Are Entrepreneurs Control Freaks

Are Entrepreneurs Control Freaks?

Are Entrepreneurs Control Freaks

Some people think entrepreneurs are control freaks. We look at this control issue to find out how important it is to successful entrepreneurs.

We discuss entrepreneurs and control on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

It’s National Entrepreneur’s Day. As entrepreneurs ourselves with entrepreneurs as customers, every day is Entrepreneur’s Day to us. But it’s nice to take a day to celebrate the hardest-working, people-serving people in the world.

So today, we want to talk about a critical part of the entrepreneurial mindset.

What motivates entrepreneurs to start a business?

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13 Things that make us feel lucky blog post image

13 Things That Make Us Feel Lucky

13 Things that make us feel lucky blog post image

Some people say that the number 13 is unlucky. We have a different attitude about it. We think that it’s a very lucky number because it relates to a special milestone. This week, we’re celebrating the 13th anniversary of BIGG Success!

We share stories from the heart as we celebrate the 13th anniversary of BIGG Success on this podcast episode. Press the player to listen. Here’s the summary…

We’ve come a long way since our start waaaaay back in 2007! There is a lot to celebrate and to feel lucky about.
So today we will share 13 things that make us feel lucky.

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Is Love Damn Good Business blog imag

Is Love Damn Good Business?

Is Love Damn Good Business blog imag

Why would anyone say love is damn good business? What’s love got to do with business anyway? Our guest today says without it, you won’t thrive.

To hear this BIGG Success Show podcast episode featuring Steve Farber, click the player. This episode is brought to you by The Financial Freedom Tool – Plenty of money for life! Here’s a summary of our conversation.

Our guest today is listed as one of Inc’s global Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts.

Steve Farber is a leadership pioneer, strategist, and keynote speaker on extreme leadership.

He’s also a best-selling author. Steve’s books include: The Radical Leap, The Radical Edge, Greater Than Yourself, and the book we are going to talk about today: Love is Just Damn Good Business.

Why Damn Good Business and Not Just Good Business?

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business people meeting with blog post title do you need industry experience

Do You Need Industry Experience to Start a Business?

business people meeting with blog post title do you need industry experience

Is industry experience helpful or harmful to budding entrepreneurs? We share three reasons it can help and two times when it can hurt.

On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss whether or not industry experience is necessary when starting a business. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

“Stick to what you know.” You’ve probably heard that phrase before. But does it apply to entrepreneurs?

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that it’s less risky to start a business in a field in which you have experience. But it necessary?

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hand form a heart with the blog post title Selfless Marketing

Selfless Marketing

Ironically, selfless marketing often benefits the giver as much as the receiver. We share an example of this phenomenon from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We discussed a living example of selfless marketing on The BIGG Success Show.  You can watch or listen to the interview by clicking the players above. Here’s a summary of our discussion.

Our mission at BIGG success is to help good people have more money so they can do more good. And today, we bring you a Good News Story.

You’ve seen it in the movie The Miracle on 34th Street*. Macy’s Santa sent the mother of a son who wanted a fire truck to the competition, because Macy’s was sold out.

Sounds great for Hollywood. But that can’t possibly work in the real world. Right?

Our guest says differently. JJ Williams is the Director of Operations at Kiona Vineyards. On the winery’s blog, he recommended his customers buy from one of his local competitors.

Why selfless marketing? Why steer customers to your competition?

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