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Artificial Dissemination – 3 Dangers

lieWe value honesty and integrity. We’re taught to tell the truth. Yet when we’re tested in the real world, sometimes we use artificial dissemination.



A friend of one of our friends lied on his resume. He said he had graduated from college. The company found out that, while he was close, he hadn’t actually done all of the work to earn his degree. They fired him.

That’s one of the dangers of artificial dissemination. It can come back and bite you.


george My dad used to say, “Son, always tell the truth. Then you won’t have to try to remember what you said.”



I understand his point. One lie often leads to another.


Have you ever met someone who you came to know better over time? At some point, you realize they’re just full of bull caca. But what comes next is even more amazing …

You realize that they’ve told that old story so many times that they actually think it’s true themselves!

That’s the second danger of artificial dissemination: you start to believe it yourself.


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The next form of artificial dissemination is more subtle. In most cases it’s not an outright lie. It usually doesn’t start out as artificial dissemination.

Instead, it’s a failure to deliver on promises.

This can take two forms:

First, it may result from over-promising. Hyperbole, even (think Snagglepuss)!


marylynnIt’s important to be excited about what you do, but sometimes in our excitement … we overstate how well we do it!



george Or we over-commit. And I know whereof I speak. I came by this one honestly because my Dad was the same way. Do you ever think you’ve suddenly been turned into some sort of super human who can do way more than you, the human, can actually get done? You stuff your schedule full and then … oh,oh … there’s no way you’re going to get it all done.


It’s an honest mistake, but it has the same result. Artificial dissemination.

Second, we may not follow up. There are a number of reasons this may happen. It may be what we just said … we over-committed upfront.

It could be that we’re not organized. We need to record the promises we make. Then we need to schedule whatever actions are necessary to follow-up within the time we promised. We need a system!

Because without a system, we forget. Or we never get around to doing the things needed to deliver on our promise. And the result is the same …

It’s the third danger of artificial dissemination: people stop trusting you.

We’ll stop here for now … please join us next time when we’ll look at the other side of artificial dissemination. And this may surprise you. We’ll tell you how to use it as a tool for your bigg success!

Thank you so much for checking in with us today. We really appreciate it and that’s no lie! Until next time, here’s to your bigg success!


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A Crucial Part of Your Personal Brand

business_cardBigg success is life on your own terms. We’ve said that the reason for the redundancy – “your own” – in our definition of bigg success is to explicitly show that you are the entrepreneur of a very important enterprise – your life.



If life on your own terms means building your own personal brand, there’s a very important principle to keep in mind:

You’re the entrepreneur, the CEO, and the brand manager!

With their careers, some people fall short in reaching their potential because they just sell a service. They exchange their time and knowledge for money.

As bigg goal-getters, we don’t want to just sell a service. We want to create our own brands.

But we don’t want to just create a personal brand, we want to build our lives on our own terms.


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One crucial key to building our personal brands is consistency. There are at least three areas where this holds true:


One of the things the biggest brands do very well is convey a consistent brand image. Yet that’s one of the mistakes that we make most frequently in building our personal brands: we’re inconsistent in showing ourselves to the world.

You want to convey a consistent message across all the media you use – your resume, your cover letters, your e-mails, notes you send, social media you might use, clubs you join, and on and on. With these materials, you create the image of who you are.

You also want to keep in mind who you’re trying to relate to in order to create the best promotional materials for your brand. Promotion sets the expectations. What can I expect from you? That’s your brand promise.


You want to meet, or better yet exceed, the expectations you set. Believe it or not, it’s better to deliver at a consistently lower level than to perform poorly at times and superbly at others.

Kind of counterintuitive, isn’t it?

However, think about your experiences as a customer. Aren’t you happier if your expectations are low but satisfied, than if your higher expectations aren’t met?


georgeFor a very simple example, think about getting an e-mail from me today that is written well and has no typos. Tomorrow, I send you an e-mail that’s just full of typos. What would you think?



marylynnI might think, “What’s going on with George today? Is he sick? Is he too busy? Is he just this careless sometimes?” It raises a lot of questions.


At the start, strive to meet expectations all the time. Then find ways to gradually improve your performance so you exceed expectations regularly. That leads to bigg success!


Have you ever dealt with a person who is very chatty and friendly one day and may seem somewhat aloof at other times?

It’s okay to be moody; we just don’t need to share it with the world! We have to find a way to control our emotions so we present a consistent temperament.

Sweatin’ to an example

Think about Richard Simmons. He’s done pretty well for himself. He’s always dressed in the same kind of clothes, complete with the shortest of shorts. He’s wacky and upbeat. He’s always empathetic and dancing to the oldies!

You may not want to emulate Richard Simmons. We can understand. However, he has done an outstanding job of building his brand. You know what to expect and he consistently delivers.

All someone has to do is say Richard Simmons and you get a clear image in your mind of who he is and what he’s about.

That’s the lesson for all of us. Consistently – in your promotion, your performance and your persona – build your personal brand so you can live your life on your own terms. That’s bigg success!

What are you doing to build your personal brand?

You can share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 877.988.BIGG or sending us an e-mail at

Thanks so much for personally reading our post today. We brand that a good day!

Please join us next time when we share how recent bad luck and bad timing almost kept us from life on our own terms.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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25 Things to Do to Move Up in Your Career

By Bigg Success Staff

Career Builders


Here’s a starter’s list of things that will help insure that you advance within your organization.

Standing out
#1 – Take on projects. They build your resume.

#2 – Do something spectacular thirty days or less before your next review.

#3 – Look for solutions, not problems.

#4 – Become a resource for the people with whom you work.

#5 – Do the things no one else wants to do.

Getting promoted

#6 – Look to people in senior positions as models for your career path.

#7 – Constantly be on the lookout for your next opportunity.

#8 – Set your own timetable for your next promotion.

#9 – Help your boss get promoted. That opens up the position for you.

#10 – Develop relationships across the company.

Personal traits

#11 – Be likeable.

#12 – To get respect, show respect.

#13 – Laugh at yourself.

#14 – Develop a service mentality. Serve yourself by serving others.

#15 – Laugh at yourself. Master the art of self-deprecating humor.


#16 – Tell your co-workers when they do something extraordinary.

#17 – See the good in your boss and your company.

#18 – Associate with co-workers who are positive.

#19 – Don’t be a know-it-all.

#20 – Don’t gossip about your co-workers.

Work ethic

#21 – Love your job or do something about it.

#22 – Be a leader, even if you don’t have a leadership position. Lead by example.

#23 – Don’t be a “prima donna” … roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done.

#24 – Make commitments and stick to them.

#25 – Get to work 15 minutes early. Stay 15 minutes late.

What have you done to move up in your career? Share your tips with all of us by leaving a Comment below!

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