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Why Now is the Time to Do Nothing

give yourself a time out for BIGG SuccessAre you ever not busy?
Burn now.

Do you feel that you always have to be productive?
Burn now.

Are you constantly pushing to get to the next level?
Burn now.

Do you jump from one task to another?
Burn now.

Are your evenings and weekends crammed with chores?
Burn now.

Sometimes, you have to burn now to prevent burnout.

You don’t have to be busy now.
It’s okay to not be productive now.
You don’t have to push right now.
That next task can wait now.
The chores don’t have to be done now.
You could use some downtime now.

Occasionally, you have to waste now.
A wasted now is not a now wasted.

You’ll be happier if you don’t do anything now.
So be happy now.

It’s good for you now mentally.
Let your mind flow now to place it doesn’t often visit.

You’ll benefit now physically.
Give your body a break now from the whirlwind pace you keep.

You’ll be better off now emotionally.
Feel the experience of nothing now.

It’s good for you now spiritually.
Commune now with a power greater than yourself.

We know…there’s so much to do.
Don’t do it now.

We know…there are problems that need to be solved.

Let them go now.

You need a break now.
Slow down now.
Relax now.

Give yourself a time out now.
Get in touch now with your child-like nature.
Imagine a better time and place now.
Get in touch with your future now.

Burn now.
Give yourself permission now.
Now is the time to do nothing!

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Learn to Play to Learn

playing.jpg We recently did a show on the tradeoff between work and play. We said that it was important to make time for both productive play and pure play – things you do just for fun. We said it really is true – we do seem to get more done when we’re busy.

Ryan left a great comment on that topic. He’s one of our regulars and he often leaves comments. We love the feedback!



Pre-paying for play plans improves productivity

He said that he’s learned that it’s good to keep busy with his downtime. So he goes to a sporting event or a concert just about every week. Because he’s paid for the ticket in advance, he feels compelled to go. That’s his secret – it forces him to work more efficiently to get his work done.


georgeI had never thought of that little trick! We schedule fun activities of course. But I had never thought about purposefully and routinely scheduling an activity that I paid for in advance as a way to ramp up my time at work.



marylynnIt’s a great suggestion. It’s easy to get so busy working that I fail to recharge myself by doing something that gets my mind off of work. By committing my money, I’m more likely to commit my time!



georgeI’m one of those people who can go and go and go. But at some point, my body and my mind start saying, “Enough already! What are you doing to us? We need a break!” Ryan’s suggestion helps make sure that doesn’t happen.



marylynnFortunately, and maybe unfortunately, George and I are very similar in that respect. I’m a bit of a workaholic myself. So we work very well together. But I agree – it would be helpful to schedule more time for fun knowing that I’ll be more productive at work.


It’s about living with purpose on purpose. After all, we’re only human. We should live on human time! Plan something fun and pay for it in advance. You’ll be more likely to do it!

Ramp up your downtime

Ryan also said that when he was in college, he got better grades when he took eighteen credit hours than when he only had twelve in a semester. His personal observation sparked a thought for us …

… we should always be a student!

It pays bigg dividends to be curious about everything with which you come in contact, not just your area of expertise.

Since Ryan brought up sporting events, you can learn from studying the players – when they’re warming up, idle, in the middle of a play, or when the game’s on the line.


georgeThis is something I do. It’s interesting to see the differences among players when the game’s on the line. I’ve learned a lot about operating under pressure by watching sports.



marylynnAt concerts, there are a lot of details. The artist’s stage presence, the lighting, the way musicians play together, and even their hair! If it’s a symphony, study the conductor and how he or she leads. They’re masters of their craft and we can learn lessons that we can apply to our crafts.



georgeOne of my favorite things to do is to be a student when I’m talking to people in social settings. I can read a book or an article, but there’s nothing like learning about someone’s occupation and interests first-hand. You get to ask questions and go deeper into a subject with a real person who is living it.



marylynnWe have a friend who made a great suggestion that has forever changed how I watch movies. He said to think of yourself as a director. When the movie is over, ask yourself what you would have done differently. It gets my creative juices flowing and makes for great conversation afterwards.


Always be a student. It helps keep your mind young. It expands your imagination. It will help you reach bigg success even faster!

Of what are you a student in your downtime?

Share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 877.988.BIGG or sending us an e-mail at

Thanks Ryan for your thought-provoking comment. And thank you for reading our post today.


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Please join us next time when we talk about how to get to the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Mixing Business with Pleasure

We took the Bigg Success Show on the road for today’s post. Here’s what we talked about on the show …



We’re in the Bigg Success Mobile Studio, broadcasting to you from Las Vegas. We’re here for the New Media Expo, which started yesterday.

This is the fourth annual New Media Expo, but it’s only our second. Last year, when we attended, Bigg Success was just an idea. We had our name, an idea and some business cards – that was it!

Now we’re recording Show #200!!

What a difference a year makes!

This year, the New Media Expo is so much different for us. Last year, we were completely green. It seemed like we didn’t know the first thing about launching a site or doing an online show. We got back to our room every day just exhausted.

Thinking is hard work!

Just like last year, we’re splitting up because there are so many great sessions with fantastic speakers. We’re learning a lot about the business side of our online venture. 

A chance to connect … and reconnect

Just like last year, the fun and education doesn’t end with the daily sessions. Every evening, there’s a networking party or three. We’ve already made some new friends – people we admire who are doing great things. They gave us some great advice!

We’re also reconnecting with people we met last year, as well as meeting some people in person for the first time who we know from networking online.

All work and all play

We’ve said before that work – life balance doesn’t work for us. We do better integrating the two together.

That’s what we’re doing on this trip. When we booked it, we found out that it was a lot cheaper to fly out of Vegas two days later than we originally planned. So much cheaper in fact that it paid for our hotel!

So we took the cue – we’ve planned a little extra downtime into this trip. We have a couple of days after the conference just for fun. For time together away from work. Yet it’s because of our work that we’re able to do it.

We feel lucky to get to work together and play together. That doesn’t work for everyone, but it does work for us. That’s the important thing – find what works for you and go for it! 



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