George and Mary-Lynn are fingerspelling the numbers 1 and 2 with the blog post title: Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

George and Mary-Lynn are fingerspelling the numbers 1 and 2 with the blog post title: Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

Our first podcast went live on November 12, 2007. Today, we celebrate 12 years of BIGG Success by answering some of the most common questions we get asked.

Today’s special podcast is a celebration of the 12 years of BIGG Success! In this 12th anniversary episode, we reveal some of the most common questions we get, give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we work together, and share some things from the heart that you’ve never heard before.

Here’s a summary of our conversation on The BIGG Success Show

Why did we start BIGG Success?

We were in the same place many of our coaching clients are in.

[George] I sold my businesses and started thinking about the next phase of my life. My encore career, so to speak.

[Mary-Lynn] I was a radio show host. Technology had both changed my industry and created new opportunities. It was time to make a change.

Yes, change creates opportunities. But it also comes with uncertainty and even turmoil. That’s why so many people hate change. Entrepreneurially-minded people realize change is where the growth is. We capitalized on it.

How can a married couple work together in peace?

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The Magical Time to be in Your Own Small Business

Get to 5 for BIGG SuccessIn case you missed The BIGG Success Show on Tuesday, we talked about this being the fifth anniversary of BIGG success. We officially turned five on November 12.

[George] It made me think about some of the best advice I was ever given. I heard it years ago from a very successful painting contractor in our area. I mean, this guy charged the highest prices and still had the most volume.

[Mary-Lynn] I’ve heard this story a number of times. You were in the early years of your carpet cleaning business, George.

[George] Right. And the painting contractor said that – for five years – he sat around just hoping that his phone would ring. At five-years plus a day, it started ringing and never stopped!

[Mary-Lynn] I’ll point out that this was pre-internet as we know it today. But here’s the point we’re trying to make – if you’re in business, you’re being watched.

People – more specifically your future customers – have their eyes on you.

They want to see if you will make it. They don’t want to go to the trouble of starting up with a company that doesn’t make it.

We hear a lot of talk about scale. But longevity is at least as important.

Most entrepreneurial endeavors grow slowly at first. The rapid growth occurs some time later.

You have to find a way – or more precisely ways – to stick it out. You have to persevere.

You have to show the market that you can survive before you thrive. But once they’re convinced, they’ll start beating a path to your door…or should we say website these days!

Five years is the magical amount of time to be in your own small business. So keep pushing! It will lead you to BIGG success!

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Success as an Entrepreneur Takes More Than One Year

BIGG Success 5th AnniversaryWe launched this site and The BIGG Success Show on November 12, 2007. So BIGG Success is now five years old!

And what a five years it has been.

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Like all entrepreneurs – especially in this economy – we’ve had our ups and downs. When we say – entrepreneuring is the greatest roller coaster ride you can imagine – you can know we speak from personal experience.

After all, we’ve survived the Great Recession. Our business was less than a month old when it started.

[George] I’ve been an entrepreneur for three decades and, for nearly twenty years now, I’ve taught entrepreneurship at the best school in the world – The University of Illinois. But I feel like I’ve gotten an advanced degree in entrepreneurship these last five years.

That’s because so much is changing.

The way we start businesses has changed. So has the way we run them. From how we finance them to how we market them to our facilities and the workforce – everything, including how we plan, is changing dramatically.

It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur!

And we want to say a special thanks to you for riding this crazy ride with us.

But enough about our business, we really want to share one thought with you today. We recently saw a great quote that we saved for this anniversary post. Perry Marshall quoted Glenn Livingston who said:

“Most people greatly OVER-estimate what they can do in one year. And they greatly UNDER-estimate what they can do in five years.”

Do you relate to that? We sure do.

Year after year, we set BIGG goals. And we’re often disappointed at what we don’t accomplish. But here we are – five years in – and I can’t believe how much we have accomplished!

[Mary-Lynn] For example, many of you know that a one-minute version of our podcast got picked up by a national radio syndicator. I was in radio for nearly two decades and never got an opportunity like this! But we were able to do it by building our own brand online.

And that’s the point we want to make to you – we live in an incredible time. Yes, it’s tough at times. You have to learn to live with more uncertainty.

But there are opportunities now like we have never seen in our lifetimes and probably won’t see again. Now is a great time to be an entrepreneur.

But you have to think in terms of five years. Sure, you’ll want to break that down into annual goals. Just don’t be too disappointed if you haven’t hit all your targets.

You’re a BIGG goal-getter. You expect a lot of yourself. And that will pay off in the long run.

Give it your all for five years. See what you can do. You just might find BIGG success!

When you look back five years, are you amazed at what you’ve accomplished?

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Stop Trying to Fit into the World

puzzle_piece Here we are. It’s February 27. And we don’t know what to do. You see, last year was Leap Year and we got married on Leap Year Day, February 29. So we’re ready to celebrate our one-year anniversary and the date doesn’t exist!




I guess you’re off the hook, George!



Well, now Mary-Lynn, it takes two to tango!


Of course we knew this when we got married, but we still thought it was fun to get married on Leap Year Day. We get a lot of jokes about it.


marylynnYeah George, you get a lot of high fives from the guys because they think you only have to remember our anniversary every four years!



They think I’m a genius!


One of the interesting things we learned about February 29 is that it doesn’t exist as an option on many drop-down lists. For instance, people born on Leap Year Day can’t enter their correct date of birth. Or, if you’re like us, and you were married on Leap Year Day, the real date often isn’t an option.

We don’t fit into the world. So what are we going to do about that? What do you do when you don’t fit into the world?

Our answer is to make the world fit us instead of trying to fit into the world.

We realized that this is an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons, as the saying goes. So we’re not going to celebrate on February 28 or March 1. Nope.

We’re going to celebrate on both days!

First, did you notice that, by making the world fit us, we get to celebrate twice as much?
Now that’s a good deal! And that’s often the case – if we stop trying to fit into the world, and instead make the world fit us, we end up much happier with the results.

Second, it doesn’t have to work for anybody but us because it doesn’t affect anyone but us. We’re perfectly happy celebrating for two days instead of one. We’re just fine with the date of our wedding not being on the calendar every year. Because it made us come up with a better alternative!

And in being forced to come up with that better alternative, we ended up with an answer that’s even better than if we weren’t faced with this situation. We will get to spend even more time together. 


Hey, I just thought of something … does this mean double the gifts?



georgeYou’ll just have to wait and see, Mary-Lynn. But I just thought of something too. What do we do in 2012 when there actually is a February 29?



marylynnHmmm, that’s a good question. I guess we’ll have to celebrate for three days … three times the gifts sounds like a good deal to me! Now I’m the genius!



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Thanks for checking in with us today. Join us next time when we discuss the lost art of making change. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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