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Procrastination Pays for Entrepreneurs

procrastinateNo less an authority than Thomas Jefferson taught us to “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Well, Thomas Jefferson was wrong! Here are four times when it may pay to procrastinate if you’re an entrepreneur:

1. It may pay to push back your launch.
“Wait” is a viable option in many cases. While you wait, take a class. Get some experience in the industry. And check out The Entrepreneur Equation.

2. It may pay to delay your exit.
We’ll preface this by recognizing that many entrepreneurs wait too long to get out. They end up with a business that really doesn’t have any growth potential left.

But for the best businesses, why be in a hurry to sell? We have a friend who owns a business. He determined he would make as much in 2 years as he thought he could get for the business if he sold it. He’s getting his money now and later by delaying his exit!

3. Sometimes it pays to defer conversations.
It may be an employee or a customer. It could be your kid or your spouse. The point is somebody said or did something to upset you.

You want to fire back. You want to speak your mind. But it probably won’t be productive. You’ll probably say the wrong thing or at least say it the wrong way.

Get away. Take a break. Calm down. Get your head back so you can have a conversation, not a confrontation.

4. It may pay to postpone a major decision.
We can take a note from franchise law here. The law says a franchisor can’t accept your money for three days after you receive the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular.

You should be emotional about your business. But you shouldn’t base business decisions on emotions. Take a little time. Do some more analysis. Don’t spend the money today. Procrastinate for BIGG success!

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Carol Roth on The Entrepreneur Equation – Part 3

Carol RothOn today’s show, we wrapped up our chat
with Carol Roth. Carol is the author of
The Entrepreneur Equation, a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs. Last time, we discussed why men fare better than women at entrepreneuring as well as why you should put opportunity ahead of passion.

In our final podcast of this three-part series, you’ll hear:

  • how you can give yourself the best shot at being a BIGG success as an entrepreneur
  • how to analyze an opportunity with Carol’s framework
  • what existing business owners can learn from this book
  • why rethinking your business model can help you take a giant leap forward
  • Carol’s unique promotional tool and the 3 reasons behind it

We love Carol because she has a genuine desire to help entrepreneurs. If you think a little help would be good, get this book. You’ll qualify for some amazing special offers by pre-ordering it by February 18, 2011.

To listen to Parts 1 and 2 of our interview with Carol Roth, click here.

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Carol Roth on The Entrepreneur Equation – Part 1

Carol RothWe were so happy today to visit with Carol Roth on our show. Among many other things, Carol’s an investment banker, business strategist and deal maker who has helped clients from solopreneurs to multinational companies raise more than $1billion of capital.

You may have seen her on Fox News, MSNBC or Fox Business. She has her own TV show in development and she’s the author of the fantastic new book, The Entrepreneur Equation, which is why we want you to meet her.

Listen to the podcast to hear:

  • Carol’s secret to doing it all
  • what her “spinach in your teeth” philosophy is
  • why the failure rate for small business isn’t acceptable
  • the key to approaching a new business for greater success
  • Carol’s “FIRED UP system” to help you assess the timing of your startup
  • why you probably don’t need to worry about someone stealing your idea

Carol has some incredible special offers if you pre-order her book by February 18, 2011. We highly recommend it to you!

To listen to Parts 2 and 3 of our interview with Carol Roth, click here.

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When Your Career Causes Heartbreak

You knew in your heart this day would come. But it was still a surprise when he told you he wanted to break-up.

Your voice cracked as you said to him, “I’ve given you my heart, my soul, my everything for all these years.”

He responded, without emotion, “I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment.”

You implored him, “You were my first love, my one and only.”

He replied, “I need some space.”

You questioned him, “Is it something I did, or said? Am I not talented enough? I can change.”

He answered, matter-of-factly, “It’s not you; it’s me.”

You pleaded your case, “I’ll never find another career like you.”

He retorted, “You can do better than me.”

With tears in your eyes, you said, “I’m moving to another career.”

He said, “Can we still be friends?”

You moved on. Sure, it hurt. But you endured. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions you ever made. THE END … is often the beginning in disguise.

This is no pick-up line … if you’re thinking about starting a business, we highly recommend a great new book, The Entrepreneur Equation, by Carol Roth. Carol tells it like it is so you can determine if entrepreneuring is right for you. You owe it to yourself to check it out!

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