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The You of Today May Not Be the You of Tomorrow

By 440 Dana Mancuso]
Bigg Success Contributor

Life Changes


I remember my first real full-time job. (Don't we all?) One of the people I worked with was a woman – we’ll call her Gloria.

She was what some might call pushy, brash, or any number of other adjectives. And boy did she intimidate me. She spent a lot of time gossiping with others in the office, and seemed to have a negative opinion about a lot.

Then, Gloria became a mom.

It was a truly amazing transformation. The once harsh person I remember from before maternity leave was a much calmer, less difficult person ten weeks later.

Now I'm not going to speculate on the reasons for this. Maybe she was just sleep deprived?

The point is that she was now acting very differently than before. I bring this up because life changing events really do change you. That's why they call them life changing events.

Whether it's something as serious as adding or losing a family member, or something else, like buying your first home or changing careers, these life changes can be noticeable to the people around you.

I don't expect that everyone will have a serious personality change, but your perspective will change. What you value might change. How you spend your time might change.

Knowing this and actively thinking about potential life changes and how you would behave when they happen to you can only be positive. It can help you determine if you'd need to make other adjustments to accommodate that change.

Examples include:

  • You're very career driven and you never thought you'd want to stay home after your baby was born, but now you really are thinking about it. How would you accommodate a change in career?
  • Your sick parent needs more help than you thought. Would you be willing to move to be closer to him/her? 
  • You get a promotion and pay raise. Do you intend to spend the money to buy a new home or invest it for a rainy day?

These scenarios and many more like it are good to contemplate at every stage of life, whether you are just starting out on your quest for bigg success, or are already there and want to put the icing on the cake.

They are exercises in values assessment. And where we want to be the most successful is in those areas we value the most.

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