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Michael Port on Book Yourself Solid Part 2

On the BIGG Success Show today, we continue our conversation with Michael Port. Michael is a coach, a speaker and a New York Times best-selling author of four books. He recently updated his first book – Book Yourself Solid. Now one of the best marketing books ever written is even better.

In Part 1 of our interview with Michael, he told us how to Book Yourself Solid with the kind of clients you want to serve, so you can live life on your own terms in business.



Listen to the podcast, the second half of our conversation to learn:

*How Michael’s “Red Velvet Rope Policy” helps you book the clients you want.

*How a night club owner in New York, who wouldn’t let Paris Hilton into his hotel/lounge, perfectly illustrates Michael’s “Red Velvet Rope Policy”.

*Why business owners have called Micheal crying because their success is not on their own terms

* Why he didn’t spell the “Think Big Manifesto” like this: “Think BIGG Manifesto.”

* Why Michael  encourages you to attend his free “Think Big Revolution” weekly conference calls. (We’ll be the featured guests on February 1st, so please join us).

Visit to download two free chapters of the new updated and expanded edition of the book. Michael says it contains ninety-eight new pages, system improvements, and major rewrites to reflect how the world of marketing has changed.

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