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How to Make Lasting Connections

How to make lasting connections blog post image

Our show is a tribute to a woman who was called a connector. You’ll see why and learn some of her secrets to making lasting connections.

We met Liz Strauss through Chris Brogan many years ago, who recommended we reach out to her. Liz had a successful blog with tens of thousands of comments. She would start conversations there, and in the comment section, a community grew. Not too long after meeting Liz, she became our first business coach.

In addition to being a relationship builder, Liz was well-regarded as a business strategist, a coach, a keynote speaker, author, and the CEO and founder of one of the most intimate conferences ever! SOBCon, a conference for successful and outstanding bloggers was a popular event held in Chicago, described as where the virtual meets the concrete.

Bringing Community Together

Liz once said, “community starts by coming out of your office, out of your building, out from behind your website to where people are.”

SOBCon was designed to bring people from all over the world who were connected online, to come together and meet offline – And it was magical.

We attended the conference 3 times. It wasn’t just an event where you sit and listen to speakers. It was designed for us to all work together, share best practices, and find solutions for ourselves and others.

By intentionally presenting a format where we would all roll up our sleeves together, Liz created an environment where lasting connections could be made.

George and Mary-Lynn with Liz Strauss

We started attending SOBCon when BIGG Success was just a baby! All these years later, there are people we met at that conference who we are still connected to today. We’ve watched each other grow and continue to cheer each other on. These are cherished relationships.

Liz passed away in early September. The people who were closest to her decided the best way to honor Liz’s memory, would be to create a space where her community could gather together and share stories and memories.

George Shares a Fun Story

About-BIGG-Success-George-KruegerOne year at SOBCon, we were hanging out with Liz at an outdoor café, when I said to her. “I was thinking about you while I was shaving this morning.”

A little smile stated to form as she looked at me and said, “Were you naked?”
I was a little surprised by that answer, and responded, “Well as a matter of fact, I was!”
She said, “I think we just connected.”

From then on, whenever I would email Liz, sometimes I  would say I was shaving, or Liz would ask if I was shaving…it just became a running joke.

In addition to the fun memories that were shared, what was amazing about this special gathering in Liz’s honor was that it felt like her magic was there. We were all there together, sharing together. We were grieving and laughing together. We were rolling up our sleeves together to find ways to keep Liz’s legacy going. The SOBCon community was together again after all these years.

Make Lasting Connections the Liz Strauss Way

As you can see, Liz knew how to make meaningful, lasting connections…and here are her words of wisdom on how do to that…

Liz said:

“When I meet new people, unique and intriguing — as they all are. My mind finds their mind; my heart finds their heart; my hand finds their hand. We become friends. It transcends understanding because of the unconditional part. A contract is made that true friends carry tacitly.”

Key Takeaway:

Liz gave you her full attention. She learned about you, which created an instant bond. Be open when you meet new people or reconnect with those you already know.

Liz said:

“Tell someone …you’re there to help. Thank someone …who’s been there for you.”

Key takeaway: Be there to help others when they need a boost. Make sure those who’ve helped you along the way know you appreciate them. She says the generosity connection lifts us higher.

Liz said:

“Raise a barn, don’t build a coliseum.”

Key takeaway:

Liz never encouraged anyone to go it alone. When you make meaningful connections, you have a network of people who want to help you. Invite them in. Tell them how they can help. Let people be smarter than you are.

Liz said:

“When my head, heart, and purpose are aligned, life is in working order. Words and ideas come easily. Work is a pleasure. People are a wonder and joy.”

BIGG takeaway:

You can’t connect with others if you are feeling disconnected with yourself because Liz says community begins inside you.

We are forever grateful for our connection with Liz.

Anything You Put Your Mind To book cover

Liz wrote a book that when you read it, you feel like you are having a conversation with her. Check out: “Anything You Put Your Mind To: An adventure in remembering we decide the stories that decide our lives.

Until next time,

Here’s to your BIGG success
signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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