Fear of Failure and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Fear of failure drives many people. They get stuck in status quo. An entrepreneurial mindset can help anyone conquer the fear of failure.

We launched “The Professor & Mary-Lynn” on YouTube today. We talked about the key to overcoming the fear of failure: think like an entrepreneur. Here’s a summary of what we talked about:

The Fear of Failure is the Most Stifling Fear of All

What’s the result of the fear of failure?

The status quo.

But that will only last for a while. Then things will get worse.

You may be frozen by the fear of failure, but the world moves on. If you do nothing, you can only expect your circumstances to decline.

It’s the natural result.

“Failing Forward” Sucks

Yes, it’s true that you learn more from failure than success.

So what?

It still hurts – emotionally, and sometimes financially.

Besides, at some point, you have to succeed.

How Entrepreneurs Conquer the Fear of Failure

So what if we treat the fear of failure like a bad habit? One way to overcome a bad habit is to substitute a good habit.

Most people are driven by the fear of failure. Entrepreneurs are driven by the fear of not trying.

When your fear of not trying overwhelms your fear of failure, you’re ready to do something special.

Live with No Regrets

Bonnie Ware wrote a book on the regrets of the dying* as a result of being a nurse for patients coming to the end of life. She said their #1 regret was best expressed by the following quote:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

This squares with a study which showed there are two kinds of regrets: action regrets and inaction regrets. The research shows our biggest regrets – the hardest to overcome – are for times when we did NOT act.

So how can you claim the life you want? Ask the question entrepreneurs start with.

The Question Entrepreneurs Start With

What can I try with no fear of loss?

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