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Are You Open to Opportunity?

closed minded business

Warning! The stories you are about to hear are true. The names and some details have been omitted to protect the guilty parties!

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Throwing away a new customer
We were on the phone with a business owner who told us about a prospect who had turned down a recent proposal.

He was bringing them a brand new customer. They didn’t have to invest any time, money or other organizational resources.

They turned him down flat.

He asked why. They said they wanted to control all of this customer’s business with them.

The business owner explained that they would be more likely to get more business from the customer if they accepted his proposal.

After all, the customer would actually be doing business with them. So it would be easier to build the relationship.

They could prove their value. Then the customer would be more likely to buy more.

They didn’t care. It was all or nothing. They chose nothing.

You may think this a one off event. Keep reading.

Waiting for some day and time
We have a content marketing system we offer to organizations. At its essence, it’s a licensing deal with legs.

It’s a turn-key program – requiring almost no time on their part – and makes them money.

It’s on demand, digital content. Almost all the organizations we talk with have nothing like it.

Yet we occasionally run into that person in that organization who’s worried it will compete with their other content marketing.

It seems to us that a certain candy company came up with the answer to that one: “Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don’t.”

People prefer different content at different times. Give them what they want.

Others say they are going to do it some day. Some day never comes.

Some day kills businesses.

If you haven’t gotten it done yet, you probably aren’t going to get it done.

Still others say they’re already doing it. They’re right – they are doing it now and then, whenever they get around to it, when they can find the time. In the meantime…

Now and then marketing gets you nowhere now and then.

We should note that in both of these cases, the opportunity being offered was a perfect fit with the strategies and goals of the organizations.

So why do people turn down found money?

Why do they slam the door when opportunity’s knocking?

Why aren’t they open to opportunity?

Two types of organizations
We’ve noticed there are two types of organizations: Closed and Open.


  • things changed slowly
  • the future was more predictable
  • command-and-control created efficiency

…you could get away with being a closed organization.

But now you have to be open. Open organizations:

  • tap into their network to get things done
  • move faster because they don’t try to do it all themselves

Sure, they maybe could do it all, perhaps even as well. But why?

Plug and play makes more sense in today’s business world.

Open organizations aren’t afraid to share. They share the work but they also share the rewards. Never forget:

50% of something is better than 100% of nothing!

A lot of people give up 50% of something because they’re too independent. They’re closed for business – not physically, but mentally and emotionally.

They don’t want to share the glory. They’re afraid someone else is going to make a little money.

In both stories we shared with you today, someone was being offered:

  • a credible opportunity with no risk
  • yet they were going to earn new revenue with no costs
  • so it will all go straight to their bottom line
  • That’s hard to beat!

When someone offers you a deal like that, your default should be to take it. It leads to BIGG success!

Have you run into people in closed organizations?

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