image of paint roller with bright color and blog post title 4 steps to find transformational opportunities

4 Steps to Find Transformational Opportunities

image of paint roller with bright color and blog post title 4 steps to find transformational opportunities

With change happening faster than ever, you need to be prepared to capitalize on it. We share 4 steps to find transformational opportunities.

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We saw an article that asserted that change is occurring a million times faster than the average person’s ability to handle it. Sure seems like it! A lot of times these changes are transformational.

In a post for The Small Business Advocate, author and futurist Dan Burrus said:

“We are now at the dawn of a profound technology-driven transformation that will make the changes we have experienced over the past 25 years seem small and slow.”

One secret for reaching BIGG success in the future is to find opportunities. Change creates opportunities. BIGG changes create transformational opportunities.

The good news is that there is tremendous opportunity ahead because we are in the midst of so much transformation. But to take advantage of it, you must prepare for it.

Let’s go to the Professor’s whiteboard…

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1st step

Embrace it. If you spend time trying to maintain the status quo, you’ll miss your opportunity. You can’t embrace transformational opportunities, if you aren’t willing to be transformed.

In podcast episode #1020 we talked about 4 steps to ride the waves of change. They include: Understand your risk tolerance (don’t be too risky or too risk averse), test your perceptions (don’t be too set in your ways), look for trends in the waves of change, and don’t expect perfection.

2nd step

Follow the money. Understand the opportunities that will be created by new legislation, demographical structure, societal change and the like. Transformational opportunities create disruption, often benefiting small businesses as their large counterparts get weighted down by legacy costs. Put another way – it’s a lot easier to turn a small boat than a large ship.

In podcast episode #759 we talked more about where to find your opportunity.

3rd step

Discover the opportunity that matches your passions, preferences and proficiencies with a market that needs it.

All good things start when your parameters intersect with an under-served market. It produces the trifecta – you’re happy, the people you serve are happy, and you’re making the kind of money you deserve.

We talked more about discovering your parameters and matching them to a market in Episode #784.

4th step

Act! Action creates advantages.

As we said in Episode #132, “Nothing happens until you take action. Once you do, you start gaining information that others don’t have. You’re getting real data, while the others are still analyzing the situation.”

BIGG Takeaway

Transformational opportunities are all around you. But to capitalize on one of them, to change the world – or your corner of it – just take one little step, and then another, and another. And before you know it, you’ll reach BIGG success!

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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
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