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The Biggest Mistakes People Make Using LinkedIn-Part 2

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success Book Cover | BIGG SuccessWe’re continuing our conversation on The BIGG Success Show with Wayne Breitbarth, LinkedIn expert and author of the book: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search.

We’re discussing the five biggest mistakes people make when using LinkedIn. In Part 1 of our interview we talked about:

Biggest Mistake #1: Failure to dedicate sufficient time to their LinkedIn efforts.

Biggest Mistake #2: Underestimating the importance of crafting a dynamic, keyword-filled personal profile.

In this segment, learn about these mistakes:

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Biggest Mistake #3: Failure to recognize the importance of having lots of trusted professionals in your LinkedIn network / Not getting recommendations.

  • What Wayne says is the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn is like the “6 degrees to Kevin Bacon”
  • Why 35-40 connections is NOT enough to fully use LinkedIn and the number you should shoot for
  • Why Groups on LinkedIn are the second most important part of using LinkedIn
  • There are over 1.2 million Groups on LinkedIn, learn how to get more connections using them.
  • How recommendations  can help you come up more often when people use the keyword search tool to attract more leads.

Biggest Mistake #4: Using LinkedIn to advertise your products and services.

  • Why the traditional forms of advertising doesn’t work in social media
  • Your Powerful Formula for promoting yourself on LinkedIn is to: Help people, share valuable information, and build relationships.
  • How sharing your work in terms of questions and discussions will take away the “in your face” advertising.
  • Why you should spend time listening on social media spaces to learn the communication skills.
  • How to listen on LinkedIn by simply visiting your home page.
  • Why Groups provide a listening tool for you too.
  • How to find conversations in your space using keywords and a tool hardly anyone uses: “LinkedIn Signal” or “Search Status Updates.”
  • Wayne shares an example of how he was able to connect with a potential client who wasn’t even in his network by using the listening tools in LinkedIn.

Visit Wayne’s website for a free chapter of  his book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success and to learn more about his LinkedIn training offerings.

Next time, learn about a silly little thing that many companies overlook on LinkedIn and why it hurts your brand.

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Do You Make Your Friends Happy?

happy_people A recent study of happiness showed that the birds you flock with make a bigg difference. Nicholas Christaskis with the Harvard Medical School and James Fowler from the University of California at San Diego found that the more connections you have with happy people, the more likely you are to be happy.



It cuts both ways

They likened it to a quilt. If the person in the patch next to you is unhappy, it increases the likelihood that you’ll also be happy by seven percent.

If the person next to you is happy, it increases the odds that you’ll be happy by fifteen percent. It’s interesting to note that we seem to have some resilience to unhappy people since happy people tend to rub off twice as often as unhappy people.

But the good news is that is doesn’t stop there. If the person who knows the person next to you (i.e. the person two patches away) is happy, the probability that you’ll also be happy increases ten percent. So happy people one step removed still increases the odds that you’ll be happy more than that unhappy person next to you!

In a quest to find out how happy we could be once we get to Kevin Bacon’s patch (six patches of separation) on the quilt, the researchers found that if the person three blocks away is happy, your chances of being happy increase six percent.
Happiness is contagious!

4 questions to discover if you spread happiness

To determine if someone was happy, the researchers asked four questions. During the past week, how often …

  1. Did you enjoy life?
  2. Were you happy?
  3. Did you feel hopeful about the future?
  4. Did you feel that you were just as good as other people?


marylynnI feel blessed because I have positive responses to each and every one of these questions. I guess I’m a happy person.



georgeI think I’m a happy person as well. In fact, if I remember right, I was voted the “Happiest” person in high school! But when I look closely at these questions, it makes me think. Like the first question … I enjoy my life, but how often do I stop and recognize it?


This study was released recently, but imagine how you might have responded if you were asked the third question at the height of the financial crisis. Uncertainty creates fear, but as these questions show, it’s important to remain optimistic in any environment. That’s where happy people come in – they’ll help you have a brighter outlook no matter what the situation!

There’s one more benefit to hanging out with happy people. The researchers reference a study done in 1984 that showed that having an extra $5,000 increased a person's chances of being happy by about two percent. Based on those results and the results of this study, the researchers conclude that a happy friend is worth $20,000!

They say a happy friend is worth $20,000. We’ll borrow from MasterCard – we think having a happy friend is … priceless!


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We really appreciate you checking in with us today. Join us next time when we discuss the three categories of spending. Keeping them in mind will keep your budget in line! Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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