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The Key to Success in 4 Words

image of key with the word success on it

Hard work alone just makes you tired. Passion is overrated. So what is the key to success? We can state it in four words.

We discuss the key to success on The BIGG Success Show. See the summary of that conversation below.

We did this show as a reminder to ourselves. We hope it helps you too.

What’s the key to success? We can reduce it to four words.

The key to success is…

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Get rid of clutter gain hour a day

Get Rid of Clutter to Gain an Hour a Day

Get rid of clutter gain hour a day

Clutter costs the average American nearly an hour a day. We share four tips to get rid of clutter, so you have time for more important things.

We discuss the high cost of clutter on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

We recently fell back an hour. It made us wonder how we could gain an hour every day. So we opened the BIGG vault of timeless treasures. We found a Newsweek article which cited this stunning statistic:

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7 Days to Better Time Management

Found Time-7 Days to Achieve More Without Working More

Master the art of time management in just 7 days! George & Mary-Lynn tell you more below, and on The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Click play.

Are you a reader or a doer? Of course, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. However, there’s an interesting phenomenon in our hyper-busy world.

We read books. We file them away, physically or virtually. We forget about them.

We search. We bookmark posts. We never go back.

We check our inbox. We stash emails away. We lose track of them.

Sound familiar?

The New York Times rang in the New Year with an interesting post, The Unending Anxiety of an ICYMI world. (In case you’re wondering, ICYMI stands for “in case you missed it.”)

The author of the NYT piece says, “While the extended phrase has been used in conversation for a long time, the shorthand betrays an anxiety central to the Internet epoch. There is simply too much readable, viewable and listenable data for anyone to stay abreast of.”

Information is useless, unless it’s converted to knowledge.
And knowledge is wasted until it’s applied.

But that’s hard to do with a constant stream of information. What is one to do?

We have the answer. We call it the 7 Days, 7 Minutes series.

Would you commit a minute a day, for a week, to form a new habit critical to your BIGG success?

Since we designed this series to help you build new habits in no time, it seemd only appropriate to make our first installment about time management. It’s called Found Time: 7 Days to Achieve More Without Working More.

Each day, you quickly gain an insight about managing your time better. Then we tell you how to swiftly put your newfound knowledge to use so you truly start accomplishing more, without working more.

All you have to do is dedicate a minute a day and follow the prompts! Simple, yet highly effective.

Imagine hitting your deadlines. Reaching your goals. Enjoying your evenings and weekends. You’re only 7 days away from being able to do all these things and more.

Get instant access to Found Time: 7 Days to Achieve More Without Working More

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Freedom To-Do App

This App Gets Rid of Your To-Do List

Freedom To-Do App

Is your to-do list stressing you out? Get some relief! The Freedom To-Do List app creator joins us today on The BIGG Success Show.

Today we’re talking with Dr. Jim Steffen. He’s a time management expert, and author of Bestseller Aligned Thinking: Get The Most From Your Time, Life And Career – which is based on his thirty years of research around the world and in 160 Fortune 500 Companies.

Jim has created a new FREE app available now in the iTunes store called the To-Do List Freedom app – designed to help anyone relieve to-do list stress and frustration.

Listen to our interview to learn:

· The danger to-do lists have on your health
· The problem with putting everything on a to-do list
· Why Jim’s “holding list” concept helps you prioritize
· What outstanding people do and don’t do

You can find Jim’s FREE To-Do List Freedom app in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad. If you don’t have one of those, just visit for a free tutorial on how to avoid to-do list frustration.

More To-Do List Help

Become a free member of our Entreprenurturing™ Center to hear our extended discussion with Jim where you’ll also learn:

· The 2 simple yet important questions to ask yourself about time
· How to be efficient AND effective

Plus, we provide a download of just the section in the interview where Jim talks about how app works so you can quickly review how to use it once downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

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Success as an Entrepreneur is NOT a Marathon

Run races for BIGG SuccessYou often hear people say that the race for BIGG success as an entrepreneur is a marathon. We think they’re wrong.

In fact, we don’t think it’s a race at all. You don’t run one race – you run races. Plural.

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A series of sprints

And they’re not marathons, they’re sprints. You reach BIGG success as an entrepreneur by running a series of sprints.

You sprint every day. You strive to get to the finish line in the fastest time possible. Only then – unlike a sprinter who has just completed a race in the athletic world – you line up for another one!

Sure, you may take a short break between races, but you’re driven. You have more work you love to do. So you keep pushing day after day, from one sprint to another.

A money management principle applied to time management

Now there’s a reason why we think making this distinction – between a marathon and a series of sprints – is important. It has to do with conditioning.

Don’t train for a slow, steady, long race. Prepare yourself for fast, hard-charging bursts!

So rather than run – run – run – rest, think run – rest – run – rest.

This is a concept we can apply from money management to time management. It’s called duration matching.

When dealing with money, you want to match the duration of your debt to the expected life of the asset that debt is financing. Do something similar with your time.

If you’re not running a marathon, if you’re in a series of sprints, take frequent, short breaks rather than longer ones. Get away from your work every hour or two.

An important part of rest

But just as important as when you rest is how you rest. The BIGG idea behind BIGG success is synergy.

The right rest at the right time ramps up your running ability.

So while you get the rest you need, you don’t give up anything for it. In fact, quite the opposite – you get even more done.

If you’re a long-time reader, you know we believe in life blend. And this run – rest concept is part of that. You need variety. It’s up to you what it is, but it’s a custom blend.

If it works for you, it works! For example:

  • We often take quick breaks where stand up, stretch our legs and clue each other in to what we’re working on. One of us may have an idea the other hadn’t thought about.
  • We often find that when we step away from my desk for just a minute or two – to grab a cup of coffee, walk around or get outside – it often helps us get unstuck.
  • Another thing we’re fitting into the blend is to make sure we exercise. It doesn’t mean the brain shuts off. It just means we work the body too.
  • But sometimes shutting the brain off is just the thing. Research
    published in
    Psychological Science suggests that mindless tasks which allow your thoughts to roam can be springboards for creative thinking.

Participants in the study were presented with a creative challenge. Immediately after, the first group performed an intellectually demanding task while a second group did an undemanding one.

The researchers concluded that doing a mindless task allows your brain to wander more.

So next time you get stuck – mop the floor, file away some papers or clean off your desk.

Take frequent, short rest breaks so you can keep sprinting to BIGG success!

What do you think? Is the race for success a marathon or a series of sprints? How often do you rest?

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