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Overstepping Stones

steppingstones We’re sure you’ve heard of stepping stones. Today we want to talk about overstepping stones.



We’re proud residents of the State of Illinois. We’re dismayed, however, that our great state has been getting some bad press recently because of the actions of our Governor, Rod Blagojevich. While he hasn’t been convicted yet of any wrongdoing, it appears that he’s in deep trouble.

A state of dissatisfaction

It’s rumored that he felt he had reached a stalemate in his career. He wanted to make more money. He even had aspirations of running for President. But even before this scandal broke, his approval rating was incredibly low (the last number we heard was 4%). If you look at the state of our State, you can understand why.

He looked at every opportunity for a stepping stone, which culminated in what appears to be illegal activity. That got us thinking – we all need stepping stones to help us get to the next level of success.

Overstepping the bounds

But there’s a fine line between a stepping stone and what we’ll call an overstepping stone.

We abuse our stepping stones when we overstep our bounds. It appears our Governor did this on at least three levels:

Legal / ethical: He used his position as leverage to try to garner favors and commitments of which he was the sole beneficiary. At a time when the public lacks trust in their leaders, he has become the poster boy for self-serving activity. He didn’t live up to his fiduciary responsibility to the people he serves.

Next, not now: He was so focused on what would be next that he failed to do as much as he could have with the now – his current job. He came into a tough situation, without a doubt, but he hasn’t improved it any. If he had focused on doing his current job better, he might have the next one already.

Seeing people only as links: He wanted to make more money. He wanted to have more power. He used people to further his ambitions. It appears there was no value placed on people as humans. They were just stepping stones on his personal path to grandeur.

What can we take away from our dear Governor’s actions? The best way to advance in your career is to do your best in the position you’re in. Serve the people you’re supposed to serve, not yourself. Don’t overstep your bounds by using people or your position as your stepping stone to the next place. Then your bigg opportunity will come!

Thanks for checking out our post today. Join us next time when we ask if your e-mail is diluting your message. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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