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Party in the Parking Lot!

questionsWe love this time of year! We feel lucky to live in a college town because we love going to football games!

But it’s not just the games … it’s tailgating before or after. Grilling. Chilling. Playing games. The fans sporting their team colors. The friendly rivalry between the fans.



It’s a great way to catch up with people. We see people every fall that we just don’t see much otherwise. It’s a great way to build upon relationships and meet new people.

As we’ve said before, some people look at it as networking. We see it as netplaying. Because hanging out with cool people is bigg fun!

How one man became the world’s only professional tailgater

Joe Cahn has a passion for tailgating. He sold his businesses and his house. He bought a motor home and hit the road!

He has become the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating. Now in his eleventh year, he has tailgated with hundreds of thousands of people at all 31 NFL stadiums, over 123 college stadiums, and 9 NASCAR tracks.

We saw an interview with him where he was asked if he goes to the games. He said he rarely goes inside the stadium. After all, he’s the Commissioner of Tailgating. He doesn’t want to step on the toes of the National Football League Commissioner!

Joe Cahn found his passion. Then he found a way to live it.

If you’re into tailgating, we highly recommend that you check out his site, He has some great recipes, party tips, trivia, and even information on parking lots!

On top of all of this, with the Presidential election upon us, he’s started a third political party – the Tailgating Party! One of the planks on this party’s platform …

Forget the left wing and the right wing. Just give me the chicken wing!


(Image by SN_Frost, CC 2.0)