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One Man’s Quest for Success in the New Economy – Part 2

Greg Hartle | BIGG Success

Greg Hartle on The BIGG Success Show

Today on The BIGG Success Show, we continued our conversation with Greg Hartle. Greg is the man behind Ten Dollars and a Laptop, a phenomenal project where he is reconstructing his life from scratch.

He plans to visit all 50 states and interview 500 entrepreneurs about what it takes to succeed in the new economy.

Last time, we talked about the story behind Ten Dollars and a Laptop.

Hear Greg talk with George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show podcast. Click the player to listen.

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In this segment you’ll hear:

  • how Greg defines Ten Dollars and a Laptop
  • what Greg has learned about the power of a network using social media
  • 2 lessons everyone should understand about surviving tough economic times
  • the real meaning of the word competition
  • 3 strategic keys that Greg has learned already about succeeding in the new economy
  • 2 practical tips for success today

Next time, we’ll learn about Greg’s BIGG goal for his project.

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