If You Want to be Rich and Famous …

starYesterday, we did a show about the high cost of instant success. We wanted to add a couple of thoughts to that post today.


It’s not wrong

Some people dream of being rich and famous. Other people think it’s wrong – evil even – to wish for fame and fortune.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. There’s no judgment in that definition. Your vision of BIGG success is all yours. Own it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting fame and fortune except …


It’s misguided

It puts the focus on the wrong thing, the proverbial cart before the horse. Money and celebrity may follow BIGG success. They may be the reward for people who think like an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs know that the first value they create won’t accrue to them. They add value to the lives of others. Then they get their reward.

What value are you adding? Who are you helping?


The great separator

Almost everyone longs for a better life. Almost everyone wants to stand out, to be recognized for their unique ability.

However, there’s a great separator. Most people wish for it. They may even long for it.

But they don’t do anything about it.

If you want it, do something about it. Take action.


BIGG success is about entrepreneuring your life. Entrepreneurs start with nothing more than an idea. They leverage the resources at their disposal to turn something small into something BIGG.

You, too, can be an entrepreneur. You, too, can be a BIGG success. And, you never know – fame and fortune may follow.

(Image in today’s post from srbichara)

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    • George & Mary-Lynn
      George & Mary-Lynn says:

      Ah, yes capital…always a challenge for entrepreneurs. If you don’t have capital, you have to find a way to either get funding, or figure out how to cut your costs. For example, can you partner with someone? Can you share space with someone? Can you test your theory out online? If you really want to try out a business idea, there is always a way.

  1. Yolly
    Yolly says:

    I love it .. Thanks
    To be rich and famous comes responsibility , to look only for the good and beneficial to everyone ..
    Being rich is not all about material things and possession but the richness of your spirit and contribution and what you can share to the world


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