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Why You Should NOT Follow Your Passion

Passion is your partner for BIGG Success“Follow your passion” is bad advice. Sure, it strikes an emotional chord. Yes, it sells well. But you will be miserable if you do it.

Before we go on, we should clarify one point: Uncovering your passions is a useful exercise. It’s part of fully understanding who you are.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have fun in your career and/or business if you follow your passion.

Life is a dance. Passion is your partner. Do NOT follow your passion. Lead it.

Otherwise, passion may step on your toes!

You’ll start a business that was a hobby. Before you know it, you’ll have neither a business nor a hobby!

The business won’t make enough money to sustain you. Even worse, you’ll work hours at something you love now but will come to hate.

So you need to lead your passions. And you do that by finding the one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm in the song.


While you uncover your passions, also think about what you’re really good at. What comes easy for you that others find difficult?

Your proficiencies may be closely related to your passions. You may even have trouble distinguishing one from the other.

It really doesn’t matter – they’re all part of who you are.


You’re not looking for just any people. You’re looking for people with a problem.

But not just any people with a problem. You’re looking for people with a problem that intersects with your passions and proficiencies.

But that’s not quite enough. You need one more thing.


You need to be able to provide a solution that (1) the people with a problem will pay without hesitation and (2) you can make money.

Because you know what’s fun? Making money at something you’re passionate about and proficient at for people who are passionate about your solution.

Money is not a necessary evil. Money is necessary.

But you don’t love money. You have your passions. But money makes the dance fun.

Lead your passions to find a business that becomes a giving companion.

What do you think…is “follow your passion” is bad advice?

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