image of a woman with a camera wit the blog post title Can a Hobby Make You More Creative at Work

Can a Hobby Make You More Creative at Work?

image of a woman with a camera wit the blog post title Can a Hobby Make You More Creative at Work

Did you know that a study of Nobel Prize winners showed one thing in common…they all have a hobby! Learn about the benefits a hobby can do for you.

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Like most of us, you face pressure to meet deadlines at work, fulfill family commitments, give back to your community, and so on and so on …

With all that going on, it’s easy to forget about yourself.

On today’s show we’ll talk about how to prevent that from happening.

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vehicles in snowstorm with blog post title: How to Drive Your Life Through a Storm

How to Drive Your Life Through a Storm

vehicles in snowstorm with blog post title: How to Drive Your Life Through a Storm

We know it can be difficult to drive your car in bad weather. But what about life? We share four tips to drive your life through a storm.

On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss how to weather difficult times. Here’s a summary of that discussion…

We’ve haven’t had any major snow storms this winter in our area of the world. But it has snowed frequently. In fact, it’s snowing right now. And we must confess, we love seeing a LITTLE bit of the white stuff on the ground – especially when it melts quickly.

But even a little bit of snow can make driving more hazardous. And if you’re not careful, you can get stuck. Let’s talk about four questions to help you drive your life through a storm.
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Freedom To-Do App

This App Gets Rid of Your To-Do List

Freedom To-Do App

Is your to-do list stressing you out? Get some relief! The Freedom To-Do List app creator joins us today on The BIGG Success Show.

Today we’re talking with Dr. Jim Steffen. He’s a time management expert, and author of Bestseller Aligned Thinking: Get The Most From Your Time, Life And Career – which is based on his thirty years of research around the world and in 160 Fortune 500 Companies.

Jim has created a new FREE app available now in the iTunes store called the To-Do List Freedom app – designed to help anyone relieve to-do list stress and frustration.

Listen to our interview to learn:

· The danger to-do lists have on your health
· The problem with putting everything on a to-do list
· Why Jim’s “holding list” concept helps you prioritize
· What outstanding people do and don’t do

You can find Jim’s FREE To-Do List Freedom app in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad. If you don’t have one of those, just visit for a free tutorial on how to avoid to-do list frustration.

More To-Do List Help

Become a free member of our Entreprenurturing™ Center to hear our extended discussion with Jim where you’ll also learn:

· The 2 simple yet important questions to ask yourself about time
· How to be efficient AND effective

Plus, we provide a download of just the section in the interview where Jim talks about how app works so you can quickly review how to use it once downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

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Entrepreneurs and Cave Dwellers

entrepreneurs can be cave dwellers | BIGG SuccessWe have a friend who finally got fed up. Like most entrepreneurs, he’s endured some super tough times the last three years. But he survived. And he’s done a lot for his community. By that, we mean he’s created jobs. He’s expanded the tax base – both sales taxes and property taxes.

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He told us about an incident recently which pushed him over the edge. He was serving as a volunteer on a community committee. He shared some forward-thinking ideas. He got an intense amount of pushback.

All he wanted was to be heard. And he would like to feel appreciated. Not all the time. Just once in a while. But he often doesn’t. Do you ever feel unappreciated? If you do, you’re not alone!

Your two choices

You have two choices when you start feeling this way. They are the same two options that mankind has faced since we first inhabited this planet. You can fight or you can flee. As entrepreneurs, we fight every day. We fight to meet payroll. We fight to get another customer. We fight and fight and fight. Do you ever get tired of fighting? We all do. So we flee.

That’s what our friend did. He’s an incredibly social, outgoing person. But after the incident we related earlier, he became a cave dweller. And he seems perfectly content to stay there. He’s still running his business day-to-day. But other than that, he’s really withdrawn. He has pulled back from his involvement in his community. He has stopped doing a lot of things which put him in the public eye. And that may be just the prescription to cure his ails.

3 things to know about cave dwelling

So let’s be clear – we’re not talking about quitting. We’re not talking about running away from your obligations. But as entrepreneurs, we all occasionally face situations which make us want to flee. We should note that it’s probably not just one situation. It’s an accumulation of things. But one particular thing on one particular day finally pushes you too far and you just have to get away.

So here are three things we’d like to share about entrepreneurs and cave dwelling.

  • 1st) It’s healthy to retreat to your cave now and then.

It’s not only necessary, it’s desirable.

Solitude is sweet, especially as you spend more and more time in the public’s eye, as you gain fans and followers.

You may spend time in your cave with family and friends. But make sure you also allow time for just you.

Proactively set aside time to explore the caverns of your mind, heart, and soul.

  • 2nd) Too much cave dwelling is bad.

Our Paleolithic ancestors got out of the cave. They hunted. They gathered.

You’ll starve if you never get out of your cave. Not literally, of course.

But you’ll starve your mind, your heart, and your soul.

We need more than just our businesses. We need human interaction.

So it’s okay to react to a situation and retreat to your cave to let the wounds heal.

But set a time limit. Don’t let cave dwelling become a way of life.

  • 3rd) Hang out in the caves of other entrepreneurs.

    The only people who can truly understand what entrepreneurs endure are other entrepreneurs. We need to support each other. Entrepreneuring is an emotional experience. It can bring down the strongest man or woman. It can make you feel like fleeing. We need to hang out together. We need to support each other. That’s one of the reasons we started BIGG success. It’s why we don’t just share practical tips in our posts.

Entrepreneurs ride an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes you have to flee back to your cave. But make sure you don’t hole up for too long. Reach out to your fellow entrepreneurs. Reach out to us. It will help you reach BIGG success. What gets you out of your cave?

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Living in the Moment With an Angry Bird

couple at a cafe | BIGG SuccessThey sat at a table together, outside the coffee shop. She sat with her back to the window. He sat in the seat next to her, on one side of the table.

She loved this place, right in the center of the city. A circle led cars around a large monument to heroes of the past.

So many people. So much activity. She couldn’t take it all in. But she sure was going to try.

He surfed the internet. She sipped her coffee and looked around, waiting for a moment to talk to him.

The sun was setting. The sky was a beautiful combination of colors that no artist could ever quite capture.

He texted a friend. She took in the view, hoping to never forget it.

She noticed a horse-drawn carriage stop in front of the monument. A young man jumped out, turned to the carriage, and extended his hand to the young lady still on board. They walked hand in hand up the steps to the monument.

“Ah, young love,” she thought.

They stopped right in front of the monument. The young man stepped behind the young woman. He turned her around, her back now to the monument.

He dropped to one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. A huge smile formed on the young lady’s face. He stood up and they embraced excitedly.

They walked, arm in arm, toward the couple sitting at the table.

She smiled as they passed, thinking back to the days when her husband was more attentive.

He never looked up. He was too busy playing a game.

An angry bird flew right over his head. It was being chased by a cat which was being chased by a dog.

She saw them coming. She leaned forward in her chair, coffee cup in hand.

He was too involved in the game to see anything coming.

The cat ran under the table, exiting under his chair. The dog followed right behind. In full stride, the dog hit one of the legs of the table.

Coffee spilled all over her husband. He dropped his phone and jumped up. It looked like he had wet himself.

He went to clean himself up. She took a sip of coffee and went back to living in the moment.

 Image in this post from jwarletta