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the long road from idea to BIGG SuccessIt’s a long road from idea to BIGG success. However, we want to reduce it down to four steps that can be summarized with the acronym ICAT.

Ideas float.
oncepts emerge.
ction commences.
ransformation ensues.

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Ideas float

Ideas are amazing things. Someone floats an idea your way. In a completely separate conversation, someone else floats another idea.

These two seemingly unrelated ideas float around in your head. They may mutate together. They may spark other ideas.

Before you know it…

Concepts emerge

We have learned that our best concepts come after our ideas have fermented for a period of time.

We get an idea. We talk with people. We refine the idea.

We hear about another idea. We see a fit with the concept that’s developing. The concept gets tweaked.

Keep gathering information. Keep researching. Keep asking questions and searching for answers.

Prove out your concept. Refine it so you can explain the problem you’re solving in ten words or less.


Action commences

This fits the acronym, but we really should say: “Commence action.”

Action doesn’t naturally occur. You have to make it happen. This is the stumbling block for many people.

It’s all about inertia – an object in motion stays in motion. But it takes tremendous effort to get the motion started.

So take action so that…

Transformation ensues

Here’s an important principle to remember: you act on your concept to gain new information, not to prove it right.

You may learn that your concept misses the mark. Abandon it and start the process over.

You may learn that you need to tweak your concept. That’s fine. Do it quickly.

You may learn that your concept is on target. Determine what you need to do to push it further. Then put the proverbial pedal to the medal.

In the process, you will transform. You will grow personally and professionally. Remember the acronym ICAT to go from idea to BIGG success!

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