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Your Company and Your Boss are Wrong About You

wrong!You feel it – deep down inside yourself. You know you’re better than this. You know you could do so much more. You know you could contribute.

You have the talent. You have the intelligence. You have the desire to grow. You have the work ethic. You have everything you need – except the opportunity.

You’re frustrated.
Your boss doesn’t see it. Neither does your boss’ boss. Nobody in the company sees it – at least not anybody who has the authority to put you in a place where you could shine.

Well … you know what?

Your boss is wrong about you.

Your boss’ boss is wrong about you.

Your company is wrong about you.

But they will never see it.
You’ll never convince them. You could save the company from complete disaster and they wouldn’t notice.

Because they’re human. Because they’re too busy to notice. Because they don’t care. Because they’ve picked their favorites. Because they have their own prejudices. Because they have their head up their … well you know.

So what can you do?
Just accept it? A lot of people do.

But not you.

You can’t accept it any longer. It makes you sick to your stomach.

The flame inside you is burning too hot. You can’t stand it anymore.

You won’t let anyone or anything hold you back. You will go for it. You will live life on your own terms. You will be a BIGG success!

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