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Top 10 Signs You Work Too Hard

worked too hard | BIGG SuccessOn The BIGG Success Show recently, we talked about the five top regrets in life. The biggest regret cited by dying patients is not living life on their own terms. That’s our definition of BIGG success.

The second biggest regret was working too much. With the weekend upon us, we thought we’d have a little fun.

So here are the top ten signs that you work too hard:

#10) When you divide your salary by your hours worked, you realize you’re not making minimum wage.

#9) You try to donate blood but only coffee comes out.

#8) Your dog greets you at the door, with a growl.

#7) The last time you watched a movie at home, you used a Beta player.

#6) You kiss your boss goodnight and shake your spouse’s hand at home.

#5) Your pee comes out lime green, the color of your favorite energy drink.

#4) You work in your sleep and sleep at your desk.

#3) The only day you spent with your kids this year was Take Your Child to Work Day.

#2) Your last home-cooked meal was made by the Colonel himself.

#1) Your doctor tells you that the iron in your blood has turned to lead in your bottom.

What would you add to the list?

Thanks for checking in with us today. We hope you have a spectacular weekend.

We’ll be back on Monday talking about the three things you need to do today to be a BIGG success. Until then, here’s to your
BIGG success!

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10 Danger Signs for Business – Part 1

danger We’ve heard that diagnosing a medical condition early greatly increases the chances of successful treatment. The same is true for our businesses – we want to spot the minor issues so they don’t become major problems.



Cash to a business is like blood to our bodies. It has to continue flowing or we won’t survive. As a small business owner, the bottom line is that you can’t run out of cash. So you have to know how to diagnose and treat the source of the ailment before it spreads. With that in mind, here are ten signs that your business may be heading for trouble:

#1 – Lost market share

Your sales may be growing, but your share of the market may be falling. Are they up because you’ve increased prices? Is the growth of your sales keeping pace with the growth of the markets you serve?

Market share is precious – among other things, it provides leverage to raise prices as your costs increase. As competitors enter your market, you have to work even harder to maintain (and hopefully increase) your share.

#2 – Declining customer counts

Your sales may be holding steady, but fewer and fewer people are making purchases. Your remaining customers are spending more, possibly because of price increases. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to find a way to attract new customers because a certain amount of customer attrition is natural.

We don’t want our customers to leave because they’re unhappy. But you can’t make everyone happy all the time so even that will happen. We’ll also have customers move away, pass away, grow out of our product or service, and the like.

#3 – Low repeat and referral business

Many businesses actually lose money to get a customer for the first-time. If they break-even, they’re very happy. It’s the follow-up purchases that make a difference to our bottom line.

A healthy percentage of repeat and referral business also shows that your product or service is still meeting the needs of a core base of people. And these people are the ones who will refer other people to you, which is much less expensive than depending totally on advertising to grow your business.

#4 – Declining sales

Right now, a lot of businesses are experiencing this. It may have nothing to do with you – it may be your industry that is experiencing trouble. So you have to ask yourself … is this a long-term trend or is it cyclical? That’s the first thing you have to determine.

Next, ask yourself, will my industry recover? Some industries were facing challenges even before this recession. It’s only accelerating the long-term trend. Other industries will do just fine coming out of it. You have to know which one applies to you.

Once you’re satisfied that your industry will survive, you have to look at your own business. A lot of shake-out is happening even in healthy industries. Isolate whether it’s a problem with your business or the industry as a whole to know your best strategy.

#5 – Disproportionate sales to a small group of customers

Picture this extreme situation – all of your sales come from one customer. You’re totally at the mercy of that customer. It’s like being an employee without the safeguards that go with employment!

Generally speaking, if more than ten percent of your sales are to one customer, you may face trouble at some point. Five percent is even better. Bigg customers are great. But serving a bigg number of customers leads to bigg success.


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Thank you for reading our post today. Join us next time when we talk about five more early warning signs of trouble ahead in your business. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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