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One Man’s Quest for Success in the New Economy – Part 1

Greg Hartle | BIGG SuccessWe were so thrilled today to chat with Greg Hartle on The BIGG Success Show. He’s hard to find in the real world but he can be found online anytime at Ten Dollars and a Laptop.

With this project, Greg plans to reconstruct his life from scratch while visiting all 50 states in the U.S. and interviewing 500 entrepreneurs about how to succeed in the new economy.

Listen to hear Greg’s fascinating story on The BIGG Success Show podcast. Click the player to listen.

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Here’s what you’ll hear in the first of our three-part series:

  • how Greg became a millionaire on paper by 22
  • the life changing event that cost Greg almost everything when he was 25
  • why his professional life never recovered
  • the lesson he learned from almost losing his life
  • the motivation for launching his project, Ten Dollars and a Laptop

Next time, we’ll talk with Greg about what he’s learned from the entrepreneurs to whom he’s been talking.

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