4 Signs It’s Time to Abandon Ship

4 Signs It’s Time to Abandon Ship

We hear it all the time, successful people stick to it. They don’t give up. They try, try again. But sometimes in spite of all that effort, success is still elusive. What should you do? It may be time to abandon ship!

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In our last podcast, we said that persistence is the single most important ingredient for your success. If you persist long enough, you’re sure to succeed! However, you have to be smart about it. There are 4 signs it’s time to abandon ship – some are internal and external.

Internal signs

#1 – It’s affecting your health

Your health is more important than any career. You may be having anxiety attacks, experiencing constant stress, feeling burned out or fatigued. These are indications that it may be time for a change.

To succeed BIGG, you’ll feel stressed from time-to-time. You need to push on, unless it’s affecting your health long-term. NOTHING is worth that. If your long-term health is being affected by what you’re doing, it’s time to abandon ship!

#2 – You’re bored beyond belief
You’ve been there, done that. Every day feels like a week. It’s harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. You don’t look forward to work. You feel like you’re stagnating.

The first sign covers your physical health. Here we’re talking about your mental health. When you’re bored to tears, it’s time to abandon ship!

External signs

#3 – There’s no room for growth
This is related to the second sign. However, in this case, it’s beyond your control. It may be that you’ve been promoted as far as you can go. Perhaps you can’t expect any significant increase in your income. Maybe your company is reaching maturity.

You’ve taken it as far as the circumstances will allow. If there’s little or no opportunity on the horizon, it’s time to abandon ship!

#4 – The trends are bad
Change happens. It affects your industry – for good or bad. If it’s creating damage, ask yourself

Is it a trend or is it a fad?

Fads are short term – they will come and go.

Trends are long-term things that you can’t change.

Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha, said,

“When management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact.”

We don’t doubt that you’re good. But even you can’t buck the trends. If it’s a fad, push on! If it’s a trend that’s devastating your industry, abandon ship!

But don’t just jump ship … prepare your life boat first

Store up provisions

Find ways to save some money – skip that latte or pack a lunch until you get settled. Set it aside to provide for you and your family.

Don’t forget your life jacket

This is your support network. Talk to people who will encourage you, weigh in with ideas, and perhaps refer you to good opportunities.

Remember your compass

Obviously, you need to know that you’re headed in the right direction.

Check out our interview with Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen on finding your life direction.

Take your oars

You don’t want to just float, so grab your oars. These are things you can do to steer you in the right direction – like take a class or get a part-time job in a field you think might be interesting.

Bring your flare gun

Prepare to market yourself – spruce up your resume and cover letter. Think creatively so you get the attention of the right people.

Our BIGG Quote today comes from George William Curtis.

“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.”

You are the captain of your own ship. Usually you will persist and stay with the course. But occasionally, the best thing you can do is to find a new ship and start your journey anew. It leads to BIGG Success!


That’s BIGG success!

signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success


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