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Night Moves

moon You’re probably familiar with Bob Seger’s great song. We want to talk about a different kind of night moves today.

We have a friend who has to be to work at 9. He gets up at 5 and makes a full breakfast, irons his clothes, and still has time left over! He doesn’t need our advice today.




marylynnI’m a night-person by nature. I set the alarm to its max and I even hit snooze a couple of times. So, of course, that leaves me rushing around in the morning.



georgeIt seemed like whenever I was late for work, I felt like I was behind all day. It reminds me of something my dad used to say, “The faster I go, the behinder I get!”


But there’s a solution to this problem if you’re not a morning person. Work on your night moves.

Since you have trouble getting to sleep anyway, why not accomplish something in the meantime? Here are eight ways to make the morning better with the moves you make at night:

Set out your clothes for the next day.

Our moms always told we should do this. Of course, they were mostly concerned with clean underwear! Just in case we were in an accident, right? Because that was their biggest concern if that happened!

Prepare tomorrow’s to – do list.

Spend ten minutes or so mapping out the most important things you plan to accomplish tomorrow. Even if you just decide upon the one or two things you will work on when you first get to work, you’ll be off to a great start.

Pack your lunch.

You can have it ready to grab on your way out the door. Not only will it save you time in the morning, you’ll save money and will likely eat healthier too!

Pack your briefcase.

Gather together all the papers, files, and folders you need and put them in your briefcase so you’re ready to go.

Do your hair.


marylynnAnd time for a “girlie” tip. I have thick hair that takes forever to dry. I rely on my straightener and styling tools for an easy fix in the morning so I can do my hair the night before.



Or you could be like me and just have a receding hairline!


Establish a sleep time.

Studies have shown that going to bed at the same time every night trains our minds and our bodies that it’s time to rest. To make sure you fall asleep quickly, develop a sleep routine.

Make coffee.

Get a delayed-brew coffee maker so you can get that morning pot ready the night before. Then let the coffee maker do its job. You’ll save time and money by avoiding that stop on the way to work!

Ain’t it funny how the night moves can help you lose the morning blues!


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Thank you so much for stopping by today. Join us next time as we discuss how to “one up” your way through the New Year. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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