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The Link Between Entrepreneurship and Human Rights

Entrepreneurship and Human Rights | Blog Action Day 2013 #BAD13

George & Mary-Lynn discuss entrepreneurship and human rights on The BIGG Success Show for Blog Action Day. Click play to listen (5:54)

How do entrepreneurship and human rights go hand in hand?
It’s Blog Action Day 2013 | #BAD13, where bloggers and podcasters from around the world unite to talk about a single topic. This year the subject is human rights.

Here at BIGG Success, we encourage people to think like an entrepreneur to live life on your own terms. For most of us, that life includes helping others and making the world a better place.


We’ve shared how entrepreneurs are doing just that in previous Blog Action Day posts. Like the group of farmers in Ohio who sent money instead of food to farmers in Kenya. They spent the money to build a number of small dams and retention ponds to catch water in the rainy season so they would have water year-round. With that water, five thousand families have been delivered from hunger.

We also highlighted a group of women roofers who are putting their skills to use for those in need, and a group of coders who are providing innovative apps for local governments at a fraction of the normal cost.

Entrepreneurs in every corner of the world are creating new solutions, introducing new ideas, and providing new opportunities for the people in their communities.

John Tognino, Chairman & CEO of The Pepper Financial Group, said this during his speech for a conference on entrepreneurship and human rights: “I can report from experience, after traveling the world, that entrepreneurship and human rights are linked and that the creation of jobs has an immediate and positive affect on all parts of society.”

Entrepreneurship and Human Rights

One of the best examples of an entrepreneur who accomplished this is Mary Kay Ash.

She was a top-seller at two companies, but ended up quitting both after being passed over for promotions to men.

She began writing a book to help other women, when she realized she was writing a business plan for herself.

With the $5,000 she had in life savings, she bought the recipe for a skin softener, furnished a small storefront, and launched Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Mary Kay Ash, gave women an opportunity to be in business for themselves without having to go it alone. She gave them the chance to set their own boundaries, and reap the full rewards for their efforts.

She saw a and problem and provided a solution.

Entrepreneurship and human rights are perfect partners. The ideas you come up with to bring them together could lead you and others to BIGG Success.

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