vision boards helped her make a u-turn in her career. Now she teaches others how to use them through her retreats and coaching programs. Let’s get back to the conversation …




marylynnChristine, you’ve identified three types of vision boards. The first one is the “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board. Who should create that one?



christine_kaneLeft-brained people who get wigged out a little bit by the whole idea of creativity. When they’re at my retreats, they’re the ones shouting, “Who has a picture of an Audi A3?” They’ll put a black dog on there. When you’re in this place – you want a new house or a new job, you want to eat healthy food – you go into the magazines and look for those images. It’s a great way to do it. Some people just throw it up there and that board is done in an hour-and-a-half.



The second one you’ve identified is the “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board.



christine_kaneThis is my favorite. As I said before, at my retreats, the whole first day is about intention. So women are getting clear on what they want more of. The second day we’re doing all those obstacles. By the time they sit down to do their vision board, they are just ready to speak to their soul – their deeper and wiser self. We know that still part of us. So you go through the magazines really slowly. You find yourself getting surprised at this image or that image. Even when I picked out that image of Celine Dion’s stage, I didn’t sort through magazines trying to find the perfect stage. I looked at it and thought, “Oh, that’s totally the feeling I want.” Some people will go, “Oh I love that car. Wow, I never realized I wanted a Prius but I just realized this speaks to me.” This puts you in touch with a deeper part of yourself. A lot of times our mental imaginings and our egos can run the show and think they know exactly what they want. A lot of times they lead us down paths that aren’t in alignment with who we really are. So the Opening and Allowing board is where you sit down and let the pictures come to you. Then you arrange them. It’s a softer process. Not everyone wants to do it this way. It’s great at my retreats because they’ve really had the time to get clear before we go for that.



I want to do that board. I’m ready!



I love this board. It’s how I live my life!



Let’s talk about the third type. Christine, you call it the “Theme” Vision Board.



christine_kaneYeah, like I’ve said, I do this on New Year’s Day. “Here’s my year, my 2009.” Birthdays are a good time to do that. What is the year ahead? The other thing would be if you want a different job or a new place to live or whatever. You make the entire board about that thing. Your marriage. Your family. It’s a great thing to do with anything in your life. You can apply both of the mindsets for the two other boards to this board.


We highly recommend that you get Christine’s Get Inspired, Live Creative Triple Pack, that includes her e-book (The Complete Guide to Vision Boards), her most requested song (Right Outta Nowhere), and a subscription to her e-zine (Live Creative: Make Your Life a Masterpiece) for more success and creativity tips. It’s all FREE!

Thanks so much, Christine, for sharing your time and wisdom with all of us! And we thank you for reading our post today!

Please join us next time when we share a note from Hank Williams, Jr. We’ll discuss family traditions! Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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